Iran-Linked Youth Group Disseminates Fliers On Telegram In Six Languages To Shift Public Opinion Away From Israel Towards Hamas, Instructs Supporters To Hand Them Out

November 16, 2023

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On November 15, 2023, "The Global Youth Front of Resistance," a Telegram channel in Farsi linked to an Iran-backed group with the same name, posted fliers written in six languages in support of Hamas's October 7 attack on Israel.[1]

On its Telegram channel, the group shared a post featuring the fliers suggesting that supporters could hand them out at "gatherings" to influence public opinion about the Hamas attack, codenamed "Al-Aqsa Flood."

Impact of Al-Aqsa Flood On Global Public Opinion

"The impact of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation on the public opinion of the world. Six languages for publication and distribution: Persian, Spanish, Dutch, French, English, Italian. Size A4," read the post.

The English version of the flier contends that "one of the major achievements of Operation Al-Aqsa was the significant shift it made in the public opinion regarding the Palestinian issue, particularly the global perception of Israel."

According to the flier, the Hamas attack "disrupted" the public perception that "Israel is a democratic state that advocates for human rights." It also argued that the Hamas attack rebutted the idea that Israel has one of the best armies in the world on both ethical and military levels.

"Don't Be Deceived by Western Media"

Warning people not to be deceived by western media which takes Israel's side, the flier stated:

"Today, the world unanimously speaks out against Israel and supports the resistance of the Palestinian people in Gaza. The true face of the Zionist regime has been revealed. Media, advertising agencies, and Western governments will try to turn the tide and change the narrative later. However, what matters is the awakening of pure hearts and awakened consciences of free men and women worldwide who cry out for the freedom of Palestine and death to Israel's oppression," it added.

The flier notes that the Israeli escalation in Gaza, which it describes as "Holocaust perpetrated by the Zionists," represents an opportunity to "bury all the beliefs that have been constructed for years by Zionist media."

"World Support Means More Recognition Of Axis Of Resistance"

Garnering public support, said the leaflet, will pave the way for wider recognition around the globe for Iran-backed Axis of Resistance.

"The stronger and more enduring this public mindset becomes, the more the global community will recognize and legitimize the resistance front. This means the legitimate end of America's presence in the Western Asia region and the end of the political life of the most criminal government in history, Israel," it concluded.





[1] Telegram, November 16, 2023.







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