May 10, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4722

Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir: 'We Want To Liberate Our Brothers In the South From Those Vermin'

May 10, 2012
Sudan | Special Dispatch No. 4722

Following are excerpts from various public addresses delivered by Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir and by the governor of North Kordufan province, Mu'tasim Zaki Al-Din. The addresses aired on Sudan TV on April 19 and 20, 2012.

Al-Bashir: "We Want [Defense Minister] Abd Al-Rahim Here To Deliver To Us the Land In Its Entirety... And Leave the Land Of Sudan Free Of Any Poisonous Vermin"

Omar Al-Bashir: "Our Lord, open up a new gateway for us – a gateway to Paradise, Allah willing.

"Our casualties go to Paradise and theirs go to the Hellfire.


"Our lands in the Blue Nile Province and in South Kordufan continue to be defiled by their forces. Your role and your instructions right now… We don't want any vermin left in the Blue Nile Province. We don't want a single insect left in the Nuba Mountains.


"We want [Defense Minister] Abd Al-Rahim here to deliver us the land in its entirety before the end of autumn, and leave the land of Sudan free of any poisonous vermin. My message to our people and our fellow citizens in the South is that we thought those people were interested in peace, and in the wellbeing of the South. So we signed an agreement with them. We implemented the agreement and handed over the South to them. But now, we have realized that we were wrong. We want to rectify the mistake.

"We want to liberate our brothers in the South from those vermin." […]

Sudan TV via Al-Arabiya TV, April 19, 2012

Al-Bashir: "If Anybody Dares To Lay His Hand On Sudan, We Will Chop It Off"

Omar Al-Bashir: "I salute you today, at a time when a precious part of the land of Kordufan has been defiled by the traitors – by traitors, mercenaries, and vermin…

"It is a precious part of Kordufan. We will not relinquish even a single inch of our land. We have said this in the past: If anybody dares to lay his hand on Sudan, we will chop it off." […]

Al-Din: "South Sudan... Wants To Backtrack and Continue In the Path Of Enmity, And Of Subservience To Global Zionism"

Governor of North Kordufan Mu'tasim Zaki Al-Din: "There is flagrant aggression on the part of the state of South Sudan, with which we signed treaties and agreements, but it wants to backtrack and continue in the path of enmity, and of subservience to global Zionism, which remains hostile to our country. But we praise Allah for allowing us these moments so that we could get dust on our boots on the path of Allah, in response to the call to Jihad, from which we took a respite for a while because we wanted peace."

"Peace Is the Basis of Islam... Jihad, However, Must Return"

"Peace is the basis of Islam. [The Koran says]: 'If the enemy inclines toward peace, do thou incline toward peace.' But they wanted war and fighting. [break in audio]

"… like we were previously in the forests of the South, steadfast mujahideen. The path of jihad continues, even if it took a few days' respite for the sake of peace. Jihad, however, must return.


"Today, we in the province of North Kordufan, just like in any other province of Sudan, have declared a state of alert and mobilization. Mr. President, these are the sons and daughters of Kordufan, who have responded to the call of jihad." […]

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