ISIS Supporters Discuss Tails Anonymous Operating System, Anti-Surveillance Measures

June 28, 2023

On the Encrypted Rocket.Chat server operated by the Islamic State (ISIS) users discussed measures for avoiding surveillance online. On June 27, a user asked about the efficacy of Tails, an operating system which connects to the internet exclusively through the anonymous Tor network. Responding, one user pointed out that using Tails limits users' ability to use media programs like Photoshop, instead recommending Linux Mint. Another user posted that while it is good to use Tails, it is not necessary to secure online activity, and that other measures are sufficient. Users then recommended the use of a VPN, encrypting one's hard drive, adding browser extensions like NoScript and uBlock, using a password manager, using 'GPG' to communicate securely and encrypt files, and using a browser like 'Brave' or 'Vivaldi'.


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