'Inspire' 14 Calls For Assassinating 'Economic Personalities,' 'Wealthy Entrepreneurs'; Instructs Lone Wolves To Target Workplaces

September 9, 2015

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On September 9, 2015, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released Issue 14 of its English-language magazine Inspire. The issue, titled "Assassination Operations," includes a military analysis of the January 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack and instructions for making a grenade, and also chronicles the history of blacks in America. An "Assassinations Field Tactics" section lists 10 well-known Americans as targets; they are divided into "A: Economic Personalities" and "B: Wealthy Entrepreneurs and Company Owners." Under "A" are "Ben Shalom Bernanek," i.e. Ben Bernanke; Robert James Shiller; Charlie and David Koch; Sam Walton; and Sheldon Adelson; under "B" are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, "Lawrence Joseph," i.e. Larry Ellison; and Michael Bloomberg. Previous issues of Inspire have also suggested that Ben Bernanke and Bill Gates be targeted.[1]

Noting that eliminating these figures would be detrimental to the American economy, and that this measure is necessary in order to end American supremacy, the article states: "We present to you, a model to follow and an assassination list which will help us achieve strategic goals. We believe that placing this feasible programme to Lone Mujahideen will allow us to achieve great goals in this war. Whoever understands the components of the American economy knows the importance these personalities play in the revival of the America Economy. The assassination of these economic personalities or their migration from America or the mere fact that they live in insecurity, will later on bring instability to the American economy."

As in previous issues, this issue contains an "Open Source Jihad" section, which contains specific instructions on how to carry out attacks in the West, so that Muslims can "train at home instead of risking a dangerous travel abroad." This feature in this issue of the magazine focuses on lone wolf operations, because, it says, they are less expensive to carry out. It also reveals that there are future plans for further articles dedicated to "a complete comprehensive assassination program appropriate for a Lone Mujahid operations in upcoming issues of the magazine."

Explaining in depth about choosing a target, the article states that military or security personnel targets inside the U.S. would require multiple operations on a larger scale. Instead, it suggests smaller targets such as economic magnates, since this could help achieve the group's goals over a shorter period of time. It states:

"Selecting a target for assassination is divided into two categories; assassinating a target in order to achieve either strategic or tactical goals. As for us, we will be concentrating on operations that will yield strategic goals, directly affecting our war. As for tactical targets, such as assassinating military or security personnel inside America, its resulting effects do not surface unless after executing many operations of the like. And this cannot be realized except with the existence of a Jihadi organization inside America. And it requires a long period of time to execute these operations and requires other independent elements e.g. the masses and population to back you up in order to achieve success. That is why it is necessary for us to concentrate on targeting prominent personalities in order to achieve great goals in a short period."

After a target is specified, the article tells the reader to "A: collect information from a distance": "General means of communication: Like televisions, newspaper, magazines and internet – especially the social media where one can very much benefit from. ii – Specific means of communication: Having access to the target's friend, close person or a neighbor. Or benefiting by collecting information on any person who has direct or indirect contact with the target."

It continues: "B. Collecting information from close: Collecting information from close includes observing the targeted building or any building related to the target. During this process, critical information will be acquired in much detail. Another way is to acquire information from a mobile target so as to specifically know the movements of the target. This should be done carefully and from a distance so as not to alert the target. He should blend-in with the environment or camouflage himself during the process. Another method is by visiting: Personally visiting the location where you collected the information to personally verify the data collected. And having a detailed picture of the information collected."

Following this, instructions are provided on how to prepare for an operation. This is broken down into three stages: "I. Acquire (e.g. Buying) or prepare (e.g. Homemade bomb) your weapon: After identifying the weapon to use, begins the stage of searching for it. This is a difficult stage for those living in the West, especially when the type of operation requires a specific type of weapon. We at Inspire Magazine do our best to ease the process of acquiring or preparing your choice of weapon. Weapons to be used in assassination operations can be categorized into four main categories, they are: Cold Weapons e.g. Knife, axe ... Firearms e.g. Pistol, automatic refile, sniper weapon … Explosives e.g. Grenades, bomb, mines, car bomb … Poisons.

