In Latest Issue, Al-Qaeda's English-Language Magazine 'Inspire' Announces Suspension Of Its Email - Signifying A Major Change In Its Main Purpose Of Outreach To Potential Western Recruits; A General Review Of Issue XII

March 25, 2014

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On March 15, 2014, the Al-Malahem Media organization of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) released Issue XII of its English-language Inspire magazine. The magazine's cover features the "Shattered: A Story About Change" and an image of a rock and shattered glass. MEMRI was the first to report on the release of this issue of the magazine.

Dated Spring 2014, the issue is the fourth since the death of its original editor Samir Khan, the American killed in a September 2011 U.S. drone strike in Yemen together with his mentor, radical Yemeni-American Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki. It is worth noting that, as in previous issues since his death, this issue's English is poor, ungrammatical, and rife with misspellings.

Inspire XII cover page

The magazine was released in PDF format, in English and Arabic, and in high and low-quality versions, on the morning of Saturday, March 15, on the jihadi forum Al-Fida; however, according to the thread on the forum, the release had actually taken place 14 hours previously. Al-Fida' was down for the most part of the previous day, Friday, and it is possible that the timestamp counter continues to operate even while the forum is down. This could mean that the forum admins had deliberately shut down the forum as a precautionary measure, then posted the magazine, and afterwards made it available. It is also possible that certain government bodies were already aware that the magazine was about to be released - and likely already had a copy of it - and attacked the forum, taking it offline.

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