October 31, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8341

Russian Journalist Mardan: Globalism Is A Far Stronger Threat To Russia Than For The West

October 31, 2019
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 8341

In an article, titled "Globalism Is A Far Stronger Threat To Russia", Russian journalist Sergey Mardan states that Russia sorely lacks a genuinely conservative force. He asserts that "true" Russian intellectuals and their communities should develop an anti-modern and anti-globalist agenda for introduction in Russia's cultural, political and social life.

A strengthening of Russia's conservative position will serve as a prophylactic that will prevent the country from being weakened or threatened by those who "dream of a gender-neutral world." According to Mardan, if this happens, then Russia can be firm in its identity and resemble "Christian America", which does not feel endangered by "leftist intellectuals". "Then the gender-neutral dolls in our stores would not cause us a nervous giggle, but just a dry statement to the effect that our merchants are able to squeeze the last ruble out of everything and everyone, [and] even out of gay activists," Mardan reasons.

Below is Mardan's article:


New Gender-Neutral Dolls Went On Sale In The U.S.

"New gender-neutral dolls went on sale in the U.S. The toy can be transformed into any gender. The doll may be a boy or a girl, depending on the child's preferences and interests. I thought there would be a removable penis in the box (how would you be able to change the gender otherwise?), but the United States remains an old-fashioned Puritan country.

"Transformation is achieved merely with the help of different wigs and clothes. The box contains two wigs, a short-haired one for a boy, and a long-haired for a girl. As well as a few sets of clothing and accessories. And of course different skin colors. There is no push-button complexion change yet, so the dolls are sold in six color variations. The introduction of multicultural standards is progressing, even if slowly.

"As far as tolerance is concerned, manufacturers are not quite there yet. I think the dolls should be sold in different body shapes – to make sure that overweight children are not offended. And of course a suitable and affordable (say, for $9.99) wheelchair should also be included. A gender-neutral disabled doll must have removable arms and legs. At times, children were known to twist them off, but this was due to the fact that women had their individuality suppressed since childhood by the cruel white sexist society.

"By ripping off Marina's or Betty's arms, girls were protesting against the unjust world of [toxic] masculinity. But now these unproductive emotions must be channeled into constructive activity. I am getting carried away though. A dozen of gender studies majors will defend their PhD dissertations out of that, even without my input.

When Russian Traditionalists Aspire To Teach The West Christian Morality And Tradition, I Get A Strong Desire To Rub Their Noses In The History Book

"All this happens in Christian America for the only reason that there is just too much free money available to feed a huge army of leftist intellectuals who, similar to the Bolsheviks, are trying to reshape the humankind according to their own designs.

"However, 'traditional' America's reaction to that intellectual 'trend' ensures that those who dream of a gender-neutral world, don't stand a chance at success. And that reaction is the same as 50 or 100 years ago. Whatever the customer wants, the customer gets. The buyer of the 30-40s wanted 'black' music and he got a shining galaxy of Blues stars.

"[Today] you want gluten-free and healthy food – stuff yourself. A thousand stores have opened to make money off that new fashion. You want a gender-neutral doll? We'll think about it. But not because it would be sexist and archaic, but rather because it would cost $571 million to build the brand and to do so just for a microscopic constituency of Californian freaks would be risky. And it is no use putting pressure on us, because the freedom of business is the most important freedom of the Western world , and in this case it is society's lifeline.

"When Russian traditionalists aspire to teach the West Christian morality and tradition, I get a strong desire to rub their noses in the "History of Russia" textbook. We are the nation that has been trying for more than 70 years to impose on the world a truly globalist, 100 percent supranational project. We rejected 'obsolete' ethics and morality; we almost entirely destroyed our Russian church and declared atheism as our official religion.

"Is it our place to arrogantly preach to countries that were registering marriages in church 500 years ago, and are still doing so today? Is it our place to make fun of the ungodly West, when there are more than 300,000 active Christian churches in the United States, each subsisting solely on their community's money, whereas we have 30,000 temples built with the state's support, and yet the media keeps yammering about the creeping clericalization?

"There are thousands of active Christian parties, associations and public organizations in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Latin America. It is a tremendous force able to resist any foreign or uncivilized, modernist invasion. They don’t go into hysterics about gender-neutral dolls, they view them as the activity of marginalized groups unable to change the basic foundations of society."

Sergey Mardan (Source:

Our National Moral And Ethical Codes Had Undergone A Terrible Catastrophe In The 20th Century

"At the same time we've got lots to worry about. We are still a much weakened society. Our national moral and ethical codes underwent a terrible catastrophe in the 20th century. Having abandoned the Soviet morality, we have immediately started drifting to the globalist morality and we are doing so at a much faster pace than the notorious 'Gayropa'.

"'They' [the West] are anchored in Christian ethics, and we only got rabid consumerism without any spiritual brakes à la 90s. 'They' go to church on Sunday together as a whole family (even if as a mere formality), and we, at best, make a family trip to the shopping center. And our young people in general highly value their personal space and personal time, which leaves no room for an ordinary family with children.

"The Russian state has assumed the thankless role as moral arbiter and also passed a law banning 'gay propaganda' and not just for the fun of it. A healthy society is able to withstand perversion, even of a legal sort, but this is not the case in Russia.

"And it is also right for the state to support the Russian Orthodox Church because the state is supposed to support institutions that strengthen society, not those that weaken it. What our country strongly lacks are genuinely conservative forces.

"Not the demented cultists still living in the fictional world of the Niva magazine of 1913, but true intellectuals and their communities able to develop an anti-modern and anti-globalist agenda and realize it in our cultural, political and social life. [If we had that,] then the gender-neutral dolls in our stores would not provoke a nervous giggle in us, but just a dry observation to the effect that our merchants are able to squeeze the last ruble out of everything and everyone – even out of gay activists

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