Article On Hagia Sophia In Issue Six Of 'Voice Of Hind' Lauds ISIS: 'Every Keen Observer Has Witnessed Who Is Fighting Against The Jews, Christians, And Apostates At The Gates Of Damascus And Jerusalem'

July 29, 2020

Issue Six of Sawt Al-Hind ("The Voice of India"), a magazine published by the supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) in South Asia, includes an article on the reconversion of the Hagia Sophia museum in Istanbul into a mosque. Issue Six corresponds with July 2020.

A screenshot of the Sawt Al-Hind article.

The purpose of the article seems to be discredit almost all groups Muslims, including those who celebrated the conversion of the museum, the Islamic scholars who opposed it saying it is a heritage of Christians, and the jihadi groups such as Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan-Afghanistan region.

The article argues that ISIS is the only force of true believers currently "fighting against the Jews, Christians, and apostates at the gates of Damascus and Jerusalem." It notes further: "Even though they are fighting at the gates of Damascus and Jerusalem, but their route passes through Rome, Constantinople and the Arabian Peninsula."

"The Taghut [i.e., Tyrant] Of Turkey Ordered The Restoration Of The Aya Sophia Mosque, Which Had Been Turned Into A Tourist Museum By The Crusaders And The Apostates"

"Indeed, one of the great blessings of Allah the Almighty is that He from time to time brings such events for his mujahideen servants that their hearts become content by the guidance and their feet become firmer upon the path of truth more than ever. They become mature, while through these events the wickedness of the deviant people becomes more apparent and the corruption of their beliefs and the crookedness of the methodology is disclosed.

"Some days ago, the Taghut [i.e., tyrant] of Turkey ordered the restoration of the Aya Sophia Mosque, which had been turned into a tourist museum by the Crusaders and the apostates, after the Muslims lost their dignity. Due to which the fountains of shari'a and its manifestations had dried up. And instead of the light of Tawheed [Islamic monotheism], the darkness of Kufr [unbelief] and Shirk [polytheism] had spread all around.

"And on this day, when the Taghut [Turkish President Tayyip] Erdogan, who has ruled the region for decades and after an open war with the Islam and the people of Islam, is now announcing the restoration of this museum-like mosque. Nonetheless, the polytheistic manifestations will not be eliminated, nor shall be the intermixing [i.e., men and women praying together] stopped. So that the foundations of this mosque are not laid upon the principles of piety and righteousness but on the edge of the pit of hellfire, and so that it may act as a newer version of the Masjid Zarrar [the mosque in Medina of apostate Muslims, which was demolished by Prophet Muhammad].

"Hence, with this incident, the people who are astray were divided into many factions, and the lies of most of them were debunked, when they used to attribute themselves to the people of Islam while denying the Kufr of democracy."

"One Of The Factions Said That It Was Not Permissible To Turn This Museum Into A Mosque"; "They Are The People Who Openly Rebel Against The Laws Of Islam"

"One of the factions said that it was not permissible to turn this museum into a mosque, as it is the cultural heritage of Christians. However, they are the people who openly rebel against the laws of Islam and insist on their disbelief. And on the top of the list are apostate muftis [Islamic scholars who deliver fatwas] and evil scholars of Egypt and Turkey who are in fact the leaders of disbelief and atheism.

"So we just tell them that you have sunk far into the mire of your misguidance, and have forgotten that the Muwahid [monotheist] servants of Allah will surely conquer this region before the Day of Judgment. Thus, remember that day, when the Crusaders will be able to save their lives by paying the Jizyah [Islamic tax on non-Muslims] but you cannot pay the Jizyah to save yourselves.

"Abdullah bin Amar [a companion of the prophet] said: 'We were writing while sitting around the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). It was asked to him that which city will be conquered first, Constantinople or Rome? The Prophet said: No, the city of Hercules [Heraclius?] will be conquered first, that is, the Constantinople...'

The coverpage of the magazine

"And yet there is another group which has declared this incident as a great victory for the Muslims and has justified the disbelief of democracy. These are the people who have betrayed the Ummah of Tawheed the most, and have mixed Shirk (polytheism) with their Tawheed (monotheism). At the top of the list are the apostate Ikhwan-ul-Murtadeen [literally "Brotherhood of Apostates," a play on Ikhwan Al-Muslimeen, the Muslim Brotherhood] and their sidekick apostates who are spread across Arabia and other parts of the world, who for centuries have been deceiving the people with their misleading slogans.

