Hizbullah Brigades Again Threatens To Target U.S. Interests In Iraq In Retaliation For America's Support Of Israel

May 12, 2021

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In a May 11, 2021 announcement, [1] the pro-Iranian Shi'ite militia Hizbullah Brigades addressed the events in Gaza and Jerusalem, and once again threatened to target U.S. interests in Iraq "because the purpose of the American forces' presence in Iraq is to support the Zionist entity."[2] The following are excerpts from the announcement:

"The barbaric hostile Zionist war machine continues its crimes against the jihad-fighting and steadfast Palestinian people, while ignoring all human norms and laws, in an attempt to subjugate [the Palestinians] to the satanic [Zionist] will… The usurping Zionist enemy's brutal targeting of civilians, homes and holy sites, in front of the entire world, is proof that [this enemy] scorns the international community and relies on the unlimited support of the forces of global arrogance, chief of them [the forces] of the Great Satan, America. Only resistance and armed force will stop  these cowardly crimes, because only they can compel the enemy to submit to their equation. And indeed, the rockets are now flying above the heads of the [Zionists], filling them with dread and forcing them to hide in their holes.

"The Islamic resistance [force] Hizbullah Brigades stresses its unwavering [commitment] to supporting the brothers in Palestine with all its abilities. The enemy should expect an attack by the sons of 'Ali and Hussein [i.e., the Shi'ites], because the Iraqi people will never leave the Palestinian people to be devoured by the Zionist dogs, and because [the entire region] is a single arena.

"We know that the main purpose of the presence of the U.S. forces in Iraq is to support the Zionist entity and help it. Therefore, harming them and confronting them is part of the campaign against this entity. [The Americans] cannot protect their own men, not to mention their allies in the region or the Zionist enemy. Our jihad-fighters, members of the steadfast Iraqi people, are waiting for the day of the great confrontation, after which the Zionist cancer will surely by removed."


[1] Kataibhezbollah.org, May 11, 2021.

[2] In a May 9 announcement the militia stated that it is the American support that allows Israel to harm the Palestinians, and therefore that the free peoples are entitled to target U.S. interests in order to force it to stop this support. See MEMRI JTTM report, Pro-Iranian Militias In Iraq: The conduct Of The U.S. Encourages Israel To Act Against The Palestinians; We Have The Right To Attack U.S. Interests, May 10, 2021.

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