"Selecting the appropriate type of weapon plays an important role in directing and planning your steps for the operation. It is important to know that an assassination operation may require the use of more than one type of weapon. Thus if your choice of weapon is a homemade explosive, then you should set aside ample time for designing it basing on your plan. While military explosives are not readily available as complete, thus assembling one might take time.

"II. Training with your weapon of choice: You must be well trained to use your choice of weapon for the assassination operation. For example, cold weapons training; hand-to-hand combat, in a local gym. Or firearms training in a gun club. As for explosives, we at Inspire have previously placed intermediate lessons concerning this subject – so one may benefit from. Before using explosives, it is better to experiment with small amounts before the final execution.

"III. Psychological and spiritual preparation. It is important to psychologically and spiritually prepare yourself before executing the operation. Rather this is required in all stages of preparing your operation. We emphasized it at this stage because most of the preparations have been done and set, and one has enough time to isolate himself for worship. Allah says {So when you have finished [your duties], then stand up [for worship]..} (94:7) So it is important for the brother to increase in worship and remembrance to what Allah has promised for the Martyr in His path. Contemplating on the great role he is playing for the Ummah. And remembering that he is a building block in the revival of the Khilafa, returning its glory and strengthening the religion."

A sub-section called "Assassination Operations" provides instructions on how to collect information on a target, how to generate a plan, how to prepare for an operation, and, finally, how to execute an operation; it suggests that workplaces be targeted: "Assassination operations are categorized based on the target location; Assassination on a residential building, on the street and so on. In this particular Issue, we will be discussing assassination at a workplace. What differentiates this category from the rest is that in most cases, a workplace-compound is usually protected and guarded by security, though this may vary from building to building. One should always be cautious and know the number of guards, types of weapons and the security perimeter surrounding building."

The article continued with specifics on how to infiltrate a building and carry out an attack:

I: Silent Infiltration: Infiltration is by stealth and deception. Weapons can be concealed in many different ways, such that one can by pass security forces without alerting them. Entering the building in a desired cover-up, thus hiding his identity. He may enter a building as an employee or a cleaner or a cook, customer or a visitor. Specific personalities are suitable for particular situation. You should identify and select an identity basing on the collected information. After penetrating security, one might arrive at the target and use one of the following types of weapons:

"i. Cold weapons: Specifically a knife. After training well in knife combat the target can be attacked either silently or in a much open manner. Attacking the target in the heart or head.

"ii. Firearms: Specifically a pistol. Using a silencer will determine if the assassination is a silent or open assassination.

"iii. Explosives: There are many ways to use explosives on the target. A martyrdom operation brother might use the hidden bomb (refer to Issue 13). Or one may use a hidden parcel bomb to send it to the target in different forms or by placing the explosives on the target's office desk. Exploding it from afar using a timer.

"II. Assault and forceful infiltration: This was seen in the operation of the Koachi brothers. They forcefully eliminated the outer security then entered the fortified building in a quick rapid manner. Immediately arriving at the target and the targeted room with precision. And here we would like to explain the operation with regards to Lone Jihad. Generally attacking a building in such a manner will require two major weapons: A Firearm and a hand grenade

"i. Firearms: It is recommended to use an automatic weapon, such as a Kalshinkov, M16 or any other assault weapon. This is because such weapons allow you to fire many rounds, which terrifies and quickly eliminates the enemy. This type of weapon is used when using an open assault. Such assault might alert those inside the building by the first shot. As such one should be quick in his operation and instill fear in the enemy, confuse and disorient the enemy during the time of storming the building. In this method, a pistol might be used together with a grenade, so as to achieve the same effect as an automatic weapon - instilling fear and rapid clearance of the enemy.

"ii. Hand Grenades: Hand Grenades play an important role in an assault operation on a building or during retreat. During the assault, hand grenades are used to clear rooms in a quick and safe way for the attacker to maneuver. They may be used to counter any fire coming from the side of the enemy. Grenades by themselves play an important role: The blast by itself disorients and terrorizes the enemy. They play a vital role during retreat. The attacker may throw hand grenades in the directions where the enemy is firing from, allowing for safe retreat and away from the fire zone.

