Afghan Taliban Deputy Foreign Minister At Girls' Madrassa Graduation Ceremony: 'I Say This Boldly That It Was The Sacrifices, Prayers, Jihad, And Blood Of Our Mujahideen, Heroes, Fidayan [Martyrdom-Seekers]... That Afghanistan Won The Field Of Jihad'; 'The Eyes Of The People Of Palestine Are On Us'

March 19, 2024

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In a Pashtu-language video of his speech delivered at the graduation ceremony of a girls' madrassa in Kabul, Afghan Taliban Foreign Minister Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai says that it was the fidayan ("martyrdom-seeking") bombers and Afghans who won the jihad against U.S. and NATO forces, and that the Palestinians and the oppressed Muslims of the world are looking to the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Afghan media outlet Zawia News shared the clip on March 15, 2024.

Following are excerpts from the speech as translated from Pashtu:

"It Was The Sacrifices, Prayers, Jihad, And Blood Of Our Mujahideen, Heroes, Fidayan [Martyrdom-Seeking] Bombers, People, Religious Scholars, And The Sacrifices Of Our Sisters That Afghanistan Won The Field Of Jihad, And Today It Is Number One In The World"

"There is no one in the world who can confront America; the only nation and tribe that stands against you [America] is the nation of Afghanistan. But, Allah forbid, Allah forbid, if we fail, then we will be number two, and you will be number one. And if we win, Allah willing, we will be number one and you will be number two...

"Today, I say this boldly that it was the sacrifices, prayers, jihad, and blood of our mujahideen, heroes, fidayan [martyrdom-seeking bombers], people, religious scholars, and the sacrifices of our sisters, that Afghanistan won the field of jihad, and today it is number one in the world..."

"The Eyes Of The People Of Palestine Are On Us"

"Today, brothers, the eyes of the people of Palestine are on us. Today the eyes of the weak Muslims of the world are on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. They know that this nation has the talent, the amount of thought and ability and power that Allah has given them that can solve any kind of problem. But who waged this jihad? The entire nation wage this jihad under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate."

Source: X, March 14, 2024.

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