September 27, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8293

Jordanian Physics Professor Hisham Ghassib: Judaism Is A Despicable Religion That Should Not Be Respected; I Would Fight Alongside Hizbullah Against Israel, America, 'Petro-Reactionaries'

September 27, 2019
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 8293

This clip is a compilation of videos that were published in September 2019 by Feeneeq Internet TV (Jordan) featuring Jordanian physics professor Hisham Ghassib discussing Zionism, Israel, and the Jews. In a September 7 video of a lecture at the Jordanian Philosophical Society, Ghassib said that the concept of a Jewish nation is a myth, and he strongly discouraged his colleagues from respecting and defending Judaism as a religion. Rather, Ghassib said that Judaism, the Talmud, and the Torah are "primitive" and "despicable" and that Zionism nationalized them and turned them into a modern fascist ideology. He added that "global Jewry" is very powerful because of its control of the international banking system, which he said it has controlled since the Middle Ages. In a September 10 video of a lecture at the Socialist Thought Club, Ghassib said that he would support Hizbullah in its fight against Israel, America, and "petro-reactionaries" despite its religious orientation because "its compass is pointing in the right direction." He praised Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah for "acting humanely" and for, according to Ghassib, only targeting Israeli military targets. Ghassib was born in Amman and has studied at Leeds University in the United Kingdom. He has previously served as the President of the Princess Sumaya University College for Technology in Amman, and he has received two national cultural prizes

Following are excerpts:

To view the clip of Jordanian Professor Hisham Ghassib on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

September 7, 2019 – "Accepting The Zionist Entity Means Accepting The Myth Of A Jewish Nation, It's A Myth"

Hisham Ghassib: "Accepting the Zionist entity means accepting the myth of a Jewish nation. It's a myth. Anyone who studies history knows this."


Other Professor: "We hold Judaism as a religion in high esteem. It's like all other religions."

Hisham Ghassib: "Speak for yourself..."

Other Professor: "I'm talking about Judaism as a religion. Our principle is that we respect others. Our problem is that these people occupy Palestine. The founders of Zionism... Perhaps people are unaware of this. They were atheists. Herzl was an atheist."


"All The Despicable Sayings Of The Jewish Religion... It Is A Despicable Religion, Don't Defend It"

Hisham Ghassib: "All the despicable sayings of the Jewish religion... It is a despicable religion. Don't defend it. We don't hold this religion in high esteem. We don't. It is a despicable religion – very despicable!"

Other Professor: "It is despicable to others..."

Hisham Ghassib: "What do you mean 'to others'? Have you read the Torah?"

Other Professor: "Yes, I've read it. [It is despicable] to the gentiles..."

Hisham Ghassib: "So read the Torah... Rather, read the Talmud. And the Torah itself. I've read the Torah in detail. This is a despicable religion. It's very despicable. I can't say, for example, that Buddhism is a despicable religion. I'm not a Buddhist, but if you want to say that we hold Buddhism in high esteem, then okay. But this is not the case with regard to the Jewish religion. Judaism is a primitive religion. Zionism nationalized it and turned it into a modern fascist ideology."


"Yes, Global Jewry Is Very Powerful, Nobody Can Deny This, Hitler Talked About It"

"As for the strength of the Jews... Yes, global Jewry is very powerful. Nobody can deny this. Hitler talked about it. Historically speaking, the Jews' strength has stemmed from their control of the banks. Many of the people who control the international banks... The banks rule the world. The world is ruled by the capital of the banks. The international banks control the world, and the Jews play a major role in those banks, like they did in the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages, the financial sector was controlled by the Jews."


September 10, 2019 – "I Am Willing To Join Hands With Hizbullah Because It Is Fighting The Israeli And American Enemies"

Hisham Ghassib: "I am willing to join hands with Hizbullah because it is fighting the Israeli and American enemies. I prefer it to joining hands with someone who claims to be secular but who has normalized relations with the Zionist enemy. It's as simple as that. I see Hizbullah's conduct, even its sectarian conduct. It fought a vanquished the takfiris.

"Hizbullah's compass is pointing in the right direction. It has been the enemy of the Zionist enemy, and then of the Americans and the petro-reactionaries, just like we are their enemies.


"If you look at it objectively, he behaves in a humane fashion. See how Hassan Nasrallah retaliated. The Israelis wanted to kill civilians in Dahieh with their drones, but Nasrallah responded by attacking the military. He refused to attack civilians. He acts humanely."

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