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Special Reports No. 11 - Based on Koranic Verses, Interpretations, and Traditions, Muslim Clerics State: The Jews Are the Descendants of Apes, Pigs, And Other Animals - 10/31/02

Introduction Depicting Jews – and sometimes also Zionists – as "the descendants of apes and pigs" is extremely widespread today in public discourse in the Arab and Islamic worlds. For example, in a weekly sermon in April 2002, Al-Azhar Sheikh Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, the highest-ranking cleric in the Sunni Muslim world , called the Jews "the enemies of Allah, descendants of apes and pigs." 1 In one of his sermons, Saudi sheikh Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudayyis, imam and preacher at the Al-Haraam mosque ...

Aluma Dankowitz

Special Reports No. 10 - Friday Sermons in Saudi Mosques: Review and Analysis - 09/26/02

Part I - 'The Christians and the Jews are "Infidels," "Enemies of Allah"' Part II - 'Jews - The Descendants of Pigs and Apes' Part III - 'It is Impossible to Make Peace With the Jews' Part IV - 'Muslims Must Educate Their Children to Jihad… and to Hatred of Jews and Christians' Part V - 'The Palestinian Struggle Must be An Islamic Jihad' Part VI - 'Muslim Women's Rights are a Western Ploy to Destroy Islam' APPENDIX - About Al-Minbar Friday sermons delivered in the main mosques of Saudi Arabia ...

Special Dispatch No. 421 - Columnist for Saudi Daily Al-Jazirah: Jews Use Blood for Baked Goods - 09/19/02

In a recent article published in the Saudi state controlled daily Al-Jazirah , columnist Dr. Muhammad bin S'ad Al-Shwey'ir , a past advisor to former Saudi mufti Sheikh Abdallah bin Baz and editor-in-chief of the Islamic Research periodical published by the Islamic Clerics Association of Saudi Arabia , wrote that Jews use human blood for their holiday celebrations. 1 Al-Shwey'ir's article also incorporated several other antisemitic canards; among these are references to the Protocols of the ...

Special Dispatch No. 343 - Saudi Government Official on Bin Laden as a Hero: He Did Not Present a Distorted Picture of Islam to the West' American Jews are 'Brothers of Apes and Pigs' - 02/08/02

The popular Al-Jazeera talk show, "The Opposite Direction," recently addressed the issue of whether Osama bin Laden has served thecause of Islam, or damaged it. Appearing on the program were Osama Safar , a Kuwaiti columnist who opposed bin Laden and Abdallah Bin Matruk Al-Haddal , a Saudi preacher from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Saudi Arabia, who supported bin Laden. Since September 11th the policy set by the heads of the Saudi Kingdom dictates that Saudi government employees are to ...

Special Dispatch No. 252 - Friday Sermon on PA TV: Blessings to Whoever Saved a Bullet to Stick It In a Jew’s Head - 08/08/01

The following excerpts, broadcasted on PA TV, are from the Friday sermon August 3, 2001 given by Sheik IbrahimMadhi at the Sheik 'Ijlin Mosque in Gaza: "...Oh lovers of Allah. After the leaders of the Jews declared the "Hell" plan 1 , we say: Yes, we accept the challenge, if this is the "Hell" plan. Then our dead will reach Heaven and their dead will reach Hell, Allah willing. This Jihad activity will continue, whether they like it or if it upsets them. Why do we complicate things. This is ...

Special Dispatch No. 225 - Zionism and Nazism: A Discussion on the TV Channel Al-Jazeera - 06/07/01

Dr. Faysal Al-Qasem's weekly talk show of May 21,2001, on the Qatar TV channel Al-Jazeera, discussed the question, "Is Zionism worse than Nazism?" 1 Against the background of this program were on the one hand, the anti-Semitic remarks made by Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, and on the other, the manifest signed by 14 Arab intellectuals, denouncing the planned international conference of Holocaust deniers in Beirut. The program hosted Dr. Hayat Al-Hwayek 'Atiya, " researcher of Zionism" and ...

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 25 - The Shuhada Cult of Martyrdom in Islamic Jihad - 02/24/00

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Aluma Dankowitz