Al-Qaeda In The Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) Document Carries Image Of Jihadi Fighter Paragliding Into Al-Aqsa Compound Of Jerusalem: 'Living Under The Iron Dome, Jews, Who Among The Creatures Love Life The Most, Were Caught By Al-Aqsa Storm Like Allah's Punishment Had Caught [The Nations Of] Aad And Thamud'

October 25, 2023

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On October 16, 2023, Al-Qaeda In The Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) released a 19-page document whose cover has an image of a jihadi fighter landing in Al-Aqsa compound of Jerusalem by paragliding. The document, titled "The Work That Remains Is Obligatory On You," is written by Moinuddin Shami and is published by Nawa-i-Ghazwa-e-Hind Publications.

Toward the end of the document, Moinuddin Shami suggests how to aid Palestinians. Among such aid he suggests: Carry out actions like the mujahideen of Al-Aqsa Storm; offer aid in the forms of lives and wealth to Palestinians; ensure public uprisings against Muslim rulers who support Israel; kill supporters of Israel, Britain, America, France, and others wherever they are found; Muslim soldiers should attack the soldiers and police officers of unbeliever countries which ally with the West; increase strengths in the jihadi formations wherever they are active such as Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Yemen, Mali, Algeria, Syria, Somalia, etc.

It urges Muslim writers and journalists to wage jihad by the pen. The document quotes Prophet Muhammad as saying: "Wage jihad with your life, wealth, and tongue against mushrikeen [idolaters]." Moinuddin Shami, the author, calls for a boycott of Western products, encouraging readers to: buy Korean mobile phones such as Samsung instead of Apple, which is American; buy and drink local products instead of Coca Cola; wear clothes stitched by local tailors and boycott Western brands such as Gucci, Armani, Levies, Polo, Adidas, and Nike; eat food from local fast food chains instead of buying from McDonalds, which provides free food to Israeli soldiers in Gaza, etc.

Moinuddin Shami discusses his own pain and sadness, adding: "I do not know anyone, old or young, man or woman, whose heart is not cut by Israel's aggression... A few Christians who saw the aggression happening in Palestine on their computers and televisions and spoke in favor of the mujahideen of Palestine – perhaps people like them will embrace Islam."

Praising the October 7 Hamas attack in Israel, Moinuddin Shami writes: "Any praise for the mujahideen of Al-Qassam Brigades and other Palestinian mujahideen's bravery, gallantry, love of martyrdom in the path of Allah, longing for jihad and qital [fighting to kill] in the path of Allah, and martyrdom and youthfulness, will be less. They have written in the books of history the story of such a martyrdom-seeking battle whose example cannot be found."

"Thousands of martyrdom-seeking mujahideen, riding the waves of water and air, crossing the borders of the usurper Jews, entered in their palaces and forts in a manner that these enemies had not even thought of," the author says, adding: "Living under the Iron Dome, Jews, who among creatures love life the most, were caught by Al-Aqsa Storm like Allah's punishment had caught [the nations of] Aad and Thamud."

Moinuddin Shami cites an Urdu couplet which he says reflects a message from the mujahideen of Al-Aqsa Storm:

"To you the nation of Muslims, this is an appeal,
"A drawing written in our blood,
"We fulfilled what was the duty of ours,
"The work that remains,
"Is obligatory on you"

The author invokes the story of ababeel, birds mentioned in the Quran who saved Kaaba when the King Abraha, armed with a huge army, invaded Mecca. Shami cites the Quranic message which he says requires Muslims "to prepare according to their capabilities" and not build an Iron Dome in response to an Iron Dome, as it is Allah who gives victory. "The killing of thousands 1,500 Jews (as of this writing), in their luxurious abodes, under the Iron Dome is no less than a miracle," he adds.

Moinuddin Shami reminds Muslims that jihad is obligatory upon them since the fall of Andalusia, i.e., the Reconquista, stating: "Without doubt, jihad is fard-e-ayn Muslim Ummah [obligatory on each one] since the Fall of Andalusia. Then, every day, moment by moment the degree of obligation rises. After the Fall of Andalusia, the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate also took place. Before this and after this, the history and territory of the entire Muslim Ummah, even the religion of the inhabitants of Islam (in the meaning of raising the religion and enforcement of shari'a) turned into a new settlement of imperialists."

The author notes that from Morocco to Indonesia and the Philippines, imperialist powers such as the French, Portuguese, Germans, British, Dutch, and Italians occupied territories, and in the land of Al-Quds the sons of Christians and Zionists became occupiers. Moinuddin Shami rues how the rulers of Saudi Arabia, who call themselves guardians of Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina, invited unbelievers and singers to concerts in Saudi Arabia as late as in the last days of August 2023. "After every incident, the degree of obligation of jihad grows, becoming more fard-e-ayn [obligatory on each individual Muslim]," he adds.

Moinuddin Shami argues that 22 years ago Yaum-e-Tafreeq ("the Day of Distinguishing") was marked by 9/11, differentiating between the camps of believers and unbelievers and "inhabitants of Islam entered the war against America, the leader of the inhabitants of unbelief in a clear war" and similarly today Al-Aqsa Storm marks another Yaum-e-Tafreeq, which "will become a cause of division between the camps of faith and hypocrisy, Allah willing."

The author goes on to argue that since every male and female Israeli undergoes compulsory military training, they are not civilians. He also argues that "Islamic shari'a does not accept the distinction between civilian and combatant" and treats everyone who is "capable" of fighting as a harbi, ("combatant). "The small children of Jews are not harbi, but this point must be borne in mind: that all of them obtain the training of modern weapons in schools. Pictures available on the internet are witness to it. In a country where small kids possess training with automatic weapons, women there too without doubt would be knowing how to use weapons," he adds.

The document urges economic boycott and jihad by pen and tongue and wealth

Noting that the mujahideen of Al-Aqsa Storm treated Israeli captives with sympathy, the author observes: "The mujahideen of Palestine took revenge for their oppressed Muslim Umma and launch retaliatory attacks against Israel, which even bans medicine for innocent children. Israel, America, Britan, France, and other European countries called this attack terrorism." He further says that America is "the root" of all mischief and conflict and narrates military aid provided to Israel from at various times totaling about $72 billion from 1999 to 2023.

Moinuddin Shami also appeals to Islamic religious scholars and rulers of Islamic countries to support the mujahideen against Israel.

Source:, accessed October 22, 2023.

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