March 1, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 7919

Tunisian Lawyer And Writer Maya Ksouri: Hypocritical For Muslim Brotherhood – Which Praises Iran And ISIS For Killing Homosexuals – To Be Upset By Execution Of Egyptian Islamist Terrorists

March 1, 2019
North Africa | Special Dispatch No. 7919

Tunisian lawyer and writer Maya Ksouri said in a show that aired on Elhiwar Ettounsi TV (Tunisia) on February 21, 2019 that much of the response to the recent execution of nine Muslim Brotherhood members convicted for the 2015 assassination of an Egyptian official is "tainted by hypocrisy." She criticized the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood for suddenly being against the death penalty even though they themselves are in favor of "an eye for an eye," want to implement shari'a law, and praise Iran and ISIS for executing homosexuals. She said that Mekameleen TV, a Turkey-based Egyptian MB channel, aired a "tearful display" in which the will of one of the men who was executed was read by his father. The will said that the man had chosen the path of Jihad. Ksouri also said that Muslim Brotherhood ideology is spreading like a cancer that lives on people's financial and moral weaknesses, and that it should be fought by enlightened education that can remove ignorance and prejudice from people's minds.

To view the clip of Maya Ksouri on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"These Are The Same People Who Praise Iran For Executing Homosexuals – They Even Praise ISIS For Throwing Homosexuals From The Rooftops"

Maya Ksouri: "What made the people upset [about the execution of nine Islamists in Egypt]? Two things upset them: The execution itself, and the claim that the confessions were extracted by torture. Let's see why all of this talk is tainted by hypocrisy.


"All the newspapers were filled with pictures of the wives and children of those who were executed, as if the people who were killed and burned [by them] didn't have wives and children. Let's talk about the first issue – the death penalty. Those who want to implement the shari'a and believe in the concept of 'an eye for an eye' – why are they upset by the death penalty all of a sudden?

"These are the same people who praise Iran for executing homosexuals. They even praise ISIS for throwing homosexuals from the rooftops, saying that they deserve it. All of a sudden, these people are against the death penalty.


"There are videos of those who were executed saying that they didn't do [the crime]. Why do people believe them as if their words are from the Quran?"


"Let Me Read You His Own Words... 'I Have Gone To Wage Jihad, This Is My Path – The Quran And The Sword'"

"There is a [Turkey-based] Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood channel called Mekameleen. This channel conducted a special mourning broadcast in order to incite people. They called the families of the young men who were executed. 'How did you feel when they killed your son...?' They turned it into a tearful display on live TV. [The terrorist] Abu Bark Al-Sayyed, who looks very nice in the pictures... His father is a simple man who thought he was doing a good thing...


"He said that his son wrote a will and wanted it to be read after his death. What was in this will that the father read live on air? It contains the confession of his son. There is a video [of the father reading the will]. What was he saying? Let me read you his own words: 'This is the path I have chosen. I walked on this path and shall never deviate from it, I made this decision with a steel-like determination. Oh mother, do not be sad over my departure, for I have gone to wage jihad. This is my path – the Quran and the sword.' The truth is very much apparent here for me and for the Muslim Brothers as well."


"We Need Education And A Modern And Enlightened Country That Will Enlighten People And Remove Ignorance And The Prejudice From Their Minds"

"This is the truth, but this is what bothers me: What has brought us to this situation? Why are children like these being executed today? It is because the Muslim Brotherhood ideology is spreading like cancer. It lives on the financial and moral weaknesses of people like these.


"This punishment is necessary. Death penalty exists in the Egyptian law and is used in cases of crimes like this.


"I believe that the death penalty is necessary but insufficient. In order to defeat the cancer that has taken us over, we need education and a modern and enlightened country that will enlighten people and remove ignorance and the prejudice from their minds."

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