Cover Article In Issue Four Of ISIS Magazine, In Keeping With Jihadi Antisemitism, Derides Non-ISIS Groups As 'Jews Of Jihad,' Vows To Establish Shari'a Across South Asia

May 27, 2020

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A coverpage article in the latest issue of Sawt Al-Hind ("Voice Of India"), a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) magazine published by Ansar-ul-Khilafah in Hind ("The Aiders Of The Caliphate In India"), has dubbed all jihadi groups fighting against ISIS to be "Jews of Jihad." The magazine includes several articles calling on Muslims in South Asian countries to join the Islamic State.[1]

The coverpage article, titled "You Think Them To Be United, But Their Hearts Are Divided," was published in Issue Four of Sawt Al-Hind. It refers to non-ISIS jihadi groups across the world as Sahawat, ("awakening" i.e., Sunni militias and tribes opposed to ISIS) and argues that these groups are proxies for different governments.

The article rejects nationalist groups, especially the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban organization) and the nationalist groups based in Kashmir, for limiting the scope of their jihad to achieving objectives related to the territories in which they are active. However, it grants that the Islamic Emirate under its first emir Mullah Omar was committed to shari'a because it demolished the statues of Buddha in Bamiyan when the Taliban were in power.

Favoring a global conception of jihad, the coverpage article vows to establish shari'a rule from Afghanistan and Pakistan to Kashmir, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The magazine includes a separate letter to the mujahideen in the Maldives.

Following is the text of the article:

"The Crusaders, Zionists And The Apostate Regimes Formed The Coalition Of More Than Seventy Countries Against The Mujahideen Of The Islamic State To Extinguish The Flames Of Jihad"

"Praise be to Allah, whose help glorifies Islam, irresistibly humiliates shirk, whose command manages all affairs and with whose grace the final victory belongs to the pious. And peace and prayer be upon the Messenger [i.e., Muhammad] with whose sword, Allah elevated Islam's status. Allah says, 'They will not fight you all except within fortified cities or from behind walls. Their violence among themselves is severe. You think they are together, but their hearts are diverse. That is because they are a people who do not reason' (Al-Hasr 59:14).

"Just as the coalition was formed against the Messenger of Allah in the battle of Al-Ahzab to wipe out the Muslims. Similarly, the Crusaders, Zionists and the apostate regimes formed the coalition of more than seventy countries against the mujahideen of the Islamic State to extinguish the flames of jihad. The reason for the formation of both the coalitions was to put an end to the newly formed Islamic States. The aggression then was started by the Quraysh and were aided by the munafiqeen [hypocrites], the Jews and the Idolaters. And the transgression now has been started by the Crusaders helped by the Zionists and apostate regimes.

"However, the apostate regimes formed the Sahwat (so-called Islamic movement) organizations to act as the vanguards for the Crusaders. They formed an alliance then and renewed it now to extinguish the light of Allah. But defeat is their fate because Allah has promised that he will perfect his light even though the disbelievers dislike it. Likewise, when jihad begins in any region of the earth, the people there are divided into many groups. A small group of them responds to the call of truth and start making sacrifices for it. However, a large group of the ruling class and their subordinates impose the man-made laws on the people. They oppress the people and increase in transgression against them.

"The ruling class always tries to eliminate the small group of Ahlul Haqq [the followers of Truth] in their nascent stages. But the more they try to suppress the truth and wipe out the Ahlul Haqq, the more manifest the truth becomes and more people join the caravan. Thereafter, in the constant tussle between the people of truth and falsehood, a stage comes when the people of truth overcome their enemy and become the victorious."

"The So-called Islamic Movements Are Started To Snatch Away The Fruits Of Jihad From The Truthful Mujahideen; These Proxies... Are Presented To The Muslim Ummah As The Saviors"

"However, the people of the falsehood conspire against the truthful mujahideen by laying foundations for the proxy groups. Thus, the so-called Islamic movements are started to snatch away the fruits of jihad from the truthful mujahideen. These proxies and so-called Islamic movements are presented to the Muslim Ummah as the saviors and protectors of the Muslims. Time and again you see them come under the disguise of Islam in order to gain the support from the local Muslims. However, they are completely loyal to the governments and run their agenda. The tawagheet [tyrants] supply them with the constant supply of money, arms and ammunitions. But the thrust of money, arms and ammunitions is kept in control so that these proxies do not become self-sufficient.

