Afghan Taliban Tell Americans To 'Learn A Lesson From The Soviet Union's Defeat In Afghanistan And Withdraw Their Forces'

January 5, 2021

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On December 25, 2020, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Afghan Taliban organization) issued a statement on one of its official websites to mark 41 years since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.[1] On December 27, it also published an article, written by one Muhammad Jalal, on the same subject.[2] Both stress that the U.S. must learn from the Soviet defeat in 1979 and withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo poses with Afghan Taliban deputy leader Mullah Baradar.

The Afghan Taliban made this statement even though the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan signed a peace agreement with the U.S. in Doha on February 29, 2020, which paves the way for the Taliban in Kabul to share power. In connection with the Doha agreement, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Mullah Baradar Akhund, the Islamic Emirate's deputy leader for political affairs and head of its Doha-based political office and posed for photos. Jihadi groups later celebrated Pompeo's photo with Mullah Baradar and other Taliban delegation members in Doha, arguing that the Taliban and the U.S. were equal.

"Some days ago, in the Qatari capital of Doha, the Islamic Emirate's representatives, along with their proud stand, appeared on the international stage as an equal partner with a superpower like America, and Mullah Baradar's photo with Mike Pompeo went viral," wrote Shariat, the official, Urdu-language magazine of the Islamic Emirate.[3]

The December 27 article, published on the Taliban's English-language website, is titled "America Should Learn Lesson From Soviet Defeat." It tells the United States: "The only way for Americans to end their unwinnable war in Afghanistan is to withdraw their forces and agree to the solution provided by the Islamic Emirate."

Following the text of the December 25 statement:

"The Mujahid Nation Of Afghanistan Fought The Red Basilisk [Serpent] Of The Twentieth Century With Sickles, Axes, Improvised Hand Bombs, And Rusty Rifles"

"Forty-one years ago today, on the 6th of Jaddi 1358 Hijri Solar [corresponding to December 25, 1979], the pre-eminent imperialist power of the twentieth century invaded Afghanistan in order to annex our homeland, impose upon our people a vile ideology and beliefs, and turn this proud people into perpetual slaves. The Soviet Union utilized the entire might of its Red Army and domestic surrogates to this end, bombed and grated every inch of our beloved homeland with bullets, and martyred, orphaned, wounded, imprisoned, and displaced our defenseless and persecuted people, yet they still failed to attain their objectives – and all praise belongs to Allah.

"The mujahid nation of Afghanistan fought the Red basilisk [serpent] of the twentieth century with sickles, axes, improvised hand bombs, and rusty rifles, endured displacements and hardships, offered martyrs, suffered imprisonments and various other travails and tortures, but they neither abandoned their homeland to the Red Army nor did they allow them to trample on their values. This mujahid nation with the divine help of its Lord almighty, indomitable resolve and extraordinary sacrifices, not only defeated the armies of communism but also relegated the Soviet Empire to the dustbin of history.

"The defeat of the Soviet armies and humiliation of their domestic puppets imparts a lesson that no matter who tries to murder the Afghan people under miscreant, terrorist or whatever name, they will ultimately fail in imposing upon them their beliefs and ideology. Afghanistan is the home of valiant Muslims and this mujahid nation was, is and will continue to be prepared to offer every sacrifice imaginable in defense of their religious and national values.

"The Afghan nation has neither harmed anyone prior nor does it intend to do so in the future but freedom, peace, sovereignty, and safeguarding values in their own land are both inviolable and a necessity. Anyone who tries to become an impediment in this path shall be resisted valiantly and (this nation) maintains a prodigious capacity and resolve for fighting for their independence, Allah willing."

Following is the article by Muhammad Jalal:

"If We Look At The Past 19 Years, The Afghans Have Not Bowed Down To The American Invaders"

"Four decades ago the then super power Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan when it was at the zenith of its power and pride. The Soviets entered Afghanistan as their lackeys laid the ground for their intervention, and then a long struggle for independence and sovereignty [was] pursued in Afghanistan. Afghanistan is known as the graveyard of empires and it again became the graveyard for yet another arrogant power of its time. Afghans began their struggle and continued until the withdrawal of the Soviet invaders [in 1989], marking the end of Soviet Union's interventions in foreign countries and fracturing the Soviet Union into many independent countries.

"The current American-led invasion of Afghanistan is similar to the Soviet invasion. With each passing day, the resistance against the invasion is growing both politically and militarily while also building regional consensus against American military and political might. As we mark the 41st anniversary of the brutal invasion of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union, it is also a great lesson for the current American-led invaders. The Americans were among the countries who were the fiercest opponents of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and campaigned internationally against Soviet incursion into a sovereign land, and like many other countries, provided support to the Afghan mujahideen against the occupation.

Afghan Taliban leaders with Mike Pompeo in Doha

"The Afghans fought bravely and offered immense sacrifices for their independence. Americans, while witnessing the defeat and disintegration of the Soviet Union, still dared to invade Afghanistan with a dream of completely controlling Afghanistan [after the 9/11 attacks]. If we look at the past 19 years, the Afghans have not bowed down to the American invaders and they started the struggle while the whole world, including those who supported Afghans against the bloody Soviet invasion, stood by the American side."

"The Only Way For Americans To End Their Unwinnable War In Afghanistan Is To Withdraw Their Forces"

"Soldiers from 50 countries entered Afghanistan with the Americans, whereas the rest of the countries supported it politically and financially. The foreign invaders led by America have done their best to subjugate the Afghans through wanton killing and torture, but they have failed to gain anything tangible. The American-led invaders and their political leaders must learn from the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan, refrain from testing the mettle of Afghans any further, and to rethink the idea of using force against Afghans.

"The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has always urged the American-led invaders to use rational and logical principles and withdraw their forces from Afghanistan. America should learn a lesson from the Soviet Union's defeat in Afghanistan and withdraw their forces by abiding to the historical Doha agreement to bring an end [to] the longest war in their history.

"The use of brute force has not yielded anything substantial for Americans and will not do so in future either, therefore they must accept this reality and bring this experiment to an end. The only way for Americans to end their unwinnable war in Afghanistan is to withdraw their forces and agree to the solution provided by the Islamic Emirate which is the finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict through diplomacy and political engagement."


[1] (Afghanistan), December 26, 2020.

[2] (Afghanistan), December 27, 2020.

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