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Ahead Of Holidays, ISIS Supporters Circulate More Calls For Attacks In The West

On December 3, 2017, the Islamic State (ISIS) published on Telegram a new message in English urging its supporters to carry out attacks in the West.[1] This post follows a series of messages by ISIS and its supporters calling for attacks in the West during the end-of-year holidays,[2] many of which took the form of graphics showing Western cities to be targeted, with text in English. The December 3, 2017 message reads: "O monotheists, you have enough time to equip your car and run over them or buy a knife to stab them or filling your weapon with ammunition or if your sole [sic] reject all of that engulf in their crowds and shout Allah Akbar, God is the Great." The word 2018 at the bottom could hint at a specific threat to New Year celebrations.

On December 1, 2017, ISIS supporter "Dr Almani" posted a graphic showing a Christmas market with cement barriers to prevent car-ramming attacks, with the text: "If you put barriers to cars in front of markets, you will not prevent people from entering them on foot."[3]

Below are several other graphics circulated on pro-ISIS Telegram channels and other social media, threatening attacks during the holidays in the West, especially in Paris, Rome and New York.