November 2, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1346

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 18

November 2, 2006
Special Dispatch No. 1346

Jihad Video Encourages Suicide Bombings

On October, 10, 2006, an Islamist website posted a three-minute video ( ) titled "Blow Yourself Up," extolling suicide bombings and encouraging Muslims to blow themselves up.

The video begins with a young man - apparently an intended suicide bomber - reading from a piece of paper in his hand: "[I swear by Allah]... in whose hand my soul rests, that you [i.e. the occupiers] will not live in peace and that the martyrdom [operations] will continue until you return to your homes, defeated and humiliated." Next, the caption "Blow Yourself Up" appears on the screen, and then explodes. This is followed by images of suicide bombers under the caption "The March of the Martyrs."

The film then shows car bombs exploding and a man inside a car bomb pressing the switch and detonating it. An unseen voice says: "Blow yourself up, and turn your limbs, as they fly through the air, into stars that guide the nation towards the safe path..."

The video goes on to show graphic images of dead and mangled bodies (edited out of the version of the film presented here), accompanied by a song saying: "A nation that has never known fear does not dread trials and hardships. We have watered the soil with the blood of [our] martyrs, we have not withheld [our] blood from the soil." The film ends with footage of the 9/11 attacks.

Below are images from the video:

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