ISIS Supporters Launch Antisemitic Hashtag On Twitter And Facebook In Wake Of Terrorist Attack In Hadera, Israel

April 1, 2022

After the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the March 27, 2022 terrorist attack in Hadera, Israel, ISIS supporters propagated an antisemitic hashtag aimed at inciting more violence.

The Arabic-language hashtag circulated on social media sites in the days following the attack, with ISIS supporters disseminating antisemitic posters and video clips produced by ISIS-affiliated media outlets.

One such video clip, taken from a December 2019 video produced by the a pro-ISIS outlet was disseminated by ISIS supporters as part of the online campaign. The video addressed public accusations that ISIS never attacks Israel; in the aftermath of the Hadera attack, it seemed all the timelier to resurface online.

Other antisemitic content under the hashtag included tweets disparaging Jews as being mentally inferior, evil, or sub-human — all to justify terrorism against Israeli targets.

For example, a pro-ISIS account shared a 20-second video in which Hassidic Jews appear to claim that the COVID-19 virus only affects non-Jews. The user wrote: "The Jews are the source of all corruption on Earth. Their mental capacity is paltry [...] They are dumb, cowardly, and ignorant by nature." As evidence for his accusation, the user cited the biblical account of the Israelites in Egypt, writing: "This is why Pharoah enslaved them and Moses [tried to] educate them more, but they insisted on wandering [away from Allah], bringing Allah's wrath upon them."

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