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Special Dispatch No. 484 - The Arab Press on the War and News from Iraqi Television - 03/23/03

The Arab press continues to publish reports and analyses on the war in Iraq. While many of the editorials are stridently anti-war and anti-American, they contain little support for Saddam Hussein and his regime. On the contrary, many commentators blame Saddam and his government for implementing the policies that led to the war. The following are excerpts from various Arab newspapers on this topic: Editorials in the London Arab Dailies The political analyst of the London-based Saudi daily ...

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 127 - Radical Islamist Profiles (3): Ayman Muhammad Rabi' Al-Zawahiri: The Making of an Arch Terrorist - 03/13/03

The following report appeared in the winter 2002 edition of the journal "Terrorism and Political Violence." 1 It was authored by Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli, senior analyst of MEMRI's Middle East Economic Studies Program. Preface Few individuals have had a more central role in articulating and practicing terrorism than Ayman Al-Zawahiri . 2 Though born into the Egyptian aristocracy and trained as a surgeon, this gifted individual has always been attracted to the most extreme forms of Islam. In 1998 he ...

Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli

Iraq News Wire - 03/07/03

In this wire: I. Yasser Arafat's Holiday Greetings to Saddam Hussein II. On the Eve of a Possible War Wartime Legislation: Rescinding the Amputation of Deserters' Ears Islamist Sources: 400 Arab-Afghans Reached Northern Iraq Iraq Establishes its First Home-Security Tribunal WebCam in Baghdad to Rally International Public Opinion Qusay in Charge in Case of Saddam's Absence Baghdad Offers Tehran a 'Strategic Partnership' In Baghdad, the First Targets of the War are Known Kurdish Officials: ...

Special Dispatch No. 476 - Bin Laden's Sermon for the Feast of the Sacrifice - 03/06/03

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Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 125 - Iranian Intellectuals Against Khamenei - Dr. Qassem Sa'adi: 'Your Regime Is Illegitimate, Your Foreign and Domestic Policies Are Failing and Despotic' - 03/01/03

Introduction In recent months, Iran has seen an increase in public protests by intellectuals and clerics against the regime of Iran's Supreme Leader 'Ali Khamenei. To date, the protestors have included: Muhammad Mohsen Sazgara , who wrote an article in April 2002 1 criticizing Khamenei's rule by tyranny; Dr. Hashem Aghajari , who delivered a scathing address calling for "Islamic Protestantism" and was subsequently sentenced to death; 2 and Ayatollah Taheri , who in July 2002 published a letter ...

A. Savyon

Special Dispatch No. 473 - Top Iranian Defector On Iran's Collaboration with Iraq, North Korea, Al-Qa'ida, and Hizbullah - 02/20/03

The London-based Saudi daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported that senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards official Hamid Reza Zakiri recently defected. In an interview with Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, Zakiri disclosed information regarding the cooperation of the Revolutionary Guards and Iranian intelligence apparatuses 1 with Saddam Hussein's regime, terror organizations such as the Palestinian and Egyptian Jihad organizations, Al-Qa'ida, and Hizbullah. Zakiri also discussed the 1998 political murders in Iran, ...

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 122 - Arab Media Reactions to the Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster - 02/04/03

Arab media reactions to the Columbia space shuttle disaster have been diverse. While several papers printed editorials expressing sorrow and condolences, some columnists linked the incident to America's war on terrorism, the anticipated war on Iraq, and the Arab-Israeli conflict. A few mocked the tragedy, with particular emphasis on the death of Israeli astronaut Col. Ilan Ramon. "The American Space Program is Part of the Scientific Heritage of Humanity" An editorial of the London-based ...

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 120 - Egypt Rethinks its Nuclear Program Part III: The Nuclear Lobby (Continued) - 01/17/03

The Religious Establishment Leading elements in Egypt's religious establishment have expressed clear support for developing Arab/Islamic nuclear weapons, based on Koranic verses that they claim permit, and even require, them doing so. The first to support Arab nuclear weapons was Sheikh of Al-Azhar Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi in the opening speech at a conference on the future of nuclear strategy held at the University of Asyut in October 1999, with the participation of nuclear scientists from ...

Y. Feldner

Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 118 - Egypt Rethinks Its Nuclear Program Part I: Scientific and Technological Capability Vs. International Commitments - 01/14/03

Introduction For some time, there has been debate in the Egyptian and Arab media on the question of whether Egypt, and Arabs in general, should strive to develop nuclear programs and obtain nuclear weapons. Those participating in the discussion include Egyptian nuclear scientists, politicians, and clerics. Israel's 1981 bombing of the Osirak nuclear facility in Iraq, and the decade-later U.S.-led international coalition effort to destroy Iraq's nuclear capability, had a formative effect on ...

Y. Feldner

Iraq News Wire - 01/09/03

In this wire: I. Saddam: The Modern Day Saladdin II. The Iraqi 'Day of Martyrdom' III. Iraq's Prison System: Torture, Amnesty, and Status of Political Prisoners IV. Northern Iraq Update on Ansar Al-Islam Iraqi Efforts to "Arabize" the Kurds Kurdish Officials on Iraqi War Crimes Three Kurdish Women Appointed as Judges Kurdish Oil Reconciliation between Two Kurdish Parties V. The Iraqi Opposition Interview with Iraq National Congress Representative in Lebanon/Syria The Iraqi Opposition Conference ...


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