February 12, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5647

Pakistani Jihadi Editor On Nuclear Weapons And Geopolitics: In 'The New Game That The U.S. Is Playing In The Middle East And Our Region... It Wants To Encircle Saudi Arabia And Pakistan'

February 12, 2014
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 5647

Amir Hamza is the editor of Jarrar, a weekly magazine published by Jamaatud Dawa, the charity arm of Pakistani jihadi organization Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). He is also a regular columnist for various Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.

In a recent article titled "Religions And Atom Bomb," Hamza argued that among Muslim countries Pakistan alone should have nuclear power, and should be given a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. He stated:

"A policy should be adopted that only Pakistan would remain a nuclear power, and it would provide a nuclear umbrella for the safety of 57 Muslim countries. A demand would be made for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council - with the veto power - and Pakistan would be given that seat. It would be demanded from the world to make Pakistan a member of the nuclear club; thus, no Muslim country would need to make any atomic bomb."

The following are excerpts from Amir Hamza's article:

"There Are Many Dozens Of Sects In The Christian World, But Those Which Are Bigger And Are Ruling Over [Many] Countries Are Three: Catholic, Protestant, And Orthodox"; "These Three Bigger Sects Have Also Become Nuclear Powers"

"In general, there are many dozens of sects in the Christian world, but those which are bigger and are ruling over [many] countries are three: Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. These sects have shed immeasurable blood for centuries by fighting among themselves. In the recent two global wars - World War I and II - they shed the blood of millions of people. After 1945, they are trying to be peaceful. These three bigger sects have also become nuclear power. Their details are as follows:

"[Name of country followed by sect and date of becoming a nuclear power] "United States – Protestant – July 16, 1945 "Russia – Orthodox – August 29, 1945 "Britain – Protestant – October 3, 1952 "France – Catholic – February 13, 1960

"In the above-mentioned three Christian sects, Protestants have the edge because two of their countries have nuclear power while the Orthodox and Catholics have one each.

"China's population is about 1.4 billion presently and most of its population follows Buddhism. Some of the Far East countries also have Buddhist followers. And by carrying out nuclear explosion on October 16, 1964, China also made Buddhists a member of the nuclear club. North Korea carried out a nuclear explosion on October 9, 2006 and it is also a Buddhist country.

"India, whose population is going past one billion, is also a staunch religious country where Hinduism is followed. The slogan of Hindutva [Hindu jihad] is raised from there. On May 18, 1974, that country also included the followers of Hindu [religion] in the nuclear club by carrying out an atomic explosion. There are confirmed reports that Israel has become a nuclear power way back, but it did not get included in the nuclear club by openly carrying out a nuclear explosion. Thus a small and yet extremely influential group and follower of Judaism has gotten themselves included in the nuclear club secretly."

"Muslims' Population Is More Than 1.5 billion; They Have 57 Countries; They Are Geographically Important"; "One Of Their Countries, Pakistan, Carried Out A Nuclear Explosion On May 28, 1998 And Became The 7th Country With Nuclear Capability"

"Muslims' population is more than 1.5 billion; they have 57 countries; they are geographically important and they are on top because of their mineral resources, but they lag behind in the field of science and technology. One of their countries, Pakistan, carried out a nuclear explosion on May 28, 1998 and became the seventh country with nuclear capability. It became the first Muslim country with nuclear power.

"Think for a while! How did Pakistan become a nuclear country? On one hand, there were Protestant and Catholic sects of the Christian world, and on the other there was the Orthodox Russia. A cold war existed between the two. This war got heated in Afghanistan. Pakistan was on the frontline in this war [in the 1980s]. Thus Pakistan played a convincing role in the war between Christian sects and laid sacrifices, and the result was that it became a nuclear power.

"The Protestants of the U.S. and Britain and Western Catholics kept ignoring the Pakistani nuclear program in order to defeat their Orthodox rival [the USSR], so far so that the U.S. president used to certify that Pakistan is not going ahead with its nuclear program [in order for the U.S. Congress to release aid for Pakistan]. This was done because it was needed to keep Pakistan standing to bring down the Orthodox. Thus, the fight within the Christian sects helped Pakistan in becoming a nuclear power to a greater extent. During those days the U.S. entangled Iran and Iraq in a war in the name of Shi'ites and Sunnis. The result was that Iraq's nuclear program was destroyed, and Iran was also devastated.

