Al-Azhar Scholar Dr. Mustafa Murad In Support Of Cyber Jihad

May 9, 2013
1 Dr. Mustafa Murad In February 2012, Al-Azhar lecturer Dr. Mustafa Murad wrote in response to Saudi hackers attacking Israeli websites: "Electronic jihad is a kind of jihad, for Allah the Almighty said in the Koran: 'And those who strive in Our [cause], We will certainly guide them to Our paths: For verily Allah is with those who do right [Koran 29:69]'... Jihad is not [confined to] jihad by the sword, by weapons and by other means of inflicting pain. It is permissible [to use] any tools that can realize the goal of attacking the enemies of Allah and punishing them for usurping [the Muslims'] rights and holy places" (see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 4483, Muslim Clerics: Cyber Warfare Against Israel Is A Form Of Jihad, February 9, 2012).

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