June 3, 2012 No.

Leader Of Syrian Jihad Organization Urges All Mujahideen In Country To Join Forces In All-Out War Against Regime, In Retaliation for Houla Massacre

The following report is a complimentary offering from MEMRI's Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM).

In a five-minute audio recording, the leader of the Syrian jihad organization Jabhat Al-Nusra, Muhammad Al-Julani, calls on all the mujahideen of his organization throughout Syria, and all other mujahideen in the country, to join forces in a merciless all-out war against the Syrian regime, in retaliation for the Al-Houla massacre. He states that all the world's Muslims are responsible for protecting Syrian children and urges them to dedicate "their souls and their money" to this cause.

The following are excerpts from his statements in the recording, which was produced by the media company Al-Manara Al-Baida and posted June 1, 2012 on the jihadi website Shumoukh Al-Islam.

"Oh people of Jabhat Al-Nusra, Allah has said: 'When you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until you overcome them [Koran 47:4].' You have heard of the massacre perpetrated by the [Syrian] regime in Al-Houla, and, like everyone else, you have seen the images of the women and children, who were butchered [even] before the men and the elderly. What was these children's crime, other than being Sunni Muslims?

"Oh people of Jabhat [Al-Nusra], in [only] a few months, you have proved what catastrophes you can bring upon the enemy. You have destroyed their lairs in their security [apparatuses], attacked many of their checkpoints, exploded their vehicles and targeted their commanders... Because of this, the Muslims [now] expect [to witness] your wrath and your response to the events in Al-Houla...

"Have you not seen the images of the children butchered with knives? Have you not seen the pictures of the women murdered? Have you not seen what was done to the Muslims' honor? Patience, my little daughter, patience. Had it not [been forbidden to] swear in Allah's name, I would have sworn that I can see the death of Bashar [Al-Assad] in front of my eyes.

"I therefore announce a general call-up of Al-Jabha [mujahideen] in Syria and elsewhere. Light the flames [of war] against your enemy, and do not remain silent [over his crimes]. O mujahid, arise! Take up your sword and, bearing the banner of courage, smite [the enemy] with it... Be determined and willing! With Allah's blessing, carry on fighting the oppressing infidel tyrant, his helpers and his soldiers, without mercy... Oh brave lions, show them your wrath. Oh dear people of Haleb and Idlib, people of Hama and Homs, show them your revenge. Oh lions of Dar'a, show them your bravery. Oh people of Damascus, show them your crushing [blows]!...

"Oh people of the Al-Jabha [organization], this is your day. They [the Syrian regime] have sworn that they will not step down even [at the cost of] spilling much blood. Let's make sure that the blood spilled is their own blood...

"Oh mujahideen of Syria, join ranks under the banner of 'there is no god but Allah.' Shelter under Allah's [protection] and be not divided...

"Oh Muslim the world over, know that the responsibility for the blood of Syria's children lies with you, [so] give your souls and your money [for their sake]..."