"Eventually, Sunnis lost power in Iraq and after the U.S. attack [in 2003], fierce fighting between Shi'ites and Sunnis is still continuing there. Similarly, the Syrian war in the name of Shi'ites, Sunnis, and secular elements has been left unresolved so that Muslims' blood could continue to be shed....

"The Iranian nuclear program is at its final stage but its economic condition has been made miserable through economic sanctions. Now it has an accord with the U.S. and five other countries of the world that Iran would not make atom bomb and would abide by such-and-such conditions. But confirmed reports say that they have already achieved 20% uranium enrichment, while the recent agreement allows Iran to make 3.5% uranium enrichment. Therefore, these things will make Iran a nuclear power eventually."

"Saudi Arabia Is Also Trying To Become A Nuclear Power; Whereas UAE, Which Has A Conflict With Iran On Three Islands… In The Arabian Gulf Is Also Trying To Achieve Nuclear Capability"

"These are the facts due to which Saudi Arabia did not accept the non-permanent membership of the [UN] Security Council and now, expressing dissatisfaction over the recent [Geneva] agreement, it has held the United States and Europe responsible that it won't lead to any results. In such a situation, Saudi Arabia is also trying to become a nuclear power. Whereas UAE, which has a conflict with Iran on three islands - Abu Musa, Greater Tunb and Lesser Tunb - in the Arabian Gulf, is also trying to achieve nuclear capability.

"In my view, the new game that the U.S. is playing in the Middle East and our region, through this it wants to encircle Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. [The U.S.] wants to play the game of enmity in the garb of friendship. Furthermore, its men in power are serving their interests by entangling Muslims into conflict in the name of Shi'ites and Sunnis. The Pakistani nuclear program has become a bone in their throats. They have become incapable of harming it. Earlier, they used to call Pakistan's bomb an 'Islamic bomb,' but they did not call their bombs 'Christian bombs,' nor do they use the phrases 'Buddhist bomb,' 'Hindu bomb,' or 'Jewish bomb.' As soon as we made the bomb they immediately called it an 'Islamic bomb.'

"Now many of their people and agencies are secretly terming it as a 'Sunni bomb,' while they are calling the probable Iranian bomb a 'Shi'ite bomb.' Thus their aim to make us fight among ourselves is dangerous. We think that the leaders of the 57 Muslim countries should come together in one place. Mian Nawaz Sharif should bring together [Muslims leaders], as Shah Faisal martyr and the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had brought them together in Lahore [under the banner of Organization of Islamic Conference].

"A policy should be adopted that only Pakistan would remain a nuclear power, and it would provide a nuclear umbrella for the safety of 57 Muslim countries. A demand would be made for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council - with the veto power - and Pakistan would be given that seat. It would be demanded from the world to make Pakistan a member of the nuclear club; thus, no Muslim country would need to make any atomic bomb. In this regard they should give the message of peace around the world. Muslims should defeat their [the West's] designs of making them fight in the name of Shi'ites and Sunnis. [They] should use their capabilities and resources to propel the peaceful universal message of Islam.

"Attempts should be made for the betterment and prosperity of the whole of mankind. And it should be made clear before the world that if bombs are not Jewish, Christian, or Hindu, then it is not also Islamic. And if it is not Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox, then it is also not Shi'ite or Sunni. As all other bombs are meant to threaten aggression, then bombs of Muslims are also only to threaten aggression. Only those can think of using it, whose mind is not that of a human but has changed into that of a beast. All human beings are the offspring of one man, and on the basis of humanity and on the basis of the sons and daughters of Hazrat Adam they are brothers and sisters. Let us resolve our issues peacefully and through dialogues with fairness and justice. This is humanity and this is the message of Islam also."

Source: Roznama Nai Baat (Pakistan), November 28, 2013.

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