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ISIS Video Documents Execution Of Christians In ‎Philippines

On June 12, 2017, the Islamic State (ISIS) news agency A'maq released a video documenting the execution of Christians near the southern Philippine city of Marawi. Parts of Marawi were taken over by ISIS militants several weeks ago,[1] and since then the Philippines military has been battling to regain control of the city, while ISIS has been leveraging its takeover to highlight its war against yet another "Crusader" enemy.

In Issue 10 of its Rumiyah magazine, released June 7, ISIS included a photo of six "belligerent Christians" whom it had killed following its attack on the city.[2] The newly released video appears to show two separate executions of Christians; in one, the executioners and the victims are the same as the ones in the photo in Rumiyah.  

Photo from Issue 10 of Rumiyah showing the execution of Christians

A still from the video showing the execution featured in Rumiyah

A still from the video showing a second execution of Christians. The execution site (arrow) and victims' clothing (rectangle) are different from those in the previous execution

A still from the video showing the aftermath of the second execution