April 26, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1149

New Video by Al-Qaeda Commander in Iraq Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi

April 26, 2006
Iraq | Special Dispatch No. 1149

On April 25, 2006, the Islamist web forum posted a video by Al-Qaeda Commander in Iraq Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi. The video culminates in footage of Al-Zarqawi with masked fighters, firing an automatic weapon, and the firing of what the leader of the fighters claims are new missiles developed by "the brothers."

The following is the translation of this clip:


"We are Fighting in Iraq, but Our Eyes are Set Upon Jerusalem"

[Graphic of hands holding up a black banner.]

Screen: "The Shura Council of the Mujahideen in Iraq"

Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi: "When the Crusader enemy entered Iraq, it intended to gain control over the [Islamic] nation, and to strengthen the state of the sons of Zion, from the Nile to the Euphrates. But Allah has given the mujahideen sons [of the nation] the strength to face the cruelest Crusader campaign, invading the lands of the Muslims. They have withstood this invasion for more than three years."


"My dear nation, we in Iraq are but a stone's throw away from the place of the Prophet's ascension. We are fighting in Iraq, but our eyes are set upon Jerusalem, which will only be restored to us through the guidance of the Koran and the support of the sword. Allah's guidance and support suffice."


"As for the American administration, headed by the bearer of the banner of the cross, Bush - we say to him and to his followers - the Jews, the Crusaders, the Rafidite Shi'ites, the apostates, and others: You will not rest peacefully in the lands of Islam. By Allah, your life will be unbearable as long as blood flows in our veins and our eyes can see. You were offered by our emir and leader Sheikh Osama, may Allah protect him, a long-term truce. It would have been better for you and for those at your side if you had accepted the offer then. But your arrogance and conceit prevented you from doing so. And today, with the grace of Allah, you seek the help of East and West, confused, exhausted, and broken, like someone whom 'Satan has prostrated with his touch.'"

"Why Don't You Reveal the Truth About Your Soldiers, and the Collapse of Their Motivation to Fight?"

Al-Zarqawi: "You have become an utter liar. You deceive your people and supporters. Whenever the mujahidun increase their blows, you increase your lies and falsehoods, claiming that the situation is under control. But then it becomes clear to all that what you say is a lie, and so on. You are like someone who tries to cure his drunkenness with alcohol. You have not been honest with yourself or your people for a single moment, even though your forefathers had an integrity you lack. Why don't you reveal the truth about your soldiers, and the collapse of their motivation to fight, so that your people will know the truth about the war? Why don't you tell them about the continuing suicides among your soldiers? Why don't you tell them that none of your soldiers go to sleep unless they take sleeping pills and hallucinatory drugs, which make them lose their minds, and they become like dumb beasts, led by the pro-Zionist and Evangelist generals of your war to the slaughterhouses of perdition? Why don't you tell them about your soldiers' collective fleeing, and about the growing rebelliousness among their ranks?"

"We Confront Your Dreams With Our Blood and Body Parts - and What is Still to Come is Even More Terrible and Bitter, Allah Willing"

Al-Zarqawi: "You should know, oh arrogant liar, that we confront your dreams with our blood and our body parts, and what is still to come is even more terrible and bitter, Allah willing. The charade of the rotten democracy, which you brought to the Land of the Two Rivers, after bestowing upon the people material and spiritual freedom, happiness, and stability - all this has been dispersed, never to return, by Allah's grace.

"Today you are using any ploy or method to bring together the rivals, your companions and partners, the apostate lackeys, in order to create a deformed government, in the hope that it will rescue you from the severe and embarrassing crisis you face with your people and your supporters. We, in turn, believe that any government established in Iraq today, whoever its leaders may be - the hatred-filled Rafidite Shi'ites, the secular pro-Zionist Kurds, or the collaborators who are falsely considered to be Sunnis - will be a collaborating government supporting the Crusaders, which was established to serve as a poisoned dagger in the heart of the Islamic nation.

"America has realized today that its tanks, its planes, its army corps, and its collaborators in the army of the hatred-filled Rafidite Shi'ites will be unable, by Allah's decree, to determine the war with the mujahideen. That is why it has designed a cunning plan, by means of which it plans to attack the jihad and the mujahideen through its collaborators who are considered to be Sunnis, who agreed to serve as a noose around the necks of the Sunnis to rescue the Americans from the swamp of their failure and perdition in Iraq. They used those who have taken the slogans of Islam as a mask, concealing their shameful deeds. In the service of their masters, they have begun to spread propaganda about the need to establish army and police forces."


"Most [Iraqi] MPs are Shi'ites, or Kurds and Sunnis Who are Secular"

Al-Zarqawi: "Once again, we warn those who strive to establish and deploy the army and police, which were set up in order to carry out the schemes of the occupiers, and to implement a law different than the one brought down by the Lord. We should beware of whoever joins these collaborating apparatuses. By Allah, the only thing they will get from us is a slashing sword. We will have further battles with them, the horror of which will turn even children's hair white."


