Friday Sermon In Bojnurd, Iran By Islamic Scholar Rahim Mahdavipour: We Have Carried Out Cyber Attacks Against Israeli Desalination Plants, Power Plants

November 11, 2020

Iranian Islamic scholar Rahim Mahdavipour said in a Friday, November 6, 2020 sermon in Bojnurd, Iran, that aired on Khorasan Shomali TV (Iran) that Iran's cyber force carried out two attacks against Israel this year. He claimed that the first attack targeted Israeli desalination plants, and that the second attack, which he said was carried out a few days ago, targeted and disabled Israeli power plants.

The following is a transcript from the sermon:

Rahim Mahdavipour: "Islamic Iran, as the primary and central headquarters of the resistance front, has unique assets and unique winning cards, thank God.


"The cyber force of this central headquarters of the resistance front – that is, Islamic Iran – carried out two extraordinary attacks this year.

"The first, at the beginning of the year, was against the desalination plants inside Israel, in that occupied land.

"Similarly, a few days ago, it carried out a cyber attack against some Israel electricity plants, and disabled most of them. This is a unique capability."

To view the clip on MEMRI TV click here.

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