Article In Issue Six Of ISIS Magazine 'Sawt Al-Hind': 'The Ongoing... Battles Between Islam And Crusaders And Zionists... Are Now Moving Towards The Stage Of The Battles Of Al-Malahim'

July 29, 2020

The latest issue of Sawt Al-Hind ("The Voice Of India"), a magazine published by supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) in South Asia, includes an article about the Prophet Ibrahim (i.e., Abraham) whose obedience to Allah's order to sacrifice his son is celebrated on Eid Al-Adha, the annual three-day feast of sacrifice in Islam that this year begins on August 1, 2020.

Issue Six of Sawt Al-Hind, corresponding with July 2020, was released on social media platforms and on the U.S.-based The article about Ibrahim is titled "The religion of your father Ibrahim." It notes how Ibrahim proclaimed his tawheed ("Islamic monotheism") by dissociating himself from the polytheism of his community and parents. However, most of the article explains how only ISIS members are true followers of the religion of Ibrahim, i.e., Islam.

Following is the text of the article:

"[Ibrahim] Sometimes Migrated To The Holy Land Of Palestine And Sometimes To The Hijaz [In Saudi Arabia] To Build The Two Centers Of Tawheed [Monotheism]"

"From the time of the revelation of 'La ilaha illa Allah' [there is no god but Allah] towards the inhabitants of the earth to the present day, every human being has had to go through a furnace of trials and tribulations. The most prominent of whom were the prophets who left a path for mankind with the tales of sacrifice on every step of it. One of them was Abu Al-Anbiya Mujaddid of Tawheed Ibrahim, whose life journey is the story of the Tawheed, Jihad, Al-Wala Wa Al-Bara [loyalty to Muslims and enmity to non-Muslims], migration and trials and tribulations and the utmost levels of sacrifice. And from individuality to collectivity, Tawheed was vivid in his life.

"From the very young age the Tawheed was prominent in every aspect of his life. Be it his open Barah (disassociation) from his mushrik [polytheist] nation and breaking the idols of their false gods or be it him being thrown into the blazing fire for proclaiming the greatness of his Lord in the court of Nimrod, the biggest taghut [tyrant] of the time. Or be it bara from mushrikeen [polytheists] including those from his father to the Mushrik leaders and Taghut king of the nation while rejecting and exposing their shirk and misguidance which earned him Allah's approval in this world in his words: 'and he was not of those who associate with Allah.'

"Or be it his numerous migrations to different countries and cities in order to plant the seeds of pure Tawheed for which he sometimes migrated to the Holy Land of Palestine and sometimes to the Hijaz [in Saudi Arabia] to build the two centers of Tawheed. Or be it his staying away from his family for the pleasure of Allah. Or be it the pinnacle of trails – to sacrifice his beloved son Ismail for the sake of Allah, which he passed and for which the Lord of the worlds from the heavens proclaimed: 'And Allah took Ibrahim as an intimate friend' (An-Nisa: 125).

"Submission and obedience to Allah in every aspect and sphere of life along with his progeny promoted him to another great status 'imamate of the people'. Thus, following his manhaj [method] was made obligatory for the humankind to come so much so that Tawheed and millah [nation] of Ibrahim are inseparable. Hence, every sacrifice of Ibrahim was transformed into a symbol of Islam and following it was made obligatory till the final hour.

"Since then in every age the caravan of ghurabah [i.e., upright Muslims] upon Millah of Ibrahim has been challenging tawagheet [tyrants] of their times. It was Millah of Ibrahim for which Yusuf was sold cheaply for some Dirhams and for which he spent years in prison, for which Zakariah was bisected with a saw, for which Yahya was slaughtered. It [is] the same path on which Ayub was patient upon the hardships and harm, Dawood cried, and Jesus spent time with the wild animals...."

