November 6, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10941

Online Animated Video Mocks October 7 Massacre Victims, Portrays Israelis As 'Pigs' Turned Into Minced Meat And Shawarma

November 6, 2023
Egypt, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 10941

An Egyptian animated video mocking the October 7 massacre of Israelis by Hamas was uploaded to Janazeer on YouTube on October 31, 2023. In the video, the Israelis are portrayed as "pigs," who are invaded by "deer," dragged from their beds in early morning, still wearing their boxer shorts, and taken away "on vacation" on motorcycles. The deer brand the pigs as "halal," and the pigs who resist are trampled underfoot and turned into shawarma. According to the video, the Pigs' biggest defeat was a blow to their reputation, and in order to hide their "embarrassing defeat," "by killing as many defenseless civilians as possible."

To view the animated video mocking October 7 victims, click here or below:

"The Deer Took Over The Places That The Pigs Had Occupied From Them For Many Years; They Branded The Pigs ['Halal'], Loaded Them On Motorcycles, And Shipped Them In Their Boxer Shorts To Where [The Deer] Lived; Whoever Didn't Like It Was Trampled Underfoot And Turned Into Shawarma"

Narrator: "On October 7, 2023, at dawn, the pigs heard the sound of rockets on their way to some of the settlements that these pigs occupied, or plundered, from the deer, who are the original owners of this land. The pigs were terrified and did not understand what was going on, when all of a sudden, deer riding motorcycles came down from the sky. OMG! Motorcycles from the sky! Did we get wasted last night, or what? Before they could figure it out, they saw deer coming by sea, and then by sea, riding motorcycles and 4x4 vehicles. Hands up! What's going on, people? Is it Judgment Day, or what?"

Deer: "Start walking!"

Pig: "Where to, boss?"

Deer: "You've got some nerve! You are sleeping on my land, in my home, and you dare asking me 'where to?' We are taking you on vacation to where we live."

Pig: "I don't want to go on vacation, boss..."

Deer: "Get moving! Our children want to play with you a little. Get up!"

Pig: "Okay, I will get dressed, and I will come with you."

Deer: "Get dressed? You're coming in your boxer shorts. Get moving!"

Narrator: "The deer took over the places that the pigs had occupied from them for many years. They branded the pigs ['halal'], loaded them on motorcycles, and shipped them in their boxer shorts to where they lived. Whoever didn't like it was trampled underfoot, and turned into shawarma, just like that.

"After [October 7] The Pigs Naturally Tried To Hide Their Embarrassing Defeat; How? By Killing As Many Defenseless Civilians As Possible, By Committing The Biggest, Most Heinous, Brutal Massacres, And By Bombing The Hospitals That Were Filled With Wounded Women And Children"

"Do you know what the pigs consider to be the worst thing that happened to them? You might say the taking of prisoners, which was, indeed, bad and humiliating, but there was something worse. You might say the people who were killed and turned into minced meat. That was obviously bad, but there was something worse. You might suggest their economic losses, but there was something worse.

"On October 7, 2023, the greatest investment in the life of the pigs was destroyed – their reputation. Those pigs follow the principle of 'a good name is better than riches.' They have done everything they could and have spent billions to create around themselves a halo of 'an invincible army,' 'iron soldiers,' and so on. All of a sudden, deer on fan-powered motorcycles came from the sky, and have made this halo obsolete.

"After what happened, the pigs naturally tried to try and hide their embarrassing defeat. How? By killing as many defenseless civilians as possible, by committing the biggest, most heinous, brutal massacres, and by bombing the hospitals that were filled with wounded women and children."


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