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Afghan Taliban Statement Questions U.S. 'Achievements' In Afghanistan: 'What Have They Done In The Past Decade And A Half That They Are Proud Of?'

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Given below is the text of a statement issued by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Pakistan-backed Taliban organization):

"The invaders and their internal [i.e. Afghan] allies always talk about democracy and achievements in Afghanistan, flaunting them before the countrymen ostentatiously. However, the question arises: What have they done in the past decade and a half that they are proud of, despite the occupation? Can public property grabbing, plundering of mineral resources and drug trafficking in government vehicles be called achievements? Is the presence of ghost schools, clinics, soldiers and militias not a reality? Are ranks of military generals not for sale? In addition, the deputy speaker of the [Afghan] parliament levels allegations of corruption against the speaker; and the speaker accuses the deputy-speaker of the same charge.

"Are dissemination of immorality, foreign culture and desecration of religious values not rampant? These are the realities that even the officials of the Kabul administration [led by President Ashraf Ghani] cannot deny. Moreover, around four million people are currently drug addicts while their numbers are on the rise day by day. Some people lack a loaf of bread for their meal while others lead comfortable and luxurious lives in Dubai and Europe.

"Are the diplomats and officials of the Administration not more loyal to the interests of their own factions and those of the foreigners instead of national interests; and do they not follow their instructions [from foreigners]? Where are all these phenomena dragging our country? Every Afghan should ponder about it. On the other hand, prisons are filled with Afghans under one name or the other. Torture and forced confessions are a routine order of the day. Even those prisoners whose detention period has been completed are still kept in detentions. They linger in detention for years yet the so-called defenders of democracy and human rights pose as if nothing has happened!

"It is a shame that the so-called president [of Afghanistan] and the CEO [i.e. Chief Executive of Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Abdullah] compete to reach Bagram military base by a single telephone call from the American Secretary of State. Foreigners have control over the air and the land of the country and enter and exit without visas. Which Afghan will ever call these achievements and seek their continuation?

"The fact is that our country is facing chaos as a result of the occupation militarily, politically, financially and socially. What the invaders and their internal allies call development and achievements are in fact, destruction and descent of our country and the people. The Islamic Emirate is trying its best to pull out the country and the people from the current vortex. But it is the responsibility of the entire Afghan nation to join efforts for this great and proud task and carry out their historical responsibility. In short, as all these calamities harm us all; therefore, the efforts to prevent them are on the shoulder of us all."

Source: (Afghanistan), November 10, 2017. The original English of the statement has been lightly edited for clarity and standardization.