"The Islamic State Is The Spearhead Of These Battles [Against Jews And Christians] Today And It Has Made Immense Sacrifices For The Establishment Of Shari'a; It Established This Religion By The Rivers Of Blood And Piles Of Skulls"

"Moreover, the Imam of the prophets and mujahideen, Muhammad, was commanded to follow the path of Millah of Ibrahim. Allah almighty said: 'Then we revealed to you, to follow the religion of Ibrahim, inclining toward truth; and he was not of those [polytheists] who associate with Allah' (An-Nahl: 123). Thus, the claimants of the Millah of Ibrahim have been tested in every age, because it is the Sunnah [i.e., tradition] of Allah by which Allah separates the ranks of the believers and the hypocrites [among Muslims] and purifies them by removing the sins and blemishes until their sincerity is purely for Allah.

"And while they take part in the greatest battles of Islam strengthening the edifice of the religion, they follow their predecessors of this bloodstained path so as to become the links in this chain of sacrifices, for which the prophets and mujahideen shed their blood in every era. The realities of Tawheed and aqeedah [creed] and the concepts of truth cannot be actualized unless the righteous and the patient ones tread the path of the hardships, difficulties and sacrifices. Their willingness to sacrifice their lives and properties brings these concepts to life, unlike those who restrict themselves to the philosophical or ideological forms of these concepts whereas they maintain a distance from acting upon them.

"Therefore, today Islam is in dire need of such sincere and patient people who are steadfast upon the hardships in this path of Allah, who steadfastly continue to act upon these concepts and give them life. Men whose hearts are filled with imaan [faith] with strong determination, who do not sit idle nor waste their potential in things that don't benefit. They are always busy in eradicating the darkness of shirk [polytheism] & kufr [unbelief] and to spread the light of Tawheed. They are always focused on their job and keep on renewing and purifying their intentions and are consistently glorifying their Lord in times of trouble, distress and anguish.

The publishers of the magazine indicated that they use the Telegram, Threema, Hoop, and WhatsApp messaging services.

"In every era Allah almighty selects his sincere and obedient slaves who strive hard for the renewal of this religion and to establish it in totality, and to destroy the infidels, apostates and other enemies of Islam. The ongoing fierce and bloody battles between Islam and Crusaders and Zionists from centuries are now moving towards the stage of the battles of Al-Malahim [i.e., great battles predicted to take place every 100 years].

"By Allah's grace, the Islamic State is the spearhead of these battles today and it has made immense sacrifices for the establishment of shari'a. It established this religion by the rivers of blood and piles of skulls without compromising in it. Yes, this is the group that has renewed the Aqeedah of Ahlu Sunnah Wal Jama'ah [i.e., the group of Muslims that follows the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad], cleared the dust off the Millah of Ibrahim and made the differences between the truth and falsehood clear."

"[ISIS] Destroyed The Man-Made Borders... And Removed The Evil Concepts Of Democracy, Secularism, Patriotism, Nationalism And Other Such Useless And Kufr Beliefs And Evil Practices From The Hearts And Minds Of Many Common Muslim"

"They [ISIS] exposed every apostate and hypocritical group and unveiled every wicked scholar and the apostate ruler. They put all the kufr laws under their feet and challenged every supporter of Taghut and fought against their armies from the Arabs and the non-Arabs and established the [ISIS's] Caliphate under the shade of the swords.

"They [ISIS] destroyed the man-made borders and boundaries and removed the evil concepts of democracy, secularism, patriotism, nationalism and other such useless and Kufr beliefs and evil practices from the hearts and minds of many common Muslims. The common denominator of the Dawah [preaching, invitation] of the prophets and the firm belief and Manhaj of the Millah of Ibrahim is the driving force behind these truthful people who have made the immense sacrifices in this glorious jihad.

"Indeed, they are the people of patience and perseverance who bear all the burdens and face all the difficulties to achieve the desired goal. It should be understood that trials and tribulations are destined by Allah for all humankind, but the righteous ones whom Allah chooses from his mercy are severely tested, especially the mujahideen.

"Because they must go through lessons of hard work and discipline in the field. Sa'id ibn Abi Waqqas reported: I said, O Messenger of Allah, which people are tested most severely? The Messenger of Allah said, 'They are the prophets, then the next best, then the next best. A man is put to trial according to his religion. If he is firm in his religion, his trials will be more severe. If he is weak in his religion, he is put to trial according to his strength in religion. The servant will continue to be put to trial until he is left walking upon the earth without any sin' (Sunan al-Tirmidhi).

