April 12, 2000 Special Dispatch No. 86

Jews Are Destroying Russia; Anti-Semitic Article in the Leading Egyptian Daily

April 12, 2000
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 86

In an April 1, 2000 article in the government affiliated daily Al-Ahram, titled "Words Directed at the Cousins," columnist Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud, Ph.D., claims that the Jews are destroying Russia and implores them to change their ways lest they face the agony of Hell. Al-Ahram has the largest circulation of any newspaper in Egypt. Following are excerpts from Dr. Mahmoud's article:

Berezovsky, Abramowitz and Their Ilk

"The Zionist gang that took control in Russia after the ailing Yeltsin's removal has turned the Soviet homeland into a den of prostitution, a cave of thieves, and a swamp of hunger, poverty, and drugs."

"Today members of the Duma [Russia's Parliament] claim that the Jews rob the land and that people like Berezovsky, Vladimir Gozensky, Roman Abramowitz, Alexander Smolensky, and Alexander Mamut [Russian businessmen of Jewish descent] are the ones who set the fire in Chechnya... They further claim that the explosions in Moscow were perpetrated by the Jews rather than the Chechens, and that the Mafia now corrupting Russia operates in the service of these new criminals."

"According to reports from the Kremlin itself, this Mafia is run by Jews from Tel Aviv and controls the collapsing Russian economy. [Russian] Businessmen pay them protection money and all of Russia is becoming a collapsing pyramid of obscenities."

"The Zionists sacrificed Russia to the Americans so that they could become the sole false god with no competitors and so that the Jews could benefit later on from the rule of this new false god [America] all over the world…."

All Jews Face Hell

"I ask you cousins [Jews]: why don't you try for once to be good and tolerant? You have a chance now to reach out to your Arab cousins. …It is worth a try. Try making an effort, try tolerance, try modesty..."

"The torments of Hell [that you will face] are …unfathomable to the [human] mind. …It will be the Holocaust all over again, only this time an eternal Holocaust with no hope and no salvation. It will be an eternal curse."

"What benefit will they [the Jews] derive from the dominion they have achieved in this world, once they leave it? How will they benefit from their riches when they reach absolute poverty [in Hell]? Who will rescue them? There is no America there, and if America were there, it would not be able to help them; rather, it would share their fate..."

"The wise cousins should reexamine this, [after all,] they are the brothers of Newton, Einstein, Freud, and the dynasty of geniuses..."

"I ask myself: will they be convinced? I believe not. The Jew's problem is his arrogance, which reaches the level of religious belief and his absolute certainty that he is [God's] chosen in this world and in the Hereafter…."

"He sees himself as God's son. He sees the world and the Hereafter as his private birthright to do with whatever he wants. …This can be learned from their history and deeds. No Jew gives it up. This is the problem."

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