"And because of the importance of hand grenades in such operations, and the difficulty of acquiring them in the West. We, at Inspire Magazine, have presented to you, in a simplified manner, a howto guide in making your own hand grenades.

This section concludes with step-by-step instructions on how to make a timed hand grenade.

Another article, "Charlie Hebdo Military Analysis," by Ibrahim Ibn Hassan Al-'Asiri, asserts that the Charlie Hebdo massacre carried out by the Koachi brothers is considered a special intelligence operation which is categorized under assassinations. The article proceeds to analyze the stages involved in the operation. The first method listed is lone jihad. It explains that Inspire magazine was instrumental in the attack since Stephane Charbonnier, an employee at Charlie Hebdo, was listed as a target. It states:

"They achieved this by placing the targeted persons on a wanted list, distributed to Lone Mujahideen. This had no direct connection with the Jihadi Organization except by means of inspiring and guiding Lone Mujahideen. Inspire magazine was used as the medium to distribute this list. One of the wanted criminals on the list was Stephane Charbonnier."

AQAP takes credit for the operation and explains that the group had selected and trained Said Koachi: "Second Method – Operation organised by a Jihadi group. And this is by assigning specific persons to target the cartoonists. 'Qaidatul Jihad' prepared and trained the Mujaheed Said Koachi – May Allah accept him – with this task. Giving him necessary training that will prepare him militarily and psychologically to successfully execute the operation. After the training the brother set-off to peruse his target. This is how the target-selection process was completed, as a first step towards the assassination operation. The leadership then selected the method and a suitable person to execute this important operation. And since that the target was geographically far from the leadership command, information of the target was scarce. So the brother, Said Koachi, had to take the responsibility of collecting the necessary information so as to achieve his goal. He had to use his own means and method of collecting information. After returning to France, he continued with his preparation for the operation. He performed physical exercise for long periods in order to be fit in executing the operation. The Mujaheed, koachi, began training a team to execute the operation, this is after placing a strategy based on information collected. Hence he began collecting all the necessities required to execute the operation in terms of materials, and with regards to his assassination strategy. He chose an appropriate time to execute the operation, this was when all the administrators were to meet. In order to execute a surprise attack and achieve the greatest level of excellence and perfection. And this is how the operation and assassination of the criminal Stephane ended. Thus not only killing him, but the cadres who were participating in the publication of the magazine. Ending the operation as one of the best and wonderful assassination operation to be executed. This is because it gave victory to the honor of the prophet and silenced the abusive mouths. The operation tormented all kufr nations, until they categorized it as the 9/11 of France."

The article expresses pleasure in the fact that the French intelligence system was penetrated by AQAP: "Whoever looks at the steps of this military operation will conclude that it is among the difficult operations to be successfully executed. Selection of the target was from the central leadership (AQ). The planning and initiation of the operation was in the Arabian Peninsula. The target was inside the heart and protection of the French intelligence system. And what really tormented the west was the ability of an organized group to plan an assassination operation in such a manner. And the years it took to lie in wait for the enemy and execute the operation. All of this in order to realize and achieve the highest level of secrecy, security and excellence."

The exact method of execution was left for the Koachi brothers to plan, according to the article: "As for the manner of assassination, it was left for the executor to decide. Basing on his potential and the circumstances surrounding the operation. Giving him flexibility and wide options in executing the task. And it is not for the organization to give out an open plan, except that the leader of the operation and the executioner of its details, possess excellent abilities and exceptional skills. These two qualities allowed him to have numerous options to chose from. This is attained when one completely prepares himself to achieve such a status. And in the situation of Koachi, training and preparation were among the reason for the operation to delay. And the reason as to why the operation was a success."

The article stresses that a workplace was the target, and suggests that this is a precedent that should be followed. This ties into the suggestions put forth in the Open Source Jihad section.



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