October 18, 2019 No.

MEMRI-Polish Project Marks Its 10th Anniversary By Publishing Over 4,050 Translations And Analyses

The MEMRI-Polish project and its Polish-language website, launched in August 2009, recently marked its 10th anniversary with the publication of over 4,050 translations and analyses. In 2009, MEMRI added the Polish website to its English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew, and Russian websites (and in the past German, Italian, and Chinese as well), making it the 10th language in which MEMRI research has been published. The MEMRI-Polish website features many of MEMRI's important reports and is updated regularly with new MEMRI content.

This achievement was accomplished due to the dedicated expert linguistic volunteer efforts by Malgorzata Koraszewska. The MEMRI-Polish project has facilitated the use of MEMRI research by Poland's government, media, and academia.

MEMRI-Polish also maintains a Facebook page with all the latest MEMRI content that has been posted to the website.

Visit the MEMRI-Polish website at

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