"Jabir narrated that the Prophet said: On the Day of Judgment, when the people who were tried (in this world) are given their rewards, the people who were pardoned (in life), will wish that their skins had been cut off with scissors while they were in the world' (Jami at-Tirmidhi). Therefore, the fighting group should be patient in the face of the hardships that come along this path just as their father Ibrahim was alone yet steadfast against the might of the infidels, thus Allah almighty described him as an Ummah: Verily, Ibrahim was an Ummah, a leader having all the good righteous qualities, and he was not one of those who were Al-Mushrikun, (An-Nahl: 20).

"All the while, they should hope for the reward from Allah for the loss of the leaders and individuals in this path. And they should know that this is the Sunnah of Allah the almighty and he chooses the best servants from this Ummah. And they should not rush into the matter of Nusrah [aid from Allah] because it is the promise of Allah which will surely be fulfilled."

"Today, The Islamic State Has Crossed All These Stages Of Trials, Tribulations And Hardships In Order To Redeem The Leadership Of This Ummah; They Have Spared No Effort In Restoring The Glory Of This Religion"

"Therefore, every Muslim should know that following the truth and remaining patient on it is the shortest way to the help and the victory from Allah. This path may seem long, the obstacles may increase and the number of those who follow this path may be small, but victory is for those who are patient upon the truth. Thus, the deviation from the truth will inevitably result in failure and regret, even if that path seems easy and success is smelled near, but that is an illusion and mirage and nothing else.

"A poet said: 'Don't think that greatness is a palm that you can easily eat.' You will never get honor unless you lick patience. No matter how great the trouble, sometimes Allah puts blessings in it. And some people are blessed by Allah but they in reality are being tested.

"Therefore, it is necessary to train the soul through the test of steadfastness in the battle of truth, through dangers, hardships, hunger, loss of life and property and fruits. These tests must come so that the believers can pay the price for their faith, and the more the believers spend their lives and money in this way, the more this faith will descend into them and they will not waver at the beginning of any difficult stage. The value of making this belief beloved and valuable to its holders before spreading it to others is to sacrifice one's life and property for this belief.

"When believers have to suffer or have to spend on this path, this belief becomes more beloved and dearer to them and they embrace truth and truthfulness on this path. Similarly, others will not realize the value of this belief until they see the holders of this belief being tested and their steadfastness in it. Therefore, trials and tribulations are one of the essentials of this path. It is also necessary to strengthen the resolve of the believers, because it is in hardships that the hidden abilities and strengths of man are revealed, and such feelings are felt in the hearts of believers. The window opens that if it were not for these hardships and difficulties, the believer would never have known them.

"Indeed, today, the Islamic State has crossed all these stages of trials, tribulations and hardships in order to redeem the leadership of this Ummah. They have spared no effort in restoring the glory of this religion in all its manifestations. Neither did they dilute the matters of shari'a nor did they bargain in religion under the garb of any corrupt material expediency or satanic wisdom."

"[ISIS] Established The Principles Of Millah Of Ibrahim And Declared The Khilafah Without Worrying About The Martyrdom Of The Leaders And A Large Number Of Mujahideen, Or Destruction Of The Houses, Buildings, Land"

"They [ISIS] revived the principles of the religion of Islam and declared the Khilafah [led by ISIS] upon the methodology of Prophethood. They established the principles of Millah of Ibrahim and declared the Khilafah without worrying about the martyrdom of the leaders and a large number of mujahideen, or destruction of the houses, buildings, land and property, or loss of the lives and the wealth. Indeed, it is the trust of Allah which was inherited by the Islamic State from the pious predecessors and for which its foundation was laid down.

"And thus, the jihad in its real essence was required to do justice to this trust. And all praise is due to Allah that he selected the mujahid[een] of the Islamic State to accomplish this purpose so that they would follow in the footsteps of their forefather Ibrahim upon his Millah. Allah almighty says: 'And strive for Allah with the striving due to him. He has chosen you and has not placed upon you in the religion any difficulty. (It is) the religion of your father, Ibrahim' (Al-hajj: 78).

