October 4, 1998 Special Dispatch No. 7

The Jews Control the World: Update on Anti-Semitism in the Palestinian Media

October 4, 1998
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 7

Excerpts from an unsigned article in the September 28, 1998 edition of the independent Palestinian weekly 'Al-Sha’ab’:

"The Jews are the decision makers and the owners of the media in most of the world’s capitals. Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Athens and finally Russia, where the Jews worked for a long time to crush it underfoot…."

The Destruction of the Russian Economy

"On the streets of Russia, there is no doubt, that the economic crisis that infects Russia is the result of the work of the Jews that control the political and economic decisions in Moscow. In recent years, the Jews have climbed the governmental ladder in an unmistakable fashion. The first of them was Yigor Gaidar, who was Prime Minister during the breakup of the Soviet Union.

"Jews also took control of the economy. Seven Jews took control of the gold and diamond trade and were partners in the smuggling of millions of dollars abroad, while forcing the Yeltsin government to restore legitimacy to Jewish and Zionist organizations.

"The Jews control over 80% of the newspaper and communications industry, and the millionaire Gozinski, head of the Jewish-Russian committee, arbitrarily controls the most well known television channels and magazines.

Against this type of control, Primakov must take a stand against the Jews if it is his intention to save his country…."

Minority Rule in Turkey:

"If we were to ask a taxi driver in Turkey which newspaper he reads in the event of a traffic jam, we would be surprised to discover that he reads one of the smaller newspapers and not one of the well known tabloids. If we asked why, he would respond: 'Because those newspapers are Jewish newspapers.’ It is not that these newspapers are in Jewish hands, but that they are committed to advertising naked pictures at every opportunity and without any special reason just as is done on the private television stations.

"For the simple Turkish citizen, the issue is connected to the infiltration of Jews into the nerve center of life in his country. The most important phenomenon, however, is that Jews flood government posts and constitute half of the Turkish bureaucracy, despite the fact that their number is smaller than that of any other minority in Turkey…."

The Greek Station:

"The Israeli plans for activities in Greece rely on those who can be termed "the hidden Jews." They are the offspring of those Jews who in the Middle Ages were forced to convert to Christianity from fear and religious persecution. However, they protected their Jewish essence in secret and penetrated into society’s fiber, [and presently] it is very difficult to identify them.

"According to information obtained by the newspapers, the Jewish schemes are currently finding the "hidden Jews," and helping them capture leadership positions in both politics and the economy in an effort to control Greece.

"In fact, they control the media. One of "the hidden," Nitsor Matasas, is one of the anchormen of important programs another, Carlos [a Greek theater producer], took control of theater productions, focusing on arranging shows that praise the Jews. When he passed away the Jews held for him a funeral that resembled that of a parade for a General who died defending his homeland. It is clear that the Jews were successful in influencing the wife of the former opposition leader Milidi Addis Efrat…who called for the support of their effort, especially when they decided to establish a private network. Within two days the Jewish community received a full functional broadcasting station from the United States and opened its first day of broadcast with a program about the Jews that were murdered by the Nazis.

"The second part of the plan is directed at damaging Greek financial institutions, aiming to bring them down and to take control over them, similar to what took place in Moscow…."

AIPAC… The International Danger:

"And in Washington… it does not appear as though America’s support for Israel grows out of thin air. It is based on a hidden force that always stands behind the scenes dictating that all American political decisions eventually favor Israel. The most important of these forces is AIPAC, which is considered the leading lobby group within Washington and which works to maintain and prolong American support of Israel, by pressuring congress into adopting decisions that support the goals of the organization…."

Germany… The Beginning and the End:

"Despite the fact that the accusations of the Nazi persecution of the Jews are extremely exaggerated, the Jews have nevertheless succeeded in turning these accusations into a complex within all Germans to the point where the beliefs of every German should be Jewish. In addition to the phony reparations the Jews received after pillaging the German government on the issue, they also turned Berlin into the most important center of the Jewish lobby in Europe.

"The Jews in Germany also control the economic institutions, the newspapers, the television stations and radio. Through the control of the media and the economy the Jews aim to continue the German guilt complex towards the German Jews. In doing so, [they strive to obtain] the continuation of reparations and the transformation of Berlin into a Jewish capital that will receive Eastern European Jews and immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, to prepare them and to send them to Israel. With this, Berlin will be transformed into a transit camp for European Jews on their way to Israel, replacing the Austrian capital Vienna.

"The Central Council of German-Jews fulfills a similar role to that of AIPAC in America in that it supports candidates to the German parliament, retaining strong connections with them, aiming to lobby for pro-Israeli laws..."


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