Iran-Backed Militias In Iraq: Israeli Cyber-Attacks On Iran Will Be Countered With Dozen Of Painful Attacks

November 1, 2021

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On November 1, 2021, a Telegram channel affiliated with Iran-backed militias in Iraq published an infographic video claiming that Iranian cyber units launched a "counter-attack" on Israel following a cyber-attack that paralyzed Iran's power plants back in April 2021.[1]

The channel appears to have reposted the older video in response to the October 27, 2021, cyber-attack which disrupted gasoline sales across Iran. On October 30, 2021, Gholamreza Jalali, Iran's civil defense chief accused Israel and the United States of being the likely culprits behind the recent cyber-attack, but said a technical investigation was yet to be completed.[2]

The video, which was stamped with a logo with the word "Ansar" (supporters), featured archival footage allegedly showing Iranian and Israeli cyber teams in operation rooms. It included the following Arabic text:

"The Israeli occupation mistakenly believed that its recent cyber-attacks, which disrupted power plants in Iran will pass without punishment. On the same day, Iranian cyber units launched an intensive counter-attack, targeting the security resources of the Israeli occupation. Hackers were able to reveal sensitive information about the corps of the occupation's army, their soldiers, and classified information about their names, ranks, date of birth, phone numbers, home addresses, training, and other information, which the occupation often prefers to keep secret."

The video further claimed that three days before launching their counter-attack, Iranian cyber forces launched another attack, uncovering private photos of Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Gantz.

"Some of the photos were related to security, and other showed him with women while conducting his work. The team also discovered private communication between Israel and Arab countries that took place 11 years ago. These communications show the depth of the betrayal embodied by the agreements between Arab countries normalizing relations with the occupation," read the video captions.

The video concludes with an animation of fists hitting one another, representing Israel and Iran, and the text: "Has the occupation not learned that any strike that targets Iran will trigger dozens of painful strikes in response?"


[1] Telegram, November 1, 2021.

[2], November 1, 2021.







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