"This group considers price of Tawheed as much as providing one-time meal or constructing highways and fixing the sewages. So, these people stake everything to achieve these malefic objectives, even their faith. With the reiterations that at least these interests can be achieved with this Kufri (infidel) democracy, while they forget that they have traded their Tawheed for these vile interests. It is the word of Allah almighty. 'Say: Shall we not inform you of those who are most losers in deeds? These are the people who lost everything in the world and kept thinking that they are doing very good deeds.' (Sura Al-Kahf: 103, 104)."

"And With Them Are Some Blind Fools... Who Are Beaten Up By These Apostates... But Still Do Not Stop Following Their Footsteps, Such As The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan"

"And the third group among them are those who apparently accept the Kufr of democracy and show off their Tawheed to the people. But when a democratic Taghut takes such a step to gain the support of the people, this group does not remain behind in collecting their share. They do not miss any opportunity of felicitating the Tawagheet [tyrants] and chanting their slogans. These are the people who have been collecting the money from the people of Islam for many years in the name of enforcing shari'a and jihad.

"However, when the people of Tawheed [i.e., ISIS] established jihad upon the correct methodology and enforced the shari'a of the Lord of the Worlds upon every strong and the weak, they were the very ingrate ones who fought against the shari'a and shed the blood of the followers of the Tawheed.  At the top of the list are the fool of the Ummah, the apostate 'Zawahiri's Al-Qaeda,' and their imam the apostate 'Taliban,' whose Kufr has been exposed to the East and the West.

"And with them are some blind fools and ignorant ones who are beaten up by these apostates every now and then, but still do not stop following their footsteps, such as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and some other militias like it, who still do not understand the difference between Pakistan's Tawagheet and Turkey's Tawagheet. We ask these militias that: if it is permissible to felicitate the Tawagheet just because of the opening of a mosque, then where were these militias when the Taghut of Pakistan reopened the Red Mosque after the bloodshed [i.e., the 2007 military operation]?

"Therefore, their leadership... have become crinkly. However, to the clear apostates among them, we tell them to prepare their necks every night, for our knives, and beware. By Allah, your fortresses will not be of any vantage against the vengeance of Allah. And those of them who are in their temptations and heedlessness, we warn them to regain their consciousness, and repent before our domination. And whoever disregards it will only blame himself eventually."

"[ISIS] Soldiers Do Not Become Overjoyed With These Childish Announcements Of The Tawagheet [Such As The Reconversion Of Hagia Sophia Into A Mosque]"

"Moreover, no matter how many misguided people increase in their numbers and no matter how vague the truth may become, yet the truth survives.... Because the criterion and standard for them is the Book of Allah and Sunnah of Messenger..., and their guide is the comprehension of righteous [the Prophet's] Companions and the Salaf [the elders]. The majority and support of the people and the historical and national achievements does not matter to such seekers.

"It is narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah that the Messenger of Allah... said: A group of my Ummah will always fight at the gates of Damascus and its surroundings, and at the gates of Jerusalem and its surroundings. Those who leave them helpless will not be able to harm them in the least; they will stick to the truth until the hour comes.

"So today every keen observer has witnessed who is fighting against the Jews, Christians and the apostates at the gates of Damascus and Jerusalem. In fact, they are the Taifa Mansoora – the victorious group and this is the Islamic State. Because its soldiers do not become overjoyed with these childish announcements of the Tawagheet, nor are they afraid of any of the enemies of Islam. Rather, the eyes of its soldiers are insightful with the light of the Book of Sunnah.

"Even though they are fighting at the gates of Damascus and Jerusalem, but their route passes through Rome, Constantinople and the Arabian Peninsula. Abdullah ibn Bashir al-Khathami narrates from his father that he heard the Prophet... saying: You will surely conquer Constantinople, so its leader will be the best leader and that army will be the best...

"By the will of Allah, that day is not far away when the Muwahideen [i.e., monotheistic] servants of Allah will enforce his law on the land of Turkey and his religion will be established with its perfection. The foundation of the Aya Sofia mosque and other similar mosques will be set upon the Tawheed and Taqwa [piety, purity]. And then the domination of Taghut over the houses of Allah shall be over. Then afterwards, the Tawageet shall never be able to use these holy houses for their wicked interests. So, we pray to Allah that He makes all this possible for His servants as soon as possible. Amen."

Source: (U.S.), July 22, 2020. The original English of the article has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.


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