Article In Issue 11 Of ISIS-K Magazine 'Voice Of Khurasan' Says Muhammad Desired Jihad And Martyrdom, Quotes Him As Saying: 'I Wish That I Fight In The Path Of Allah And Get Killed'

August 23, 2022

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A lead article in the latest issue of "Voice of Khurasan," a monthly magazine published by the Islamic State's Khurasan Province (ISIS-K), presents evidence that Muhammad desired jihad and martyrdom. The article includes photos of armed kids training for jihad.

The article, titled "The Virtues Of Jihad In The Way Of Allah" and included in Issue 11 of the magazine, emphasizes the virtues of jihad as the "peak" form of prayer, which protects the religion of Islam, and cites verses from the Koran and incidents from early Islamic history in support of this argument.

A copy of Issue 11 of "Voice of Khurasan" was shared on the U.S.-based The magazine is published by Al-Azaim Foundation, the media arm of the ISIS-K. The magazine's latest edition is dated Muharram 1444 Hijri, the month beginning July 31, 2022.

Following is the text of the article:[1]

"Implementation Of Islam At The Collective Level In The Society... Is Not Possible Without Jihad In The Path Of Allah"

"Jihad is an excellent deed of Islam whose virtues or benefits are beyond contemplation. It's the peek ibadah [worship]. It safeguards the entire religion. There are two types of good deeds: individual and collective. Individual deeds include salah [prayer], siam [fasting], Hajj, and so on, while collective deeds are the deeds whose benefits reach all human beings. Jihad is such a deed as its benefits even reach the disbelievers. It safeguards soul, wealth, and honor of the Muslim Ummah. Mosques and madrassas get inhabited due to the barakah [blessing] of jihad.

"However, kuffar [unbelievers] don't confront the individual deeds of Islam like salah, siam, and others. They know the influence of jihad. They know very well that if they try to prevent the individual deeds, the whole Muslim Ummah will up-rise and prepare for armed jihad.

"So, they fear the mass uprising. Due to this they introduce secularism which allows people to practice Islam only at the individual level in the personal life. But they prevent the implementation of Islam at the collective level in the society which is not possible without jihad in the path of Allah. They don't let the Muslims change their manmade law. They force them to take their decision to the taghuti [tyrant] judiciary system.

"They don't let Muslims act upon enjoining good and forbidding evil. They imprison Muslims who seek the law of Allah to be implemented in the society. However, at present, we see that many people work in taghuti [tyrannical] governments, and yet claim themselves to be Muslim."

"Someone Asked Prophet: 'Which Is The Highest Of Deeds?' He Replied: 'Bringing Faith Upon Allah And His Prophet.' The Man Asked: 'Which One Is Next?' The Prophet Replied: 'Jihad And Then Hajj'"

 "We ask them [Muslims]:

"– Are you not aware of the nullifiers of Islam?

"– Are you aware of the conditions of La Ilaha IIlallah [There is no deity but Allah]?

"– What kind of system is that in which you are working? Islamic one or shirki [polytheistic] democratic?

"They will not be able to answer to these questions, nor do they consider these important issues because their materialistic societies are not much familiar with term jihad. For being a sincere Muslim, one should go deeper in to the 'ahkam' [orders] and virtues of jihad.

"Now, let’s go through the virtues of jihad in the light of Koran and Hadith [saying or deed of Muhammad]: Jihad is the most important deed after bringing faith. Someone asked Prophet [Muhammad]: 'Which is the highest of deeds?' He replied: 'Bringing faith upon Allah and His Prophet.' The man asked: 'Which one is next?' The Prophet replied: 'Jihad and then Hajj' – (Sahih Bukhari).

"In this particular hadith, excellent virtue of jihad has been mentioned. There is no deed equal in virtues to jihad.

"It has come in another hadith: Someone came to the Messenger of Allah and asked him: 'Name me a deed that's equal in rewards to jihad?' He replied: 'don’t know.' Then he said: 'Do you have the capability that after a mujahid set out for jihad you go to the mosque and start offering salah and fasting till the mujahid come back from jihad?' The man replied: 'Who possesses that capability?' – (Sahih Bukhari).

"This is single hadith is enough for us to understand the virtues of jihad."

"The Man Asked Again: 'Which Jihad Is The Best One?' The Messenger Of Allah Replied: 'Fighting With The Mushrikeen [Polytheists] With Own Life And Property'"

"Someone asked Prophet: 'Which one is the highest of deeds?' Messenger of Allah replied: 'Such imaan [faith] free of any doubt and jihad free of betrayal, and righteous Hajj.'

"The man asked again: 'Which type of salah is the best?' The Messenger of Allah replied: 'That containing prolonged qiyam [standing as in Islamic prayer].' The man asked again:  Which sadaqah [charity] is the best?' The Messenger of Allah replied: 'That of the poor.' The man asked again: 'Which hijrah [migration] is the best?' The Messenger of Allah replied: 'Hijrah from the things prohibited by Allah.'

