October 27, 2006 Special Dispatch No. 1338

Islamist Websites Monitor No. 15

October 27, 2006
Special Dispatch No. 1338

Baghdad Sniper 2

On October 25, 2006, an Islamist website posted a 28-minute video called "Baghdad Sniper 2" ("Juba 2"). The video was produced by the Al-Jaysh Al-Islami Al-'Iraqi organization, and it was presented as a holiday gift to the believers in Allah's unity (ahl al-tawhid).

The video opens with a masked sniper shooting someone and then entering a room. There he removes his equipment (which includes a rifle, a pistol, and a knife), and, with his back to the camera, removes his face covering, and then adds to his hit list another name - No. 37. After that, he sits down and begins to write in a notebook. An announcer reads aloud what he is writing, with simultaneous English translation.

The sniper addresses the Islamic nation and calls upon it to awaken and to make haste to expel the Crusaders and the Jews, who are defiling Muslim land, destroying mosques, attacking the Koran, and violating the honor of Muslim women. He repeats the Koranic warning: "If you do not go out [to jihad, Allah] will punish you heavily and will replace you with other people [9:39]."

Throughout the video are interlaced scenes with a man whose face is obscured, who speaks about the snipers' high level of proficiency and their methods. The speaker emphasizes the importance of videotaping the killings - proof being the great interest the West showed in the first part of the video ("Baghdad Sniper 1"). In addition, the speaker says that the sniper draws strength first and foremost from the belief that he is fighting so that Allah's word will reign supreme. Between the speakers' segments, the video shows taped footage of American soldiers being shot by snipers.

At the end of the video appears a chart showing that 668 American soldiers and officers have been killed by sniper fire over the last year (from Ramadan to Ramadan), and an additional 206 wounded.

An edited 6-minute version of the film can be found here . MEMRI will not release the full version due to its graphic content. Images from the video can be found below.

Mujahideen Call to Boycott "American" and "Zionist" Companies in Iraq

On October 26, 2006 an Islamist website posted a list of companies in Iraq which it labeled "American" and "Zionist." According to the author, "these American or Zionist companies, which have Arab names, [are actually] financed by the American-Zionist enemy. In return [for financing], these companies, with their shameful conduct, supply the enemy with ammunition that has caused the death of thousands of Iraqi, Palestinian, and Lebanese martyrs. They thus disregard the wish of the [Arab] nations to [impose an] Arab-Muslim boycott [on American and Israeli companies]." The message also includes a list of Iraqi companies that, it is claimed, cooperate with the American occupation forces (but which are not claimed to be directly financed by them).

The writer urges the readers to spread the lists "in every [Islamist] chat room [on the Internet] and to all those who actively engage in the effort to prevent normalization with the American enemy and the Zionist entity…" Finally, he calls upon "every person with Arab and Muslim blood in his veins to please Allah, His Messenger, and the Muslims by doing everything [in his power] to expose many of these companies in Arab countries other [than Iraq]."

Listed in the appendix are the companies labeled by the site as "American" and "Israeli." (The original message also details their websites, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and, in some cases, the names of their owners, but these details have been omitted here for reasons of safety).


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