Houthi Ansar Allah's Shura Council Speaker Praises South Africa's Court Case Against Israel As 'Honorable'; Claims Chinese Company's Suspension Of Shipping To Israel Is A 'Humanitarian' Step To Exert Pressure, End War

January 10, 2024

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On January 9, 2024, the speaker of the Houthi Ansar Allah movement's Shura Council convened and approved Houthi leadership and Yemen's President Mahdi Al-Mashat's "brave" stance to support the Palestinian people against "Zionist arrogance." The attendees also praised South Africa's step in instituting proceedings against Israel at the United Nation's International Court of Justice (ICJ), as well as the decision by the Chinese shipping company Cosco to freeze business relations with Israel.

Houthi Leadership's "Truthful And Brave" Stances

The presidential committee of the Shura Council, presided over by Muhammad Husayn Al-'Aydarous, praised the "truthful and brave" stances of the Houthi leadership and the movement's Supreme Political Council. The committee stated that the leadership carries the hopes and aspirations of the Yemeni people and the free people of the Arab and Islamic nation and the world, "in support and solidarity with the Palestinian people in confronting Zionist arrogance."

On January 7, President Al-Mashat emphasized, during a meeting attended by Defense Minister Major General Mohammed Al-Atifi, General Staff Chief Major General Mohammed Al-Ghomari, military leaders, and regional figures that the U.S. Navy helicopters' sinking of Houthi small boats on December 31, 2023, "will not go unanswered." Those assembled promised a robust response and warned of the unprecedented cost that will be imposed for such a "reckless" act.

Al-Mashat stated: "We have significant responsibilities during this phase, adhering to the directives of leader Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi."

He continued: "As an Arab Muslim people, we reject injustice and oppression, and cannot remain silent in the face of crimes against our Palestinian brothers. We stand against Zionist and American aggression; the battle for Gaza is sacred."

Shura Council: South Africa's Court Case Against Israel Is "Honorable"; Chinese Shipping Company Suspending Shipping To Israel Is "A Positive And Humanitarian Step"

During the meeting, the Shura Council's presidential committee applauded the "honorable position of the South African government and its move to file a lawsuit against the Zionist entity before the ICJ to investigate crimes of genocide committed by the entity against the Palestinian people."

The committee also commended the China Ocean Shipping Company (Cosco) for suspending shipping to Israel through the Red Sea. The council considers the move to be a "positive and humanitarian step to exert pressure to stop the brutal massacres in Palestine and lift the siege on Gaza."

In conclusion, the Shura Council addressed the Arab and Islamic countries, calling on them "to take honorable positions" and provide Palestinians with all means of support, including launching caravans of aid to exert pressure to end the war and the siege "imposed by the Zionist entity with the support and blessing of America, Britain, and Western countries."



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