"Despite the searing failure of the enemy and its methods, it is trying to draw two types of people into the charade of the false parliaments, in order to reap the fruits of the mujahideen, who toil hard to make the word of Allah supreme.

"The first type consists of people who try to stick to the mujahideen and flatter them, although they themselves have not borne the burden of jihad during the occupation of Iraq.

"The second type consists of people who participated in the fighting against the Crusaders in the beginning - but actions are measured by the way they end. These people's actions are not good by religious law, unless they work to make the word of Allah supreme by means that are permitted by the shari'a, and not through tyrannical, polytheist parliaments from which the word of Allah has been torn out, or else it is integrated with man-made laws. In this case, the end does not justify the means.

"Even if both these types of people and their supporters claim that they wish to implement the shari'a through these parliaments, reality and history contradict and refute this claim. Whoever follows the political map in Iraq knows that most of the parliament members are Shi'ites, or Kurds and Sunnis who are secular."


"By Allah, These are the Final Moments Before the Servants of the Cross Declare Their Defeat in the Land of the Two Rivers"

Al-Zarqawi: "Continue your jihad, intensify your operations, and multiply your blows. By Allah, these are the victories of Islam. By Allah, these are the final moments before the servants of the cross declare their defeat in the Land of the Two Rivers. The collapse of the motivation to fight has become the most prominent characteristic of the armies of the Crusaders."


"Where are the lions of the Al-Anbar province? Where are the lions of the Salah Al-Din province? Where are the men of Baghdad? Where are the knights of Nineveh and the heroes of Al-Diyala? Where are the heroes of Kurdistan? Where are you, lions of monotheism, oh descendents of Khaled and Al-Muthana, of Sa'd, Al-Miqdad, and Salah Al-Din? Where are the muhajarun? Where are the ansar? Where are the people of surat Al-Tuba and surat Al-Anfal, of the Koranic chapters of conquest and fighting? Oh, vanguard of the nation - who will help the bereaved mothers? Who will help the free women in the prisons of the Crusaders? Who will help the pure women in the prisons of the hatred-filled Rafidite Shi'ites? By Allah, there is no life except the life of the world to come."


"Beware the highway robbers who, in collaboration with the Crusaders, are trying to attack your jihad. Beware not to lay down your weapons, for your lot will be sorrow, regret, shame, and humiliation in this world and in the world to come. You used to pray day and night for Allah to open before you the path of jihad for the sake of Allah in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and elsewhere. Then Allah made ready for you the jihad deal in your own land. He opened the gates of Paradise for you, and wanted your own good - beware, oh muhahidun, not to close these gates by your sins. 'Be not like a woman who unravels the thread after she has fastened it.'"


"To conclude, we bring good tidings to the nation: The establishment of the Shura Council of Mujahideen in Iraq, which, Allah willing, will be the nucleus for the establishment of an Islamic state in which the word of Allah will reign supreme."


"Allah willing, this council will serve as an umbrella for every loyal mujahid. I have the honor to be one of the members of this blessed council which has a blessed leadership. At the same time, I am the emir of Al-Qaeda in the Land of the Two Rivers, the servant of jihad and the mujihadeen, who derives his strength from Allah.

"Your brother Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi, Friday, 23 Rabi' Al-Awal, 1427 AH, 21 April, 2006. Allah be praised."

Footage of Al-Zarqawi, Fighters, and New Missiles

[Cut to scene of Al-Zarqawi leading masked fighters walking in dunes; cut to scene of Al-Zarqawi sitting in circle with masked fighters, around a map. Voice-over singing.]


Field commander in Al-Anbar province: "May Allah bless you, our good sheikh. From the land of Al-Anbar, the land of jihad and the front line, we pray to Allah that it will be a constant thorn in the sides of the infidels. Beloved sheikh, I hereby inform you that an extensive high-quality operation was carried out recently in Ramadi."


"The muhahideen have succeeded, praise Allah, in killing many soldiers and in controlling the city for hours. The Americans were unable to reach the corpses for four days, praise Allah. This operation was a clear response to the visit of the two ambassadors of heresy, Condoleezza Rice and Jack Straw."


"In the field of production and development, the brothers - particularly in the Al-Anbar province - have managed to develop two missiles, which will be produced and used in the near future, praise Allah. These two missiles have great capabilities. One of them is used for crushing the enemy posts, and it is called Al-Qaeda 1. It has a range of 40 km, and can carry a warhead of 50 kg. This is a video of it."

[Laptop shows video of missile firing.]

Voice-over, chanting: "Prepare all the power and horses you can in order to strike terror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies, in order to strike terror in the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others whom you do not know but Allah does."

Field commander: "The second missile, called Al-Quds 1, is a shoulder-launched missile, and it has a range of one kilometer. It has a hollow charge capable of penetrating armored vehicles."


[Laptop shows video of missile firing.]

[Cut to scene of Al-Zarqawi walking in dunes and then firing very long bursts from an automatic weapon into the distance.]

Al-Zarqawi: "By Allah, America is certain to be defeated in Iraq, Allah willing. It is certain to leave the Land of the Two Rivers defeated, humiliated, exhausted, and contemptible, Allah willing."

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