Al-Jazeera TV Report: 'Electronic Al-Quds Army' Hackers Target Israel

October 30, 2017
Al-Jazeera TV reported on a group of hackers called the "Electronic Al-Quds Army," which claims to have shut down Israeli websites and servers and to be targeting Israeli emails with viruses. Omar Abdallah, a member of the group, said that it includes hackers from Arab and European countries and that "right now, we are targeting that plundering entity," but that "by the grace of Allah, our electronic hand behind the screens will reach the most distant place on Earth." The report aired on October 16. Narrator: "A new blow has been dealt to the Israeli information security: an electronic attack by a group that calls itself the 'Electronic Al-Quds Army.'" Hacker voice: "We declare that we have hacked into the cyber administration of the leading Israeli military security company, the company of the Zionist aerospace industry, IAI." Narrator: "According to the media, the group has managed to obtain over 19 GB of data, a relatively large amount of data in terms of electronic hacking. More than 150,000 email accounts were targeted with viruses. In addition, over 130 Israeli websites and 15 servers were shut down, and dozens of sites were hacked. On the group's Facebook page, it posted photos and videos, which, the group said, were obtained by hacking into the phones of Israeli soldiers, as well as hacking into the surveillance cameras of many Israeli institutes, and obtaining personal data of their employees." [...] News Anchor: "Joining us now by telephone is Omar Abdallah, a member of the Electronic Al-Quds Army. Hello, Omar. What is the goal of your army?" Omar Abdallah: "May Allah bless you, dear colleague, as well as the blessed efforts of Al-Jazeera. The goal is to unite our efforts and high-skilled expertise, and to direct them toward the Zionist entity, teaching it one lesson after the other. We are a group of young experts, hackers, and information security engineers, who have joined forces from countries throughout the Arab nation, from Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco, as well as from some European countries, in support of the Palestinian cause and the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque." News Anchor: "Omar, is Israel the sole target of your electronic war, or could this war go beyond Israel?" Omar Abdallah: "At present, our war is against Israel, but by the grace of Allah, our electronic hand behind the scenes will reach the most distant place on Earth. But right now, we are targeting that plundering entity." Al-Jazeera Report: "Electronic Al-Quds Army" Hackers Target Israel from MEMRI - CJL on Vimeo.

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