April 21, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3782 - Advocating an American 'Islamic State' and Shariah Law in the United States

April 21, 2011
Special Dispatch No. 3782

The English-language website is a website advocating the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate and shariah law in the United States. It features articles and graphics detailing the dismantling of American and international institutions, such as the United Nations and the White House; American monuments, such as the Statue of Liberty and the Washington Monument; and details the various steps that will take place in economics, law, and foreign policy after the establishment of an "Islamic state."

The website is apparently run by the British Islamist Sheikh Anjem Choudary, who is prominently featured on the various pages. Choudary headed the British group "Islam 4 UK" until it was proscribed as a terrorist organization in 2010. He has also taken part in the activities of "Shariah 4 Belgium," an Islamist group calling for the establishment of Shariah law in Belgium and Holland.

The website also features Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, a Syrian born Islamist cleric who lived in the U.K. for nearly 20 years before leaving for Lebanon. He is currently banned from returning.

The website's IP address is, and it is hosted by an Atlanta-based web hosting company. Following is a description of the website's content:

Home Page

The website's home page includes a banner featuring the text: "Shariah 4 America. A call for revolution" and an image of the American flag in the shape of the continental U.S. being taken over by the banner of Islam. The bottom part of the page features the text: "Communism is dead. Capitalism is dying. Islam is the solution."

Below the banner, there is a rotating graphic of featured articles, including "Shariah 4 America Demonstration postponed," a picture of British Islamist Sheikh Anjem Choudary standing in front of the White House, with the banner of Islam hanging from it, and "Fatwa on U.S. intervention in Muslim Lands By Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad," including a picture of U.S. soldiers pointing a gun at the Ka'aba in Mecca.

The home page also includes contact information for Sheikh Anjem Choudary (a British phone number) and Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad – "Worldwide Ameer of Al-Muhajiroun" (a Lebanese phone number).

The site currently features 10 articles broken down into sections titled "Shariah," "New York," and "Washington," dealing with the steps that will be taken after the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate in the U.S.

Shariah Section

The "Shariah" section features, among others, the following articles:

- "The End of Israel's U.S. Funding" – discussing the steps to be taken vis-a-vis Israel by the future caliphate. The article includes images of an Israeli submarine flying the banner of Islam, crates of weapons intended for "Palestine," and an eviction notice posted at the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC.

- "Do NOT Obey the Law of the Land" – calling on Muslims to obey shariah law, and not the law of the countries in which they reside, if the former contradicts the latter.

- "The Islamic State: 24 Hours after Implementation" – discussing specific steps that the future Islamic state will take in terms of economics, industry, and foreign policy.

New York Section

The "New York" section of the website includes the following articles:

- "International Shariah Court of Justice (New York)" – An article describing the formation of a future International Islamic court on the site of the "obsolete United Nations." The article features a picture of the U.N. flying the banners of Islam, a picture of the Shariah Court in session – with the banner of Islam and the text "Sovereignty is for none but Allah" and an Islamic speaker on the podium, flanked by armed guards - and a picture announcing the future trials of world leaders like Barack Obama, David Cameron, Benjamin Netanyahu, Hosni Mubarak, and Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi on the charge of "Terrorist War Crimes."

- "The Islamic Demolition of the Statue of Liberty" – An article announcing the demolition of the Statue of Liberty and the construction of the "New York Minaret" – a massive mosque. The article features pictures of the Statue of Liberty wearing traditional Muslim garb, with a picture warning the public that "demolition of the Statue of Liberty is due to begin soon. Explosive charges will be used and so all visitors are advised to steer clear of the building site," and a photo of blueprints for the future "New York Minaret."

Washington Section

The "Washington" section of the Website includes the following articles:

- "The Islamic Punishment for Paedophiles" – An article advocating the Islamic punishment for pedophiles, wherein the accused are "impaled on a sharp spike... and left until death overcomes them... on public display as a vivid warning..." The article features pictures of the Washington Monument, renamed "Paedophile Point … By order of the Islamic Caliph, 2011."

- "The White Masjid" – An article advocating the transformation of the White House into a mosque. The article features pictures of the White House as a mosque, with minarets and domes.

Additionally, the website offers a "Media enquiries" contact number (the same number as Anjem Choudary's), and a "Contact" section for individuals or groups interested in participating in a rally for Shariah law outside the White House.

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