"This is done so that the movement is kept under control and any possibility of these movements going against their master is removed. This happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Syria and so on. Formed under the shadows of the Tawagheet, these proxies and so-called Islamic movements are controlled and used according to the wishes of the governments who create them in the first place. The common thing among all these proxies and so-called Islamic movements is that they use the name of Islam and call for the freedom of Muslims. However, when they are told to call for the shari'a and its implementation, they refuse to do so.

"They only call for freedom and democracy by wrapping it under the veil of Maslaha [expedience]. They lead the Ummah to the path of misguidance and destroy the objectives of Islam by prioritizing their corrupt desires over the shari'a. Thus, with the help of these misguided and deviant groups, the Taghut [tyrant] seizes the opportunity and weakens the jihad and hence the sacrifices of the mujahideen bear no fruits for the Ummah.

"The example of such plots can be traced back to the time of Prophet... when the hypocrites time and again conspired with the Jews of Medina and the polytheists of Quraysh to destroy Islam and the Muslims. They plotted against Islam but failed miserably as Allah made the believers overcome those trials through patience and perseverance."

"Soon After The Proclamation Of The Khilafah [By Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi In 2014], The Hypocritical Sahawat Began To Pour Their Hatred Towards The Truthful Mujahideen"

"However, through these severe trials and tribulations Allah exposed the hypocrites and thus every conspiracy was thwarted. And thus, they didn't find a supporter or helper against Allah, they were humiliated in this world and the painful torment of the hereafter awaits them as well. In spite of that, there are many similar examples in the recent history, from Iraq to Syria, and Afghanistan to Kashmir. The hypocrites who once preached jihad and qital [fighting to kill] for implementation of Allah's law on the earth, played the role of Sahawat (so-called Islamic movement). The movements were started under the name of Islam and at first, they would call for the shari'a and the Khilafah [Caliphate] in order to garner the support from the local Muslim communities.

"However, Allah would not leave them in that manner unless he tests them as has been his Sunnah.  Allah will not leave the believers in the state in which you are now, until he distinguishes the wicked from the good (Al Imran: 179). Meanwhile, the truthful mujahideen started calling for pure Tawheed [Islamic monotheism], jihad, al-wala' wal-bara' [loyalty to Muslims and enmity to non-Muslims] and with the help of Allah established the true religion in the land and declared the Khilafah. Thus, after severe trials and tribulations the true colors of the hypocrites began to show.

"Soon after the proclamation of the Khilafah [by Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in 2014], the hypocritical Sahawat began to pour their hatred towards the truthful mujahideen and became arrogant in their jealousy, and started to make false accusations against the muwahideen [monotheists].

"And their leaders grew in their hypocrisy for the lust of the position and the authority. They conspired against the mujahideen and became the worst of creatures on the earth. They preferred this world over the religion, abandoned pure Tawheed and demolished the principles of the Millat-e-Ibrahim [Ummah of Abraham], changed the shari'a and altered the commandments of Allah."

"Unfortunately, The Sahawat [So-called Islamic Movements] Opposed The Islamic State In Syria And Repeated That In Yemen And Khurasan [Afghanistan]"

"The Knights of Jihad changed the map of the world within a few years, the sons of Tawheed had by Allah's help made the Millah of Kufr [community of unbelief] and their supporters bite the dust. Jihad was at its peak and Ummah was about to stand united behind one Imam [Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi]. But unfortunately, Satan played the trick and led majority of the groups astray, the Jews of Jihad stabbed the Ummah in the back, thus splitted [sic] the ranks of the mujahideen.

The Table of Contents of the magazine.

"Their treachery and deception began from Syria gradually and it took over every front of jihad. Shaikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (may Allah accept him) sent Abu Muhammad al-Joulani to Syria under the name of 'Jabhat al-Nusra' to aid the oppressed Muslims from the tyranny of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. However, this alliance was to be kept secret until it had gained the strength. The plan was to gain strength in Syria, consolidate it and the announce to the world that Jabhat Al-Nusra is in reality the sub part of the Islamic State in Iraq.

