August 30, 2018 No.

Please Consider Becoming A MEMRI Monthly Sustaining Donor

After marking its 20th anniversary earlier this year, MEMRI continues to move ahead with its research efforts and to launch new initiatives.

Fighting terrorism and promoting Middle East reform requires immediate and continuous effort.

Terrorists are showing increasing sophistication online, requiring constant vigilance. At the same time, we are seeing more anti-Semitic sermons than ever before at mosques and Islamic Centers across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, while voices for tolerance, coexistence, and understanding struggle to be heard. The volume of content MEMRI is translating from the Middle East print, broadcast, online and social media has never been greater.

So is the demand for MEMRI’s research. Every day, MEMRI receives requests from U.S. and foreign governments, media, and academia to share its research.

To meet this growing demand – and track new terrorist networks and threats, expose anti-Semitism and amplify the voices of reformists – MEMRI needs ongoing, reliable support.

We are inviting our most passionate and committed friends, like you, to join a special group of MEMRI’s supporters – our monthly, sustaining donors.

Your automated, monthly support will help us to commit more resources to research when and where they are most needed.

Monthly giving is easy and efficient. It saves you time by allowing you to renew your support automatically, ensuring that your investment in MEMRI’s work is continuous. You can adjust, suspend, or end your support at any time online or by calling us.

As a monthly donor, you will receive less communication from us, as we will not need to send reminders to renew your support. Monthly donors enable MEMRI to have the steady and reliable resources it needs to manage its research projects and meet growing demand.

Thank you for your previous support and for helping make MEMRI a success. Please take the next step today of becoming a monthly donor. We need 100 new, monthly donors by September 15. Please help us get there.

In gratitude for your consideration,