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Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1510 - Saudis, Palestinians Clash On Twitter Over Status Of Palestinian Cause, Normalization With Israel - 05/05/20

... and that the Palestinians have harmed the kingdom more than Israel has. 2 The tension between Saudis and Palestinians was evident mainly on Twitter ... launched by Saudi users back in 2015, and another hashtag, "Riyadh is more important than Jerusalem," was launched in 2017, when Hamas expressed support ... the narrative of the enemy is dangerous, and even more dangerous is Arab art becoming a platform for spreading this narrative." 8 The tension spills over ...

B. Chernitsky

Special Dispatch No. 7203 - Twitter Clash: Saudis vs Palestinians On Palestinian Cause, Palestinian Resistance - 11/30/17

... throw them onto the ash heap of history." 8 Saudis' Anti-Palestinian Tweets Under Hashtag "#Riyadh Is More Important Than Jerusalem" In the days after the ... to us" and "#Jerusalem is more important than Riyadh" – the opposite of "#Riyadh is more important than Jerusalem." Gaza journalist Radwan Al-Akhras tweeted: " This is a hashtag aimed at ... he did not include "#Riyadh is more important than Jerusalem," Al-Hamad wrote: "The history of the Palestinian issue is one of missed opportunities. The goal ...