December 20, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8427

White Supremacist Telegram Channel Promotes Rape Ideology, Calls For Executing Black U.S. Soldiers, Doxxes U.S. Teen Girl, Shares Instructions For 3D Printing Of Weapons

December 20, 2019
Special Dispatch No. 8427

In the interest of public safety, some of the information in the following report has been redacted. Government, media, and academia can request a full copy by writing to [email protected] with the title of this report in the subject line.

Since June 2019, the "R.D." Telegram channel has been posting content promoting rape as both an action and an ideology, in addition to posting antisemitic and racist imagery including a call for executing all African-Americans in the U.S. Armed Forces. The channel also shares a guide to manufacturing weapons using 3D printing, lionizes Christchurch mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant, and promotes James Mason's 1992 white supremacist book Siege.

The channel, which appears to have had an earlier version, had posted a "disclaimer" aimed at possible law enforcement monitoring: "Rape War Soon! Prepare! Note for feds: Complete satire."[1] Thus, the content posted on the channel and in the chat group ranges from direct incitement against women and ethnic groups to satirical texts and images.

Description Of The Content

The texts, imagery, and links posted by the channel promote violent white supremacy and misogyny, and indicate not only potential targets for attacks but also instructions for how to carry them out, in the form of guides for manufacturing weapons.  

Rape and Misogyny

A misogynistic October 5 post refers to women as race traitors: "Remember, women are proactively diminishing the white race through decisions led on pure emotion. Make sure the only thing these race traitors ever know again is the forceful insertion of a man's primal power."

An October 2 post featured a photo of a female police officer in the Netherlands, with the text "RAPE THE POLICE."

Recruitment and Calls For Violence

On July 9, the channel posted an image of a man in a white mask and sunglasses holding a rifle, whom it identifies as "Moonman." The accompanying text stated: "Moonman returns for the RAPE war. RAPE WAR NOW." He wears a green t-shirt with the Black Sun symbol, and a military vest with a knife in a sheath and several magazines, against a backdrop of a Nazi and a Confederate flag.  

A November 9 post shared a link to the Telegram channel "D," writing "Print Your Local Weapon." The "D" channel offers dozens of documents, among them manuals for 3D printing and construction of weapons, such as pistols, rifles, and silencers.

A recruitment poster shared November 29 by the channel featured an armed figure in front of the ONA (Order of Nine Angels) symbol,[2] and a swastika with the totenkopf symbol.[3] The text on it read: "DEAR ARYAN PREDATOR... JOIN THE R.D., REVOLT AGAINST THE MODERN WORLD. EMBRACE RAPE." The text in the poster reads: "Dear Aryan predator/ Follow the sea of knives/ Embrace rape/ Theres [sic] only total war." Across the bottom, it reads "Join the R.D. to revolt" and provides its email address.

A poster shared October 22 called on the channel's followers to "Print them out [i.e. copies of the poster] and post them around your local town. Rape War Inevitable!" The text in the poster reads "Rape war is inevitable! Join your local Rapists" – a reference to the violent white supremacist neo-Nazi organization Atomwaffen Division's motto "Join your local Nazis." The poster includes an R.D. email address.

A photo of an African-American U.S. soldier posted June 29 was accompanied by the text "This n****r is a disgrace to the army and every other military branch and like the others deserves to be executed via death by firing squad."

On December 11, the user "B." uploaded to the R.D. chat group a video showing the decapitation of two foreign students in Russia in 2007. According to news reports, the National Socialists of Rus group claimed responsibility for the killings.[4]

Regarding this video and another decapitation video posted by B., user R. wrote: "Bro can you watch that shit without cringing? Does it mean I'm a bitch if it's hard to watch?" B. responded, "You just stop regarding Jews and n****rs as human beings."

On December 10, user "R.K." who claimed in the chat group to be "the doxxing master" published the name and private information of a 16-year-old American girl and her family. In response to the posting of this information, user S. asked whether the girl was "Rapeable?" to which RK replied "Very." R.K. then proceeded to post photos he said were of the girl and her family.

On November 27, the channel posted information for creating a napalm bomb, stating that "Napalm sticks to kids."

A September 11 post included advice by S. for OPSEC (operations security) when carrying out attacks.

Ideology: "All Hail To Rape!"

On July 5, the channel reposted the ideological view of another group, about rape as a philosophy with no political, religious, or ethnic restrictions and as a "mystical tradition":

"We represent a real movement, a real philosophy of life.

"There are no restrictions to follow us: embrace what we preach and you are already one of us.

"Although we consider that races exists we don't make distinctions between capable individuals.

"You can be black, jewish or a white boy.

"You can be a nationalist, satanist or a muslim. This for us doesn't matter.

"What matters is if you internalize our teachings and begin to live what we preach in the real world, in your everyday life.

"The philosophy of rape is not merely a material thing, it also exists as a Metaphysical Tradition, passed down from generation to generation for centuries. It is indeed something mystical.

"It also exists as a Supra-Metaphysical Tradition, that is to say it can be adapted to all other present Traditions on the world.

"We are a movement, an idea. We are not here to change the world, but to change those individuals who embrace our idea and our philosophy.


An October 16 post featured an image of a masked skull in a "Siege" cap, with the text: "Daily reminder to read SIEGE by James Mason. Hail Rape 1589." The number 1589 is likely a reference to the number 1488, used widely by white supremacists; 14 refers to the "14 Words" motto of white supremacist David Lane, and 88 stands for to "HH" – "Heil Hitler."  

On July 9, the channel posted an audiobook of Brenton Tarrant's manifesto "The Great Replacement."




[2] The Order of Nine Angels (also known as ONA or O9A) is a UK-based satanic/esoteric organization that also promotes neo-Nazi themes and symbols.

[3] The German skull and crossbones, a symbol used by many white supremacist groups and individuals.

[4], August 15, 2007.

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