December 19, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4369

Pakistani Political Commentator Zaid Hamid Threatens the U.S. and India: We Are a Nuclear-Armed Islamic Army; 'Your 150,000 Troops will Be Slaughtered and Butchered'

December 19, 2011
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 4369

Following are excerpts from a statement by Pakistani political commentator Zaid Hamid, which was posted on the Internet on May 7, 2011.

Zaud Hamid: "Now, all the Zionist guns are targeting Pakistan. Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear country, a country with an organized army, and a very patriotic nation. But Pakistan is now being presented as a terrorist state, just like Iraq was presented as a nation having weapons of mass destruction, before the invasion. That was the softening-up process. Today, the American bluff, the propaganda disinformation they are spreading about Osama bin Laden, and Pakistan being the epicenter of terror – everything is being done to soften up Pakistan for another invasion, just like the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

"We Pakistani patriots are warning the Indians and the Americans: We are not Iraq, we are not Afghanistan. We are an Islamic army, nuclear armed. Your supply lines in Afghanistan go through Pakistan. Your 150,000 troops will be slaughtered and butchered, if we do to you what we did to the Soviets. Do not forget that Pakistan broke down the Soviet Union.

"We changed the geography, we changed the politics, and we can do the same to you. Your 64% fuel and 80% of supplies go through Pakistan. We know your deceptions, your lying, your bluffing against Pakistan. The entire Osama bin Laden drama that you have created is based on deceptions and lies. Why are you not telling the world what happened in Abbottabad? Your helicopters were shot down, your troops were killed, but you have never acknowledged this.

"The world media would not even talk about your own troops being killed, and helicopters being shot down. In the last ten years, so many of your top officials have acknowledged, at least half a dozen times, that Osama bin Laden has died. No less than Madeleine Albright acknowledged, way back in 2003, that Osama bin Laden had died, but the news has been kept secret to boost the credentials of the next president, or the president before the presidential elections. Now Obama's rating is rock bottom. He needed a drama, a façade, of Osama bin Laden's being killed in Pakistan, to boost his own ratings, and on the other hand, to create this global environment that Pakistan is a terrorist state. […]

By God, you will regret the day you were born, the day you decide to put your feet on the ground. We know you are already waging a massive war against us. Pakistan is facing multiple insurgencies on every axis. Tehreek-e Taliban Pakistan, the only terrorist organization in the world which has promised to avenge the so-called death of Osama, the Baluchistan Liberation Army, and the terrorists who are now waging havoc in Karachi – we know they are all funded and backed by you, the Indians, and the CIA. […]

"We are sending you a last message, especially to the Indians as well: Do not try to ride on the American shoulders. Do not exploit the Western hatred for Islam for your own objectives. By God, we will cut you down to the size of Sri Lanka. We have ruled over you for a thousand years, and we will rule for another thousand." […]

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