"This is that state which did not limit shari'a and jihad to mere slogans and writings, but put it into practice in deeds and made sacrifices for it, thus recorded themselves on the glorious pages of Islamic history. Furthermore, they kept the enemies of Islam engaged in this war at every time and place. And in defense of Islam and Ahlul Sunnah [i.e., followers of prophetic traditions], they allowed even their most valuable things to be destroyed and sacrificed in this path.

"This is the group that can be trusted and under whose banner jihad and fighting can be continued. And this is the groups in our era which worthy of being regarded as Taifat-ul-Mansoorah (the victorious group) and it the Firqah an-Najiyah (the saved sect) and Taifatul Gareebah (the strangers) about which the truthful Messenger... informed us in various ahadith [sayings of the prophet].

The Table of Contents of the issue.

"Meanwhile, looking at the vulnerable situation of the Muslim Ummah where almost everyone is afflicted with the grief and sorrow. And more so, the concern is growing at the exhibition of the strength by the infidels and the indigence of the muwahid [monotheist] mujahideen. The darkness is spread everywhere in terms of oppression and subjugation, the dawn is nowhere to be seen.

"However, the true muwahideen [monotheists], trusting and relying upon the Lord of the worlds are plunging into the bloody battles with determination and courage. They grab every opportunity to cut off the evil aspects of disbelief and apostasy, thus gaining the pleasure of their Lord. They are moving forward with firm belief in the true promise of Allah that the end belongs to the believers and it is only a matter of time. Poetry: Even if the armies of darkness surround me. But I'm pretty sure it will be dawn."

"It Is Enough For Us To See That The People Of Islam Are Steadfast Like Mountains Against The World's Crusaders And Zionists On This Blessed Front In Iraq And Syria And Other Provinces Of The Islamic State"

"Therefore, the Muwahideen are lying in wait for the enemy every day with the help of their Lord and are keeping their swords and guns pointed at the enemy in order to eradicate the disbelief and apostasy in its entirety. They with the help of Allah try to make sure that no day goes by without shedding the filthy blood of the enemies of Allah. These are the lions of the battlefields and the gallant warriors who have removed the humiliation from the Ummah by sacrificing everything beloved to them for the sake of Aqeedah And Manhaj.

"The intensity seen in the battles of the Islamic State and the steadfastness of the mujahideen against the disbelievers from Iraq to Syria, Yemen to Sinai, East Asia to West Africa, Khorasan to Hind [India] is to fight like one battle. Therefore, the purpose for the fighting is to defend the Muslims all over the world and safeguard their religion and to annihilate the infidelity and apostasy.

"Today, the enemy has penetrated into the cities and is roaming the streets and setting up bases almost everywhere. However, it does not mean that the enemy has achieved its goals and defeated the Munahedeen [sic., mujahideen]. Since our battle is actually within the populations in the cities and the tactics of defense and attack vary according to the situation. And the results of such a fierce battle do not come in a matter of weeks or months, but rather a decisive victory for either side in such type of war takes a long time.

"If the Islamic State had to tactically retreat from some areas where Allah's shari'a was enforced, it did not do so unless it made sure that every inch the Kuffar [unbelievers] took from the Islamic State proved as an inferno for the infidels. Thus, even the areas taken by tawagheet [tyrants] from the Islamic state is a temporary transition and it is only a matter of time that Islamic state takes them back, this time more strongly though, InshaAllah! The world of disbelief led by Crusader America has acknowledged this by their own tongues.

"Therefore, as for the decisive and final victory of this war, we are sure that in the end Allah shall give victory to his righteous salves only. It is enough for us to see that the people of Islam are steadfast like mountains against the world's Crusaders and Zionists on this blessed front in Iraq and Syria and other provinces of the Islamic State and are giving this Ummah lessons of patience and determination, and commitment and trust just as their father Ibrahim."

Source: (U.S.), July 22, 2020. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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