"However, in 2013, when Shaikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced to the world that Jabhat al-Nusra was the part of the Islamic State of Iraq and commanded Abu Muhammad al-Joulani to openly pledge allegiance to him. The treacherous Joulani (may Allah curse him) refused to do so, cited the so-called Maslahah and thus broke the ranks of the mujahedeen. But with the grace of Allah, the sincere Muwahideen in their ranks weren't deceived by their lies and they paved the way for the Islamic State to expand to those regions with their blood.

"Thus, the ranks were purified from the filth of nifaq [deceit]. The sincere among them came to know about their treachery and the deviant manhaj [method] and left them to join the brothers of the Islamic State with pure aqeedah [creed] and Manhaj. And from there on, wherever Islamic State set its foot, it waged jihad on the doctrines of Tawheed, al-Wala wal Bara against all the forms of heresy and against every Tawagheet.

"Unfortunately, the Sahawat opposed the Islamic State in Syria and repeated that in Yemen and Khurasan [Afghanistan]. Then in the heart of South Asia, the land of Khurasan: the sincere Muwahideen started pledging allegiance to the Islamic State and joined the Khilafah upon prophetic methodology."

"In The Land Of Pakistan Similar Plots Were Carried Out By Slandering And Accusing The Islamic State Of Being The Agents Of India"

"Meanwhile, after the fall of the Islamic Emirate [i.e. the Afghan Taliban organization], the so-called contractors of the Taliban changed their religion and turned their jihad into a war of patriotism and nationalism. The Taliban in the time of [the Islamic Emirate leader] Mullah Omar had attacked the places of shirk [polytheism] like Statues of Buddha [in Bamiyan province] and the temples of Rafidah [Shi'ites] in Afghanistan. But they began to develop the soft corner for the apostate regime of Iran and their Shi'ite brethren by protecting the places of shirk and kufr for their nationalist interest. They began to implement the tribal laws in order to please the local communities and abandoned shari'a.

"Furthermore, it did not stop there; the Islamic Emirate turned into a nationalist movement of Taliban and their blind followers from amongst the Jamaat adh-Dhawahiri attacked the Islamic State, killed the Mujahedeen from Uzbekistan in Zabul province just because they had killed some filthy Rafidah. Thus, they allied with the mushrikeen [polytheists] and showed enmity towards the Muwahideen. The Taliban out of their hatred and animosity joined the coalition with the Apostate Afghan Regime and the infidel Americans in order to drive the Islamic State out of the Khurasan.

"In spite of that, not only Allah almighty kept the mujahideen from the Khurasan steadfast but the Islamic State spread over South Asia; Alhamdulillah! In the land of Pakistan similar plots were carried out by slandering and accusing the Islamic State of being the agents of India. The operations of the Islamic State were considered as the plots of Indian agencies, so that the Muslims of Pakistan would turn their backs on the Islamic State. And then in the [Indian-]Occupied Kashmir where the Pakistan-backed [jihadi] groups falsely accuse the Islamic State as an Indian organization to turn the Kashmiri Muslims against the Islamic State.

"And then is the mainland India where they call Islamic State a plot of Pakistani apostate government and their agencies to turn the Indian Muslims against the Islamic State. In spite of that, these murtadeen [apostates] contradict each other in accusing and slandering the truthful mujahideen of the Islamic State. Furthermore, all these apostate regimes fight the Islamic State collectively in order to stop it from establishing the shari'a of Allah. Will you then not reason O seeker of the truth? ... And know that the accusations, slandering and labelling against the Islamic State is a plot from the enemy. Such has been done only to discredit the Islamic State among the ordinary Muslims."

"The Imams Of The Sahawat And The Jews Of Jihad Are Trying To Tread The Same Path In India Which They Treaded In Syria And Elsewhere"

"All the false allegations made by the Sahawat and the other astray groups are contradictory to each other and can be easily debunked if one uses reason and rationale. For example, the Islamic State was falsely accused of being the agents of Rafidah and Bashar, but then the world witnessed how the mujahideen of the State spilled the blood of the Rafidah and the Nusayriyyah. Likewise, it was said that the mujahideen from the Islamic State are the agents of the West, then the world witnessed how the Islamic State inflicted carnage in the streets of the Crusader West.

