August 16, 2023 Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1711

MEMRI Bibliography Series: Qatar, Past And Present, Part I – MEMRI Inquiry & Analysis

August 16, 2023 | By Yigal Carmon*
Qatar | Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1711

MEMRI is launching a series of bibliographies on various topics. Each series will begin with MEMRI publications – analysis, reports, translations, and video clips – and then continue with publications by news outlets around the world.

The first topic is Qatar, past and present. In Part I, we will present MEMRI analysis pieces; Part II will include MEMRI reports, translations, and video clips; and Part III will cover Qatar in the Western media.

Below are MEMRI analysis pieces on Qatar.

Qatar, The Emirate That Fools Them All, And Its Enablers, published January 18, 2018

Qatar And The American Syndrome, published March 9, 2018

Dear Mr. President: You Are Unable To Devastate The Turkish Economy, As You Warned – Because Your Bogus Ally Qatar Will Save Turkey Yet Again From Your Sanctions, published January 15, 2019

Al-Jazeera Holocaust Video Is No Exception – Qatari Media Constitute A Platform For Antisemitic Messages, published May 24, 2019

The US-Taliban Negotiations: A Deadly Qatari Trap, published September 1, 2019

Al-Jazeera Unmasked: Political Islam As A Media Arm Of The Qatari State, published August 12, 2020

Qatar: The 'Stealth' Pro-Islamist Subverter, published July 15, 2021

Qatar's 'Democracy' Charade, published October 25, 2021

Hiring An Arsonist As Fireman: Qatar To Serve As America's 'Protecting Power' In Taliban-Ruled Kabul, published November 23, 2021

A Terror Enabler In Beverly Hills And Bel Air – Part I, published August 2, 2023

Assessing The U.S.-Qatar Relationship – The Committee On Foreign Affairs, House Of Representatives, July 26, 2017, published August 14, 2023.

*Yigal Carmon is President and Founder of MEMRI.

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