"The man asked again: 'Which jihad is the best one?' The Messenger of Allah replied: 'Fighting with the mushrikeen [polytheists] with own life and property.' The man asked again: 'Which death is the best one?' The Prophet replied: 'That of one who were bleeding along with his horse' – (Abu Dawood & Musnad Ahmad).

"This martyrdom is the best one because the martyr in this case spent both his soul and property while other martyrs only sacrifice their lives.

Photos show children brandishing pistols.

"Jihad Is The Path To Paradise

"Allah says: 'Allah has purchased from the believers their lives and their properties in exchange for paradise. They fight in Allah's way, and they kill and get killed. It is a promise binding on him in the Torah and the Injil [Bible], and the Koran. And who is more true to his promise than Allah? So rejoice in making such an exchange—that is the supreme triumph' – (Chapter Tawbah: 111).

"So we have to be pleased with the successful transaction of us with Allah, glory be to him. The value of life and properties of mujahid is so high and the status of the so in jannah [paradise] is so supreme that is beyond imagination. That's why Allah purchases that with such a high price."

"The Prophet Said: 'Should I Not Show You The Structure Of Islam? The Pillar Of Islam Is Salah [Prayer], And The Roof Of It Is Jihad In The Path Of Allah'"

"Abdullah bin Abu Awfa narrated on the authority of Prophet: 'Do you understand that jannah is under the shadow of sword. (Agreed Upon) Narrated by Abu Hurairah on the authority of the Prophet: 'Allah has made obligatory upon him that he will enter a person, who brings faith upon Allah, affirms the prophets, and sets out with the intention of jihad, to jannah, or bring him back with reward or ghanimah [spoils]' – (Sahih Muslim).

"All these hadiths depict so many benefits and virtues of jihad which are difficult to be documented in this limited context.

"Mujahideen Are Better Than Those Who Stay At Home

"Allah the Almighty says: 'Such of the believers as stay (at home) excepting the disabled ones, those who strive in the cause of Allah with their substance and their lives, are not equal. Allah has exalted in rank those who strive (in His cause) with their substance and their lives above those stay (at home), and yet to each one Allah has promised Khayr (good) but Allah has indeed granted eminence to those who strive (in His cause) over those who stay (at home) by giving them much better reward. (An- Nisa: 95)

"This is particular verse mentions about collectively obligatory jihad. Then what about the case of those who stay behind from jihad and sit at home at the time individually obligatory jihad?! In that case, those people are the sinful ones and they merely deserve any reward as it has been already mentioned.

"Jihad is the terrace of Islam

"The Prophet, peace and blessing be upon Him, said: 'Should I not show you the structure of Islam? The pillar of Islam is salah, and the roof of it is jihad in the path of Allah' -- (Musnad Ahmad)."

"Martyrdom Was The Desire Of The Prophet, Peace And Blessing Be Upon Him"

"Virtues Of Guarding In Jihad

"Abdullah ibn Abbas narrated on the authority of Prophet: 'Two types of eyes are exempted from hellfire. The one which cries out of fear of Allah, and the one that guards day and night in the path of Allah' – (at-Tirmidhi).

"Virtues Of The Dusts In The Path Of Allah

"It has been narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas on the authority of the Messenger of Allah: 'Allah has made the hell haram [forbidden] for him whose feet have been dusty in the path of Allah'– (Sahih Bukhari).

"Virtues Of Wounds In The Path Of Allah

"The Prophet said: 'By him [Allah] in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, there is no such wound in the path of Allah except that on the Day of Judgment the mujahid will be resurrected with that wound, and it will keep bleeding having the color of blood but the smell will be that of musk' – (Sahih Muslim).

" Martyrdom Was The Desire Of The Prophet, Peace And Blessing Be Upon Him

"The Messenger of Allah said: 'I wish that I fight in the path of Allah and get killed, then resurrect, then get killed again, then resurrect and get killed again' – (Sahih Muslim)."

"Jihad For The Sake Of Allah Is Better Than The Deeds You Have Mentioned"

"Jihad Is Better Than Keeping The Holy Mosque

"Allah says: 'Do you consider giving water to pilgrims and keeping the Holy Mosque [Kaaba in Mecca] equal to (in deeds of) him who believes in Allah and the last day and strives hard in the cause of Allah? They are not equal in the sight of Allah. And Allah does not guide the unjust people' – (Chapter At Tawbah: 19)

"And also, it has been narrated in a hadith of Sahih Muslim: Nu'man ibn Bashir said: 'I was by the side of the pulpit of the Messenger of Allah as a person said: I give water to the pilgrims, and I don't care about any other action in Islam. Another person said: I do not wish for any other action of Islam other than keeping the Masjid al-Haram [i.e., the Kaaba].

"And the other person said: Jihad for the sake of Allah is better than the deeds you have mentioned. Umar ibn Khattab [the second caliph of Islam] told them: Do not raise your voice near the pulpit of the Messenger of Allah. And it was Friday and after I had offered the Friday salah, I went toward the Messenger of Allah and asked him about the matter they were disputing on; and the verse number 19 of Surah At-Tawbah was revealed [as an answer].'"


[1] (U.S.) August 8, 2022. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.

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