December 16, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3451

Sonja Al-Rassi, Daughter of Former Lebanese President Suleiman Franjieh: The Pope Should Not Have Absolved the Jews of the Blood of Christ; Germany, Not the Arabs, Should Pay the Price for the Holocaust

December 16, 2010
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 3451

Following are excerpts from an interview with Sonja Al-Rassi, daughter of former Lebanese president Suleiman Franjieh, which aired on NBN TV (Lebanon) on November 17, 2010.

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Sonja Al-Rassi: "The Israelis are the enemies of our forefathers. I don't know why the Pope absolved them, but they are the ones who crucified Christ." [...]

Interviewer: "Christianity strives for peace. Maybe that was the reason."

Sonja Al-Rassi: "But he should not have absolved them of the blood of Christ. Who killed Christ? Me? It was not the Romans who killed him. It was the Jews. [...]

"Israel has less and less money. If we keep on [the pressure], and if God is with us, [Israel] will cease to exist."

Interviewer: "This is what you believe in?"

Sonja Al-Rassi: "This is my belief and my conviction. [...]

"If Germany made a mistake and carried out the Holocaust, it should take [the Jews] to Germany. Don't bring me all these Russian leftovers, the most insignificant people, put them here and call it the State of Israel. Why did you bring them over here? They don't speak a word of Arabic. If Europe has wronged them, take them to Europe. Let Germany pay the price, not the Arabs. What have the Arabs got to do with this story?"[...]

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