"And in the similar way from Khurasan to Yemen and from the Caucasus to Africa, similar false accusations were levelled against the State, but every lie was exposed by the grace of Allah. The Imams of the Sahawat and the Jews of Jihad are trying to tread the same path in India which they treaded in Syria and elsewhere. One such example is their branch in Occupied Kashmir which first broke away from the Taghut Pakistan-backed organizations. They raised the hollow slogans and then in a short period of times rejoined them, only differing with them in name and claim. They broke away from the nationalists of Pakistan, only to be joined with the nationalists of the Taliban.

"One fails to understand as to why they broke away in the first place! They seek to deceive the Muslims in Kashmir using the name of Ghazwa-e-Hind while they call to a crooked Manhaj and dubious creed. They spread false allegations against the State and lead their own members into deception. While they are ignorant about the usul [principles] and the manhaj of the Khawarij,[2] they keep throwing this label at the State in order to discredit it.

"Another such example is that the Jews of Jihad declared the Rawafidh [Shi'ites], grave worshippers, and other types of mushrikeen from among the people of Qiblah [the direction Muslims face during prayer]. So, beware of them and their crooked Manhaj lest they shall lead you astray. They have joined hands with the Tawagheet from Afghanistan to Mali and are in the same trench with them against the Islamic State. But these people have not been able to make a final decision about the Islamic State yet."

"The Islamic State Fights All The Kuffar And The Mushrikeen On The Basis Of Their Kufr And Shirk Without Any Exception Because The Basis Of Our Jihad Is Koran And Sunnah"

"No matter how many Crusaders and apostates come together against the Islamic State, they will fail and ultimately perish due to differences in their aims and objectives. And no matter how hard these Crusaders, polytheists, apostates and the Sahawat try to unite against the Islamic State, they will fall into the abyss of destruction because their hearts divided due to the worldly interests.

"O Kuffar [unbelievers] and Murtadeen, O Munafiqeen and the Sahawat, listen and comprehend. By Allah! The soldiers of the Islamic Caliphate reject every Taghut from Khurasan to Wilayat al-Hind and fight against all the infidels and apostates without any exception. With help of Allah the Islamic State has waged jihad against the Taghut of India and shall fight it until the whole of the Hind is ruled by Shari'a, Insha Allah [Allah willing].

"The brothers from the Sri Lanka have already ignited the flames of Jihad by inflicted the carnage upon the Crusaders. The brothers from the Islamic State in Bangladesh are second to none in hastening of the destruction of the disbelievers. Likewise, we will destroy the Taghut of Pakistan Insha Allah and those who work at their behest from [Afghan President] Ashraf Ghani to nationalist Taliban movement. We do not distinguish between these apostate regimes and will inflict the carnage upon them. We will fight them until the religion is for Allah alone.

"Undoubtedly, the Islamic State fights all the Kuffar and the Mushrikeen on the basis of their Kufr and Shirk without any exception because the basis of our jihad is Koran and Sunnah [traditions of Prophet Muhammad] and not the nationalistic, linguistic, patriotic and racial doctrines. The Islamic State rejects democracy, secularism, and the Kufri [related to unbelief] philosophies and ideas from the East and the West. And we invite all the Muslims to gather behind one Imam under the banner of Tawheed and reject all other false doctrines.

"Verily, the Khilafah has united the Maliki, the Shaf'ii, the Hanbali and the Hanafi [sects of Sunni Islam]; the black and the white, the Arab and the Ajam and so on. Thus, come to your Khilafah O Muslims and pledge allegiance to it, strengthen its ranks by joining your brothers who seek help from Allah alone. 'Or who is it that could be an army for you to aid you other than the most merciful? The disbelievers are not but in delusion' Al-Mulk 67:20)."


[1], May 25, 2020. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

[2] The Kharijites (literally, "those who come out"), were an early Islamic sect that advocated excommunicating Muslims for even minor sins and was proclaimed heretical by the mainstream Sunna. Today, the term is used to brand Muslim groups as extremist and is often applied to ISIS and to other Salafi-jihadi groups by their critics in the Muslim world.

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