Commander Of Al-Qaeda-Aligned Syrian Jihadi Group Urges Palestinians To Resume Suicide Bombings Targeting Israeli Jews, Claims Attacks on Israel Have Reduced Israeli Jews' Numbers

May 20, 2021

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On May 14, 2021, Abu Al-'Abd Ashidda', head of Syrian jihadi group Tansiqiyat Al-Jihad, posted a "message to Jews and Muslims" on Telegram urging Palestinians to carry out suicide attacks targeting Israelis and threatening Israeli Jews.[1]

The small Tansiqiyat Al-Jihad faction was founded by Abu Al-'Abd in February 2020, not long after he was released from prison by the Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham jihadi group.[2] In June 2020, Tansiqiyat Al-Jihad became a founding member of the Stand Firm operations room, together with Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate Hurras Al-Din and several other small jihadi groups; some of these groups had previously been part of the Al-Qaeda-aligned Incite the Believers operations room .[3]

Abu Al-'Abd Ashidda's May 14 Telegram post urging Palestinians to resume suicide bombings targeting Israelis

In his May 14 post, Abu Al-'Abd claimed that a new intifada had erupted in "blessed Palestine," but added that "the most powerful weapon has not yet entered the battle – I mean the weapon of martyrdom-seekers and inghimasis [commandos who attack outnumbering forces and who are often killed]." He noted that deploying this weapon "needs no production lines, storage depots, or launch platforms."

Addressing the "criminal Jews," Abu Al-'Abd asked whether they had forgotten the mass-casualty suicide bombings of the Second Intifada, particularly in 2001-2003, such as the bombings of Tel Aviv's Dolphinarium disco, Jerusalem's Sbarro restaurant, and Haifa's Maxim restaurant, the bus bombings in Jerusalem's Davidka Square and Shmuel Hanavi neighborhood, and bombings in "hundreds of other places." He added that Muslims have not forgotten the perpetrators of these bombings, listing eight men and five women by name. He concluded, "So wait, oh Jews, for we are waiting," and added the hashtag #JerusalemIsOurs.

In a similar message in a video he posted on his Telegram channel and on YouTube on May 19, 2021, Abu Al-'Abd said that it was time for the Jewish "crop to be harvested." The video, titled "The Great Jewish Predicament,"[4] was accompanied by the text: "In documented numbers and statistics, get to know the predicament of the Jews in Palestine. What did the previous intifadas accomplish? What is the number of Jews killed in Palestine?"

A screenshot from the video, showing Abu Al-'Abd warning that the time has come for the Jewish "crop to be harvested"

The video asserted that the Arab and Muslim struggle against Zionism and the State of Israel over the past century, and particularly the Palestinian intifadas of recent decades, have reduced the percentage of Jews in Israel, causing many Diaspora Jews to fear immigrating there and prompting many Israeli Jews to leave. Again praising suicide bombings in Israel, particularly those of the Second Intifada, Abu Al-'Abd urged Palestinians to continue to intensify their jihad against Israel, and encouraged Muslims everywhere to support them.

Abu Al-'Abd opened the video by celebrating the "new Al-Aqsa intifada [that] has broken out," claiming that "every stone thrown at the Zionists demolishes part of their structure and hastens their disappearance."

Arguing that there is currently a "Jewish predicament" – i.e. his claim that the number of Jews worldwide is in decline, unlike the populations of all other nations – he compared the current number of Jews in the world to their number in 1939, with no reference to the Holocaust. He states that the current world Jewish population is 14.8 million versus 16.6 million in 1939, and concludes that the world Jewish population has decreased in the past 70 years while the total world population has tripled.

A screenshot from the video showing an article stating that the world Jewish population in 2019 is the same as it was in 1925

Abu Al-'Abd added that the percentage of Jews in "what is falsely named the State of Israel" is also in decline, claiming that in 1967, Jews comprised 88% of the country's population while today they are only 74% of Israel's population. If the West Bank and Gaza are included in this calculation, he said, the proportion of Jews in the area's population has gradually declined while the proportion of Palestinians has increased, with the two groups becoming equal in number in 2006.

