December 16, 2011 Special Announcements No. 146

Presenting the New MEMRI TV Viral Video Project

December 16, 2011
Special Announcements No. 146

As part of the MEMRI TV Project, MEMRI is announcing the launch of its MEMRI TV Viral Video Project, which will produce and release short video compilations on varied topics, from the vast MEMRI TV archives.

To view the MEMRI TV Viral Video Project, visit

The latest MEMRI TV Viral Video, which has just been released, is titled "Why We Hate the Jews," and includes clips from Arab television dealing with the question of hatred for the Jews and its roots (To view this clip, visit

Other MEMRI Viral Videos include the following:

Over the next year, MEMRI will be adding viral videos and short video compilations to the Viral Video Project on a regular basis – both new ones currently in production and videos that have already been released.

MEMRI TV was launched in 2004 as the television monitoring project of MEMRI. MEMRI TV monitors 90 channels from the Middle East and Iran, around the clock. The MEMRI TV Project maintains the world's largest archives of footage translated from Arab and Iranian television. The project has so far produced over 3,230 clips, totaling more than 17,000 hours of footage. MEMRI TV is viewed in 197 countries around the world, and to date over 20 million visitors have accessed its website.

Also – Please remember that MEMRI is a 501(c)3 organization and relies on your support to continue to operate. Our end-of-year fundraising campaign is now underway – please consider making a donation.

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