March 25, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6006

Pakistani Daily: 'Modi [Going] In The Footprints Of Yehudi [Jew]'; 'In The Future, Both Of These Cow-Worshipers [Hindus And Zionists] Are Going To Be … More Dangerously Racist Than Hitler'; Muslims and Christians Should Jointly Oppose

March 25, 2015
, Pakistan, Pakistan, India | Special Dispatch No. 6006

The article in Roznama Pakistan

An article titled "Modi in the Footprints of Yehudi [Jew]" in the mainstream Pakistani Urdu-language daily Roznama Pakistan argued that a Zionist-Hindu alliance is threatening Muslims, and therefore a Muslim-Christian understanding is currently needed.

The article was written by Dr. Zahoor Ahmad Azhar, who argued that the Zionists and Hindus will prove to be more racist in coming years. He went on to praise Pope Francis for his visit to Turkey to promote world peace.

The following are excerpts:

"An Anti-Muslim Terrorist Like [Indian Prime Minister Narendra] Modi  Has Embarked On Implementing The [Hindu] Agenda"

"At present, the Islamic East, rather the whole of Asia, is at the target of two racist groups. Not only is there complete harmony and cooperation between the two, but military pacts between them also exist. One of these is the Zionist state of Israel and the other is idol-worshiping Hindu India. Interestingly, by tongue both claim to follow secularism and democracy but from inside they are - not only extremely, but obnoxiously - religious fanatics and prejudiced to a dangerous level.

"Presently, only Muslims appear to be in the line of their target, but in the future both of these cow-worshipers are going to be proven to be more dangerously racist than Hitler; and for this it is enough evidence that for the past quarter of a century the Muslim minority [in India], along with the Christian minority and the Sikhs, have been at the receiving end of wrathful Hindus.

"The Zionist Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu is not ready to recognize an independent Palestine, despite the dominant majority decision of the United Nation, has demonstrated extreme barbarism and atrocities against the unarmed Palestinians of Gaza, and has now gotten a Palestinian minister strangled to death publicly at the hands of the animals of the Zionist police. [He] has contemptuously  rejected the [idea of] an independent Palestine state in the West Bank.

"On this side, an anti-Muslim terrorist like [Narendra] Modi, after becoming prime minister on the back of his decisive victory [in the mid-2014 parliamentary elections in India], has embarked on implementing the [Hindu] agenda of [the rightwing Hindu religious group] Hindu Mahasabha. As a first step he wants to, by changing the constitutional position of Kashmir, massacre the Muslims in Kashmir ... as he did in Gujarat, to terrorize the entire Subcontinent, including Pakistan and Bangladesh, so that he can fulfill the Hindu Mahasabha's agenda."

"It Is The Duty Of Pakistani Leaders To Set Aside Their Differences And Make The World Aware Of The Dangers [Posed] By These Two Racist Groups [Hindus And Zionists]"

"It is the duty of Pakistani leaders to set aside their differences and make the world aware of the dangers [posed] by these two racist groups. At this time, not only has the conscientious and aware Christian-Europe awoken and is determined to recognize the independent state of Palestine, but the humans of the East and the West also want to stop the out-of-control Zionist Israel.

"To express opposition to atrocities against Muslims, the Pope is also visiting Islamic countries and wants to see peace and justice thriving in the world. Recently, the Pope visited Turkey, where Turkish President Erdogan received him and praised his efforts for justice and peace. Turkey's Grand Mufti also accompanied the Pope during his entire visit.

"During the Pope's visit of dioceses and mosques, the Grand Mufti told the Pope that his aim to establish peace and justice is in fact a command of our pious prophet of peace and justice, [who said] 'you establish a just system in the world, which would automatically result in the establishment of peace'. The Pope's visit is indicative of Muslim-Christian desire for understanding.

"It also indicates that the Muslim-Christian understanding and cooperation will pave the way for an alliance of the Peoples of Book which was suggested in the Koran. This [Muslim-Christian alliance] can make the world a cradle of peace and it would fulfill the prophecy made in [in the Koran's] Surah Al-Maida, Verse No. 82. If the Muslim-Christian friendship and cooperation is established, it can create an environment of piety  where no one's rights are usurped, everyone is content. Presently, 80% of the Earth is in the possession of Christians and Muslims, and jointly they have a decisive and dominant majority in the world."

"The Whole World Has Become Aware Of The Secret And Unholy Cooperation And Obstinacy Of The Zionists And Hindus"

"The whole world has become aware of the secret and unholy cooperation and obstinacy of the Zionists and Hindus. The Pope's recent response and just stand can be a result of this; so now this is the time to expose the [Hindu] Brahmin's ideology of 'indivisible India' and 'Ram Rajya' [Rule of Hindu god Lord Rama] and make the world aware of the background of Pakistan's creation. It is the Brahmin who wants to knit every person of the Subcontinent into one nationality, whose name is Hinduism (or Hindutva in the words of [Indian right-wing leader L. K.] Advani and Narendra Modi). It means: all groups, by abandoning their religions and culture, should adopt Hindu religion and Hindu culture. Who can tolerate such a united nationality?

"But the sly Brahmin, in the guise of their so-called secularism and democracy, dubs Quaid-e- Azam [founder of Pakistan M. A. Jinnah] a religious [person] who had guaranteed mutual peaceful existence for the followers of all religions on the basis of freedom of expression [in the newly created Pakistan], whereas the wily Brahmin, through the power of the state, is making efforts to forcibly convert helpless minorities to Hindu religion. Since it is hurting only Islam and the Muslims, the Pope and Europe are silent as the international Zionism gripped everyone into Islamophobia.

"However, now people have, to a large extent, understood the reality. So if we, in this environment, present before the world the right of Kashmiris and the reality of Hindus, we can succeed. We the Muslims are simpletons but the Brahmin wants to keep us united [sic]. The Brahmin, taking advantage of this occasion, told the Arab world [at the time of the partition of India in 1947] that as the Englishmen were dividing the Arab world, similarly they wanted to divide Muslims and Hindus, and the Muslims and their leaders were are playing in the hands of Englishmen [by campaigning for the creation of Pakistan].

"The policy of Englishmen, in fact, was to keep India united in the hands of the Brahmin in order to confront [the power of] Russia. Because of that, Arabs, like in the past, do not grow weary of advising us to live together with Hindus [India]. We have failed miserably to dispel this impression. The Brahmin, starting from the Hindu Mahasabha to Shuddhi and Bhakti movements [in Hinduism], has raised slogans of a united nationality; the aim, or rather agenda, is either to convert Muslims to Hindu [religion], make them run away, or kill them.

"The hypocrites of Congress [party during the anti-colonial struggle]  raised slogans [such as 'Englishmen Leave [India]' But when the Englishmen left, the real Hindu emerged and at last the [Hindu religious groups such as] Hindu Mahasabha, RSS, and Jan Sangh took the shape of the Bharatiya Junta Party which under the leadership of Modi has somersaulted to become Hindu Mahasabha and to fulfil its agenda has vowed to usurp Kashmir and convert forcibly five thousand Muslims to Hindu religion"

Source: Roznama Pakistan (Pakistan), December 18, 2014.

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