A screenshot from the video showing a graph of the alleged decline in the proportion of Jews in Israel's population

Noting that while once the main engine of Jewish population growth in Israel had been an influx of Jewish immigrants from the Diaspora, Abu Al-'Abd argued that today "this migration has stopped" because "most of the world's Jews who did not immigrate to Palestine live in America and find no incentive to migrate to Palestine. Rather, they are afraid to come there because of the Islamic-Jewish conflict." He argued further that many Jews from poor countries were using Israel only as a "station" to receive Israeli citizenship before moving on to the U.S. or Europe, and added that one reason Israel works so hard to normalize relations with Arab countries is to "make the Jews feel that the situation is secure" and induce them to remain in Israel.

A screenshot from the video showing part of an Al Jazeera article claiming the Second Intifada has led to an increase in the number of Jews emigrating from Israel

Abu Al-'Abd went on to discuss another reason why the situation in Israel has changed to the country's detriment, claiming that the Jews who had immigrated to Palestine during the WWI and WWII eras had come from poor countries and were determined and devoted to waging costly wars against Arab countries, while today's Israelis have grown up in comfort and are "the farthest thing from resolve and endurance." Dismissing modern Israelis as cowards with no will to fight, he said that they "look at a stone in the hand of a child in Palestine as if it were a guided missile and a missile as if it were a bomb of mass destruction."

Providing further data according to which some 30,000 Jews have been killed over the years in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and calling this "great attrition" considering the country's small population, Abu Al-'Abd claimed that the fear of losing additional citizens is what drives Israel to try so hard to avoid entering new wars and is so afraid of any new intifadas.

The final aspect of the "predicament of the brothers of apes and pigs," he said, is that more than half of Israeli Jews are secular and "refuse to enter into religious conflicts or fight for what their beliefs consider sacred."

These statistics, concluded Abu Al-'Abd, prove that "all the efforts made by the mujahideen in 100 years of conflict with the Jews and the countries which support them have not been in vain," and thus "none of you should refrain from offering what you can to enrage these criminals, harm them, and treat them harshly."

Moving on to praise the Palestinians, Abu Al-'Abd describes them as people "who have dazzled the world with heroes and acts of heroism […] and who have taught the world how toys can turn into flaming balloons and how the nose of the tyrant can be rubbed in the dirt with explosive-rigged vehicles, ramming [attacks], stones, knives, and stabbings." He enumerated several Palestinian suicide bombers who had carried out devastating attacks in which large numbers of Israelis were killed, and assured the Palestinians who fight against Israel that Allah will reward them, saying that "the coming days will be better than the past ones, Allah willing" and urging them to "wage jihad and make efforts to defend Islam, Muslims, and holy sites; avenge the martyrs; endeavor to free male and female prisoners; and continue with Allah's blessing."

A screenshot from the video showing a Palestinian releasing an incendiary balloon, illustrating Abu Al-'Abd's praise for the Palestinian jihad against Israel

Addressing Muslims everywhere, Abu Al-'Abd urged them to join the jihad against Israel: "[Come] to Jerusalem, so we can defend the Mosque. Come so we can eradicate the oppressors and whoever allies with oppression or supports it and eradicate the rule of the tyrants from the earth." He concluded with a threat: "Tell the Jews and their followers: The time has come for the crop to be harvested."

It should be noted that Tansiqiyat Al-Jihad, which Abu Al-'Abd heads, released a statement on May 12, 2021 titled "At Your Service, Al-Aqsa: A Statement Regarding the Jewish Criminality."[5] In the statement it condemned Israel's actions against the Palestinians in Jerusalem and Gaza, and urged the Muslims in Palestine to remain steadfast and continue their struggle against Israel and to beware of the "plots of the unbelievers and hypocrites," such as the rulers of Arab countries. It also exhorted them to learn from the military expertise of jihadis in other areas and urged Muslims in all countries to "fight all the Jews as they fight all of you," boycott Israeli products, and financially assist the Palestinian mujahideen.

The Tansiqiyat Al-Jihad statement calling on Palestinians and Muslims worldwide to wage jihad against Israel


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