Al-Qaeda Affiliate In Syria Hurras Al-Din Urges Muslims To Stand Up To 'Traitorous Rulers' Protecting Israel, Calls For Waging Jihad, Targeting Israeli Interests Everywhere

May 17, 2021

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On May 16, 2021, Sham Al-Ribat For Media Production, the official media outlet of Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate, Hurras Al-Din, released[1] a statement praising the Palestinian mujahideen's "great sacrifices and heroic acts" in defending Al-Aqsa mosque and urging Muslims to stand up to the "traitorous" rulers protecting Israel. The statement also stated that jihad is the only way to respond to the Israeli "barbaric assault," urging Muslims to seize this opportunity and target Israeli interests everywhere.

In the two-page statement, which is designated Number 25 and titled "Al-Aqsa Mosque Is Our Own Responsibility," Hurras Al-Din began by praising the Palestinian response to Israeli military escalation, saying: "Today's great sacrifices and heroic acts carried out by the sons of Islam to defend and protect the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque should be seized by the ummah in general and the mujahideen in particular in mobilizing Muslims against the contemporary Zionist-Crusader campaign, which seeks to destroy the lands of Muslims and forcing them to abandon their religion."

The jihadi group added that "these [recent] events showed the hatred of the Zionist-Crusaders against Islam and its sanctuaries and people and also showed that despite years of falsehood and terrorism experienced by Muslims, the light of faith kept beating in their hearts."

Calling for supporting the mujahideen in Palestine, the group urged all Muslims to support the mujahideen who are fighting in Palestine and its environs with all what they have. "This is the duty of the status quo," the group said, before citing the 14th century late Muslim scholar Ibn Taymiyya as opining that defensive jihad is an obligation.

Urging Muslims to confront Arab leaders who normalized relations with Israel, the group urged Muslims everywhere to "stand up to the traitorous rulers who are [acting like] a protective wall around Jews who prevent Muslims from supporting their brothers in the blessed land." The group further said that exposing these leaders and standing against them represents the demolition of the protective wall shielding Israel from the mujahedeen's attacks.

The group added: "These events proved that there is no other way to liberate Al-Aqsa mosque and the Muslims' sanctuaries and countries other than by da'wa [preaching], preparation, and waging jihad." It also noted that jihad is the only path, the abandonment of which will lead to humiliation and loss, stating: "We, your brothers in the Hurras Al-Din organization in the blessed land of Al-Sham [i.e., Syria], affirm the content of the latest release of Sham Al-Ribat titled 'The Real Nature Of The Conflict'[2] and that we stand by the sons of our ummah in this critical phase. We also call for refraining from all acts that dishearten Muslims from carrying out the duty of the time."

Urging Muslims to target Israeli interests everywhere, the group called on Muslims to "seize this great opportunity and blessed days in striving to repel the barbaric assault of Allah's enemies and killers of prophets and their protectors and strike their interests everywhere; for we are one ummah and the Palestinian cause is the cause of every Muslim. Allah will bring victory to His religion with or without us."

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