Iranian General Claims 'Jamming' Three Enemy Espionage Planes

June 5, 2023

In an April 24, 2023 interview with Iran's Tasnim News Agency, Brigadier General Amir Rastegari, who is the managing director of Iran Electronic Industries, a subsidiary of the country's Ministry of Defense, claimed that Iranian forces were able to jam the signals of three planes of an unspecified enemy, which he said were carrying out espionage missions within Iranian airspace.[1]

In one incident described by Rastegari to Tasnim, a hostile aircraft "spread waves to gather information," when Iranian forces "jammed the plane's signals." He said Iran had record of the pilot's communication with his base, and that he abandoned his mission, believing he was encountering technical problems. The next day, said the official, two enemy planes approached Iran, but their signals were similarly jammed. This time, they realized that Iranian forces were responsible.

The general emphasized that Iran "has gained the capability to take action" in countering electronic warfare, and has developed state-of -the-art equipment for detecting and countering "a range of wavelengths and frequencies in the electronic warfare [realm]."


[1], April 24, 2023.

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