October 27, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10913

Michigan Imam Usama Abdulghani: If The Zionist Soldiers Of The Devil Enter Gaza It Will Be Like Walking Into A Buzz Saw, Putting Their Hands In A Blender; What Will Happen When The Resistance From Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Hizbullah's Radhwan Force, The IRGC Join? There Are No Gay Rights

October 27, 2023
Palestinians, United States | Special Dispatch No. 10913

Michigan imam Usama Abdulghani gave a lecture at the Hadi Institute in Dearborn, Michigan on October 20, 2023, in which he warned Israel against a ground attack in Gaza. He said that if the Zionist "soldiers of the Devil" enter Gaza, it will be like walking into a buzz saw or putting their hands inside a blender. Abdulghani said that they will face the "soldiers of Allah," who are waiting to meet God. He added: "They have outfoxed the Zionists in the [Gaza Envelope] settlements, what do you think they have waiting for them in Gaza?" He continued to say that Mohammed Deif and "these guys" are prepared to face them. Abdulghani said: "This hasn't started yet, only the resistance knows the zero hour."

He asked what would happen when the resistance from Iraq, Yemen, and Syria, Hizbullah's Radwan Force and the IRGC join the fray. In another part of the lecture, Abdulghani recommended that his audience read up or watch videos on the "Talmudic teachings of the Zionist occupiers" and said that the Zionist rabbis believe in those perverted teachings that allow for this kind of genocide. During the lecture, Abdulghani kept a photo of IRGC General Qasem Soleimani near his chair. The lecture was posted on the YouTube account of Light of Guidance.

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"When We Say That We Will Defend The Oppressed Wherever They Are, It Doesn't Mean We Will Defend Those Who Believe In Gay Rights"

Usama Abdulghani: "When we say that we will defend the oppressed wherever they are, it doesn't mean we will defend those who believe in gay rights. We're not going to have a rainbow hijab… No, no, no. Not gay rights – those aren't rights.


"We are very close to the top of the mountain, liberating the world from all of the tyrants, the return of your master, Imam Mahdi. We are very close to that, but one big test for all of us is the test of Palestine. What will you do if occupied Palestine [still] exists during your time? The Leader [Khamenei] says that it is the most important issue of Islam today.


"Because we have our foot on Israel's throat, but Israel isn't dead yet.


"It Will Be Doomsday For The Zionists If They Go [Into Gaza]"

"Why is it that Palestine is going to win this time? One part of it is that the Muslims are going to push back. You're going to do your job. One part of it is the soldiers of the Devil. Those Zionist soldiers, who are trying to go into Gaza – those guys are the Shemrs and Khulis of the time [killers of Imam Hussein]. Those guys, they are walking into a buzz saw. Literally, they are going to be putting their hands into a blender if they go inside there.

"On the other side, the soldiers of Allah are longing to meet God. They are clever, they are intelligent, and they are waiting for them. They outfoxed the Zionists in the [Gaza Envelope] settlements, what do you think they have waiting for them in Gaza? They are waiting for those guys. It will be doomsday for the Zionists if they go in. Do you think they can handle those guys? Mohammed Deif and those guys – oh they have got something [planned] for the Zionists when they go inside there. You don't worry about that.

"If they come inside there, you talk about a body-bag-war. Urban fighting with highly trained commandos, who are looking for God, who have been suffering for 75 years, who have never had a victory of this magnitude in 75 years. You think they are going to let you go? Oh, you are going to catch hell when you go inside there.


"The Resistance [Axis] Is Coming Over The Wall... They've Already Blinded The Eyes Of Israel... If The [Zionists] Push This [By Entering Gaza], You And I Will See The Death Of Israel, But A Lot Sooner"

"That is just Gaza. So, you have to make this clear for the enemy. What is going to happen when the Iraqi resistance – that has already told you that they are getting involved – when they get involved? What do you think will happen when the resistance in Syria gets involved? You've already seen the rockets from Yemen. This hasn't even started yet, only the resistance knows the zero hour. That's nothing, wait until [Hizbullah's] Radwan Brigades come in… Do you want to see hell on earth?


"The resistance is coming over the wall, [as] you see… They've already blinded the eyes of Israel, the Radwan Brigades are coming in. That's nothing, wait until you hear the Iranian Revolutionary Guards [coming]. These guys are finished. So no, its different this time. Inshallah, they come to their senses and call off the dogs. But if they push this, you and I will see the death of Israel, but a lot sooner."

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