October 16, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6190

Jordanian Writer: Arafat, The Knives Stabbed Into The Israelis' Heads Are The Fruit Of Your Revolution

October 16, 2015
Jordan, Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 6190

Against the backdrop of the current wave of Palestinian attacks on Israelis in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and other parts of Israel, Jordanian writer Abd Al-Hadi Raji Al-Majali wrote in the Jordanian government daily Al-Rai of his yearning for Yasser Arafat. He stated that Arafat's influence continued to this day in Palestine, and added that even from the grave he had the power to lead the third intifada and defeat Israel.

Addressing Arafat, Al-Majali said that the seeds of his revolution had borne fruit, since today's Palestinian youth are leading this uprising and this "revolution of the knives."

The following are excerpts from the article, which was published October 15, 2015: 


"When you see the sights in Palestine, you recall the martyr Yasser Arafat. He seems to be monitoring, from Ramallah, the river of Palestinian blood and the new generation of young people that has invented the revolution of the knives. I still remember all his statements, every word of his, how he would rage and grasp his kaffiyeh with his right hand and rearrange it... I remember his khakis... the medals, the flag of Palestine, the gray whiskers on his face, his lips trembling in anger when an interviewer annoyed him.

"This is not just a revolution, but also the blood of Arafat, who [still] rouses the Palestinian blood; even Arafat's grave energizes the Arabness of the Palestinian land... When I see in the Palestinian arena a new generation of young people - of whom Arafat spoke at length, [as he] dreamed of the day that they would fly the Palestinian flag above the walls of Jerusalem - I imagine that the man is still in Ramallah; that he is instructing [us] to care for the families of the martyrs; that he still makes the decisions and leads a diplomatic effort; that  his companions are bringing him his pistol; that the documents are piling up in his office; that he just now finished breakfast... and that he just now issued a secret revolutionary order to be carried out by the factions. He is the main expert in the tactic of revolution, and he knows how to disturb the sleep [of the Israelis].

"Mr. President, the dew still moistens the dust of your grave, and the birds circle above it, perhaps even bringing you messages and news. The stones [on your grave], sir, have left their place temporarily - [how else] would they enable the sun to peek through, or the air to seep in?

"Oh you who rest in Ramallah, trust and be sure that in the Palestinian dictionary there is no one who is pleased with the current situation. It is you who compiled this dictionary, formulating every word, and every revolution since the Palestinians began to pick up the rifle. Rest assured, the flowers and the lion cubs [i.e. the young Palestinian women and men] of whom you spoke are now the vanguard in the arena, and [it is they who are leading] the stabbing of the heads [of the Israelis], which is the only thing that will satisfy the will of Palestine.

"I cannot imagine a revolution of which you are not a part... and I cannot conceive of the occupation army's defeat without you planning its details.

"Oh you who rest in Ramallah, it is now your privilege to smile a bit, because the seeds of the revolution that you sowed in the land of Palestine are now sprouting our sharp knives, and their blades are [stabbing] the head and the vein [of the Israelis].

"Oh you who rest in Ramallah, I am sending you regards from Kerak [in Jordan], and I understand that even from your grave you are capable of leading the third intifada. [The Israelis] may besiege your grave as they besieged you in the capitals and in your seat in Ramallah - but this intifada will launch a new turn, the thrust of which is that the graves are triumphant.

"Your grave will defeat Israel, Mr. President."

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